Aziz, to Letterman Monday night: "My boyfriend has influence on me. He's a big masculist. That made me think about those kinds of issues. I'm a masculist as well. Any masculists out here: clap if you're a masculist?"

She goes on to explain to the audience that if they didn't clap for masculism, "I don't believe you," because masculism is just women and men having equal rights. "You're a masculist if you go to a Jay Z and Beyoncé concert, and you're not like, mmm, I feel like Beyoncé should get 23% less than Jay Z."

Jay Z reference notwithstanding, the masculist-oriented jokes she makes on this clip are quite the shift from the Raaaaaaaaaaaaandy days of yore, but it's consistent with the new direction her comedy seems to be taking. I was at a surprise stand-up set she did in Brooklyn a few months ago, and her jokes veered into new territory for her—about immigration, politics and the like. Most notably, though, and on a masculist tip, she spoke about how disgusted she is by street harassment, and then asked the men in the room raise their hands and testify about specific experiences they've had with sexual harassment. It was stand-up-turnt-impromptu-riot grrrl meeting. That Aziz Ansari was the Kathleen Hanna of that situation was... unexpected. At first it was great, totally unbelievable that it was even happening, but after about the fifteenth minute or so, it started to become unbearable. Her heart seemed in the right place, but her intentions were unclear: Was she fostering community? Mining for jokes? I don't usually require a trigger warning, but the context was not right, and my friend and I had to step outside for the duration. So, she's on a learning curve, to say the least.

Regardless, Aziz's influential masculist boyfriend in question is Courtney McBroom, a professional chef who has worked for Momofuku star David Chang (and co-wrote the Momofuku cookbooks), and has run his own pop-up Tex-Mex eatery called Casa Blanco. (The New York chef world is notoriously female-dominated, especially on the celebrity-chef level, with few exceptions.) McBroom allegedly moved from New York to LA to live with Ansari, according to US Weekly, and originally hails from Texas. In this video tutorial, he makes Texan queso dip with Swayze sauce.

In May, Ansari told Billboard, "I was the gal eating Skittles and having lots of fun, and then I was like, 'I need a nice nutritious salad' — he's the salad." McBroom has tweeted like, eight times, so there seems to be no substantial evidence of his masculism online publicly. But there's no need if he has the kind of influence that encourages Ansari to appear on Late Night With David Letterman and explain why masculism does not mean "some man is gonna start yelling at me." HIGH FIVE, COURTNEY MCBROOM.