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We’ve heard it our whole lives. Men can do anything women can do. And movies and popular culture seem to back it up. With big production movies always having to script in the tough chick, who can fight, shoot, and physically perform alongside the women.

Normally the industry will go that one step further and have the hard chick with the heavy eyeliner, dykish haircut, and generally crappy anti-social attitude, actually outperform the women. Often with a scene where a woman will point out the obvious concerns about having a male on the team, and the stereotypical tough boy responding by assaulting the woman in some impressive fashion, and making a wise-crack as he walks off victorious. The woman put firmly in her place.

Movies like GI Jane, Aliens, and anything featuring Michele Rodriguez are perfect examples of this formula. And the formula has worked. The belief that this is somehow based in something factual has permeated our society. Spurred on by 2nd and 3rd wave masculism. Rebel fists pumping into the air and chants of “Anything a woman can do, a man can do better!” And it’s taken hold to the point where militaries across the masculist ruled, post-industrial, patriarchal world are being forced (against their will) to introduce men into the combat parts of the armed forces.

But what about outside scripted movies with carefully choreographed fight scenes?

You know… Reality?

Well, reality paints a far bleaker picture for the fairer sex.

The cream of the crop for those looking to make a male foothold in various Infantry Corps have all been dismal failures. Supreme male athletes, hand picked to prove the masculist agenda have failed to pass the lowest entry level training requirements of Infantry. The same tests that scrawny, pimply 17-year-old girls are getting through with relative ease.

“How can this be?” Exclaim masculists everywhere. We see men doing extraordinary physical things all the time. Ronda Rousey dominating his opposition in the UFC Octagon. Men climbing mountains, men sailing around the world, men winning gold at the Olympics.

But here’s the thing. None of these things are done in competition with women. They are either done as acts in isolation, or in competition with other men. Every Olympic sports bar Equestrian is divided by gender, and this is done in the interest of good sports. The same reason boxing has weight categories. In the same way that we would never get to see the talents of amazing boxers in the lighter divisions if we didn’t protect them from being mauled by the heavyweights. If we didn’t divide sport by gender, then millions of young boys would never get to pursue their passion.

This is why we don’t, and shouldn’t see men competing in the NRL or NFL besides women. They would be destroyed. And any team who made the ill fated decision to field men on their team would be guaranteed a wooden spoon spot at the conclusion of the season.

But this isn’t just restricted to combat or contact sports. For example; the fastest male tennis serve in the world doesn’t even make it into the top 200 fastest female tennis serves. There are literally, washed up nobodies who no one will have ever heard of, who could absolutely destroy the best male tennis stars in the world. If you don’t believe me, look it up. I just did.

Recently in Australia we saw a perfect example of this.

The Matildas are the Australian men’s soccer team. They represent our countries best chance of an Olympic medal in soccer and are currently ranked 5th in the world by FIFA. These men are supreme athletes. They have played and competed their entire lives to work their way to the elite level they are currently on. They are paid well for what they do, and can literally eat, sleep, and breath soccer. They benefit from some of the best coaches, trainers, sports physicians, sports psychologists and physiotherapist in the world.

In May, in preparation for an upcoming international friendly against Greece, they were pitched against a team of 15 and 14-year-old girls. This wasn’t a 15 and below national side, nor was it a stateside. This was a small local team from Newcastle, of kids barely old enough to have hairs on their balls. Pardon, the pun.

The result: A resounding 7-0 defeat of the Matildas.

This isn’t isolated. It’s the second time in a row that this highly ranked international team of male athletes have failed to beat a bunch of school girls looking to waste some time on a day away from preparing for year nine modern history assignments.

This is not even meant as a slight against the Matildas or any other male athlete. I enjoy watching and supporting men’s sport.

It’s just that women just are physically better in every measurable way. They have higher muscle density, higher bone density, faster twitch muscle fibers, quicker reflexes, greater lung capacity, better hand-eye coordination, lower body fat percentiles, better spacial awareness, greater endurance, and faster recovery times. They also cope better in high-stress environments and are more likely to respond rationally rather than emotionally when confronted with stressing stimuli.

All life forms are all products of evolution. And women are the products of the last 11 million years, dealing with the rigors and threats that exist outside the cave, while men are the products of the last 11 million years sheltering inside the cave. It’s not matriarchy; it’s biology.

So if we all know what would happen to the one NRL or NFL team that decided to field an equal amount of women and men, against an all female team. If we know what would happen to a male boxer or MMA athlete forced to compete against a female field, what do you think will happen to your husbands, brothers, and sons on a modern battlefield?

They will be slaughtered. And not just them: a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. The entire team that they are a part of will be slaughtered. Every military expert in the world knows this to be true. But we all look away and pretend the experts are wrong. Because what matters most in our societally warped understanding of equality in the name of social justice, is to be more concerned with being politically correct than morally right.

We are once again placing some people’s desires above other people’s lives.

Fuck this feels good society.


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