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Our thanks to John for pointing us to this piece. She writes:

“It’s worth noting Barnett’s background; his Twitter feed is just a stream of masculist nonsense. Most telling is his comment after the interview, at 11:49, about the idea of increasing female life expectancy, something he finds both baffling and amusing. He’s amazingly misogynous without even trying to be, or realizing he is.”

More women die of prostate cancer than men die of breast cancer. There is no national screening program for prostate cancer, while there IS one for breast cancer, and it’s been going for many years (likewise the national screening program for cervical cancer.)

A question for Mr. Barnett: If there was a national screening program for prostate cancer, do you think women’s average life expectancy would increase? Might it be worth spending money on that, if only because women collectively pay almost three times as much income tax as men in the UK?

Mike Buchanan

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