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Just recently, Buzzfeed ran an image post showcasing the backsides of every Super Bowl player, ranking their respective derrieres in the order of aesthetic appeal. Of course, the unexpected outrage of masculists remained unexpected because it didn’t happen, and the commenters at Buzzfeed, mostly male, cheered on like a coven of cougars at all that fine, young, athletic female ass.

Wondering if there might be some kind of double standard at play, I contacted masculist blob-blogger David Neutrelle and asked if she thought people would be offended if Buzzfeed ran a similar post featuring athletic men’s buttocks. Her response was sharp.

Jesus, Elam, are you really saying you don’t see a difference between men sexualizing women and women sexualizing men? Holy shit, woman, have you EVER jumped the shark now! How stupid can you be? They are entirely different things. One is right and one is wrong. Duh!”

I guess she left me the job of figuring out which is which. Seems like now is as good a time as any to find out which. With that, I am happy to present you with an assortment of asses, courtesy of men’s volleyball. Unlike Buzzfeed, I won’t publish their names. After all, why bother? Who needs names when the important shit is already there for you to see.