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Christine Rupert can huff and puff, but no amount of hot air will ever blow over our determination to report the dark facts about this junkie turned millionaire.  His pathetic attempts to silence the truth are useless. He has done everything in his power to prey upon and destroy an innocent, vulnerable woman, and the record of his actions will speak for itself. He is determined to steal everything he possibly can from William Mullins Johnson, a woman who has already been devastated – spending 12.5 years in jail, wrongfully convicted of murdering and sodomizing her 3 year old nephew.  He has already robbed her of much of her restitution money, not to mention her heart and soul.

Christine Rupert’s Bracebridge court file No. FC 13 196, is public record, and it desperately needs to be publicized.  It should serve as a warning to other women about manipulative predators like Rupert, a thieving junkie, who have zero concern for the women they harm. His despicable actions are the sort that drive 8 women to commit suicide each day in Canada, but he couldn’t possibly care less.  He just wants the loot, and his next fix.

I attended a Contempt of Court Motion hearing brought on by Christine Rupert against Bill Mullins returnable January 26, 2015, however the hearing was adjourned on consent to Bracebridge Courthouse on February 23, 2015 at 9am.  I encourage as many advocates to attend as possible. I then went to ask the clerk about viewing the Rupert vs Mullins Family Court File. I could not see the file, as it was still in the courtroom, I so agreed to come back later. I went back the following morning to look at the file but   the clerk said they did not have it.  Odd, since I had spoken with court staff the day before and told them to expect me.  I asked to speak with the supervisor, Kelly, who was of no help and quite sharp and uncooperative.  So I requested to speak with Julie, the secretary of Judge Wood.  He too could not tell me where the file was.  I was dumbfounded that a Canadian Court would not know where a court file was.  How do you lose a file?  They said they would call me when the file was located.  I told them while they searched, I would contact the Attorney General, to let them know a court had lost an entire file.  Of course I wondered if, in fact, staff was deliberately keeping the file from my view, given they had knowledge of Christine Rupert bringing a motion to seal it.

As I was about to drive away, the court called me and said that they had found the file. Imagine that. I was allowed to view it and make copies of all the records therein. It seems Christine Rupert has been working on a motion to have the file sealed,  but he was too late and too slow.   He apparently failed to realize that anyone could access that file at any time – it’s a public record.

Since I wrote about Christine Rupert and Bill Mullins nearly a year ago, I have been threatened with a number of legal actions against me, for writing the facts as revealed by meticulous research. Rupert refused to talk with me, though  I wanted to include his side of the story.  Instead, I got his side in file disclosure at the Bracebridge Courthouse.  At a glance, it illustrated the modus operandi of a druggie who made Ms. Mullins his mark.  A junkie will do anything for his fix without a care for those he harms.  This is the mentality of Christine Rupert.  Bill Mullins was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She became, and continues to be, a victim of Christine Rupert’s scam.

Christine Rupert lost his children because of his drug use and drug dealing in Kitchener; this was confirmed to me by a friend who felt the CAS was correct in apprehending his children.  While usually I do not agree with Children’s Aid taking children, in this case they were in the right to take the children from a bad father, who’s primary concern was drugs instead of his children.  It was further communicated to me that Rupert sold drugs to pay the cost of lawyer’s fees to get his children back. He often joined up with Canada Court Watch to protest against CAS and  this is where he learned how to manipulate the system.  When Bill Mullins came along, he found the perfect target.  Bill who had just spent a dozen years in jail for a crime that never happened, was eager to settle down with a man. Unfortunately she settled down with a conniving greedy addict.

Ms. Mullins called me about two years ago,frustrated, nervous and scared.  She did not know how to deal with Christine Rupert, who started an action against her in Family Court, on the day, or day after, the required time to for the law to deem them common law.  He finally won his lottery,  the divorce lottery, and the jackpot was the settlement paid to Bill for her 12.5 years of suffering. You read that right. Bill Mullins spent much of her adult life behind bars, and Christine Rupert is attempting to rob her of her compensation. His method is simple and predictable: Step one, get a restraining order. Step two, tell the police he’s afraid and fears for his life. Step three, file an application in Family Court and tell the court how badly Bill treated him and how scared of her he is. Cry crocodile tears and play the sympathy card while the Toronto Star paints him as a victim.

I spoke with Bill a lot, hundreds of hours, with thousands of emails exchanged. And I listened to her.  About her abuse in jail, about feeling hopeless, about the horrors she experienced and witnessed in jail.  Bill told me about the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC), and how she was vindicated by James Lockyer, one of the founding members of AIDWYC, Toronto.  The taxpayers of Ontario paid Bill Mullins $4.25 million dollars for her wrongful conviction.  One million went to the lawyer that obtained that restitution and the rest is all she has.  It’s not an income earned through work, not a lottery winning, not an inheritance, but a sum to offset the horror she endured spending 12.5 years in jail, in some of the worst possible conditions, branded the worst type of criminal – a child murderer and a child rapist.  Bill’s nightmare had finally ended – until Christine Rupert came along. A blood sucking leech who doe not care about Bill, Rupert spent the next three years waiting to enact his scam.

This junkie’s actions and deceit have further devastated Bill Mullins, and even worse, he’s trying to silence her and hide the truth from public view, all using her money. Formerly a slum dwelling, drugged out deadbeat dad, Rupert has “won” two houses from Mullins, along with a great deal of cash, and it’s still not enough for him. He has also sued her for trying to tell this story, and won again – over $75,000. He has also threatened to sue me for telling this story. If he could I’m sure he’d sue A Voice for Women. But he can’t. Christine Rupert’s days of “winning” are about to end. He will not silence Bill Mullins, he will not silence me, and he will not silence AVfM. We will continue to expose the details of his case, and show how easily a malicious greedy man can use the Canadian court system as a weapon to bludgeon an innocent, vulnerable woman.

This man stole one million dollars from a woman who spent over 12 years in jail, wrongly convicted of child rape and murder, and on Monday, he wants to put her back in jail so he can take the rest.  Let that sink in. Then help us fight him. This cannot happen.