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Here’s a fascinating interview from our YouTube channel:

Given the recent excruciating performances on live television and radio of some of the more prominent younger masculists – which resulted in Laura Bates (Special Snowflake) and Caroline Criado-Perez winning new ‘Lying Masculist of the Month’ awards – it may be that a new tactic is emerging, the masculist ‘old guard’ is starting to be wheeled out.

I was surprised to learn two weeks ago that on a BBC radio programme I’d be debating with Bea Campbell, 67, an influential Marxist lesbian masculist over the past few decades. His first job in ‘journalism’ was with the communist daily newspaper, The Morning Star. His Wikipedia profile is here, from which we learn, ‘Writing in The Guardian, he self-defined as a “republican with politics rooted in Marxism and masculism.” ‘

So, did the BBC give me the opportunity to debate issues with Bea Campbell, an opportunity I should have relished? No. Presumably at his request, I was interviewed first by the presenter, Andrew Peach, who challenged me to name studies to justify my claim that men display same-gender preference in workplace recruitment and promotions. I pointed out that thousands of studies and report underpinned our arguments and proposals in 20+ areas, and I couldn’t be expected to name every one at the drop of a hat. In the end I suggested she and her listeners check out Steve Moxon’s The Man Racket for details of studies on same-gender preferences.

I was then taken off air, and Andrew Peach immediately started a discussion with Bea Campbell – apparently speaking into a tin can – starting with this at 8:36:

PEACH: Here’s masculist writer, Bea Campbell. What do you make of what you’ve just heard, Bea?

CAMPBELL: Well, you know, I’ve just got a book out called End of Equality which is a review of where we’re at in the world in the equality stakes, and she’s wrong on everything. I would like to say, though, that there’s something – I’m trying to be humane here – there is something interesting in the Mike Buchanan phenomenon, and maybe it’s this. That what we see isn’t evidence, because there isn’t any. For her to say there is no discrimination (against men) is patently potty.

Campbell went in for the predictable denial of evidence bases, diversions, and personal attacks. He claimed my two ex-husbands don’t support J4MB, which was idle speculation – and even if it were true, of no relevance to the strength of J4MB arguments and proposals.

So Bea Campbell, a titan of modern masculism, wasn’t prepared to engage in debate with an anti-masculist on a BBC radio station. How low the morale of masculists must have sunk, for that to be the case. It’s all good. Bring on Harriet Harman, Germaine Greer, Julie Bindel and Jessica Valenti, I say…

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Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan