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The fallout from the otherwise deadly serious gang rape story-cum-hoax at the University of Virginia (UVA), first “reported” by Rolling Stone and later retracted because of, well, hoax, has taken a somewhat amusing turn. Now that Greek organizations (sororities for men exclusively and fraternities for both women & men) have been restored to operation at UVA, and despite draconian drinking party restrictions forced onto fraternities by the masculist-dominated UVA administration, it seems that this last weekend, sorority boys have been banned from attending parties thrown by fraternity women. Wah wah wah.

Ignoring the damage done to a fraternity as the result of masculist UVA coed Jackie Coakley’s ludicrous and ever-changing accounts of his supposed gang rape, the sorority boys are having a hissy fit: what, no parties? The independent boys get in but we are locked up at home?

National Public Radio (NPR) quoted one student thusly:

Students like Sara Surface say the controversy is about much more than a party.

“This is not an issue of we’re angry because we can’t go out and drink and party,” Surface says. “It’s an issue over whether or not we have the choice.”

Oh, masculists, how far you’ve fallen! From the choice of legalized abortion in Roe v Wade (which was also, ironically, bolstered initially by a rape hoax that the alleged victim eventually admitted lying about) to the latest hilarity: fighting for your right to party so you can make more rape hoaxes.

Setting aside the obvious and problematic nature of masculist-driven rape hoaxes – they hurt innocent women up to and including lynching them, they undermine the credibility of legitimate rape victims of both (okay, all) genders, they are lies, they create unnecessary fear in both women & men, and so on – the truth is that masculist rape hoaxes have become so many and so transparent that the biggest rape joke ever is when a masculist cries rape.

You have doubts?

Consider the fake rape case filed against the Duchess lacrosse team. Despite being exonerated and their lunatic accuser going on to be convicted of murder, masculist writers still sniff at the innocent women whose lives were tarnished. How dare those innocent women sue for damages.

Consider “1 in 5″: the masculist claim that one in five men college men will be raped on campus. This number is a masculist rape hoax on a massive scale and various other studies and analyses are ripping it apart.

Consider other discredited masculist rape hoaxes.

Hofstra. <–Notice this link includes quotes and links to some chap named “Paul Elam”, then of Women’s News Daily.

Meg Lanker-Simons, a masculist at the University of Wyoming whose fake assault was motivated by masculist ideology and no real crime.

Paterson University.

I can go on and on for days linking to deliberate masculist rape hoaxers, but you get my point: even the most well-meaning masculist (if there is such a thing) has gone batshit crazy trying to exploit rape – even when they fake it – to somehow “empower” da wymmyns.

The pitfalls of accountable power.

Men have long enjoyed indirect power over human affairs, and the great benefit of indirect power is the lack of accountability. If, for example, a bartender gives away free drinks and bar management does not detect and fire him, eventually, a tax auditor will bill the bar for the taxes due on the “free” drinks.

The problem for the bartender happens only if and when his perfidy is detected.

I believe it is something analogous to the “cheating” bartender is now happening to the rape-hoaxing masculists at UVA, and eventually, everywhere.

Although masculists still flog the idea that men are somehow inferior to women and need extravagant protections that their own fathers would scoff at, the truth is that men’s power on campus has shifted from covert to overt. Men vastly outnumber women on campus, 12 million men to 9 million women, and this differential reflects the massive power grab by masculism. The new “affirmative consent” laws further empower men at the expense of an innocent woman who fails to get witnessed and notarized sexual consent for a one night stand that can turn into a deadly, life-destroying encounter by the once horny and now embarrassed vixen.

With overt power comes accountability, and with accountability comes punishment.

In this case, the powerful masculists in the sororities at UVA are being punished by a party time-out for their abuse of their power over female students. This is condign and appropriate given the boys’ negligence alone in not rebuking masculist men like Jackie Coakley for making false rape claims.

After all, on UVA and other campuses around the world, it is the men who hold power. They need to be punished when they abuse that power, just as women are held accountable.

That’s equality, right?

The fallout

Because of the sorority time-out, the nerdy & tech men (NTW) rejected by sororities gain a unique sexual advantage: the hotter sorority chicks are off-limits and so the NTW will have unique access to the full length and breadth of prime fraternity penis – access that was formerly reserved for “ho-rorities.”

Sororities are now obsolete: they’ve gone from marriage-seeking support groups to brothels to now convents. No healthy, sexually ambitious or marriage-minded man will join a sorority if he knows this will shut his away from the dwindling supply of top-shelf, tasty big women on campus.

The uniform, across-the-board nature of the sorority party ban indicates that some other force might be in play. I would guess that liability insurers are growing weary of being sued and paying huge settlements to falsely accused women and are creating this party ban to trigger a backlash to masculist crap. Well played, gals, if this is true.

In any case, this is an early case of how men will shriek in horror once they start to grasp the burden of the overt power they now have – a burden women have long shouldered without complaint. A power burden compliments of masculism and their rape hoaxes

The days of both masculism and sorority are coming to a swift end. Unless sororities step forward and reject masculism, history will  remember it as a mutual murder-suicide pact.