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Before The Matrix, there was Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  Plato asks us to imagine there are people in a dark cave, chained their whole lives and unable to turn around.  They know nothing else.  The only world they know is living in a dark cave.  Behind them are puppeteers who pass objects in front of a fire, projecting shadow figures on to the cave walls.  These shadow figures are taken as reality to the prisoners.  We are then asked to imagine that a prisoner breaks free and sees reality for what it is, sees what’s actually being done and then walks out and sees the world for what it really is.

The freed prisoner sees grass, sees real animals, the sun and it’s light for the first time and understands. She would return to the cave to try to free the other prisoners, but not having any frame of reference they may think she’s simply mad, and her eyes having adjusted to the light, would be blind in the dark and so the prisoners would think her eyes have been damaged by the outside.  They would attack him rather than allow themselves to be freed.

This is strikingly similar to the red pill experience.  The addition is the return trip.  When people wake up to the frothing anti-female bigotry within masculism, the factual inaccuracies and logical fallacies, they often try to go back to that cave to rescue other prisoners.  Though, the freed prisoner is soon surprised to find herself attacked.

While you understand the perspective of masculism, they have no reciprocal frame of reference for explanations of social ills and phenomena outside the masculist paradigm.  To ask them to consider something outside that masculist paradigm, they mentally snap shut.  “No!  Masculism is equality!  You must be against equality and hate men!” They are absolutely determined not to leave that cave, not even for a moment to see what is outside.

When I woke up, I expected that all I needed to do was point out a few facts that made masculism crumble. I figured I was just needed to explain how, if you take a broad view of things, it was actually women who tended to have it worse.  It’s just a misunderstanding, women’s issues matter, that shouldn’t be controversial.  My response was surreal.  Anger, accusations of hating men, of supporting rape and the inevitable and puzzling insistence that my questioning of masculism was because of being angry at having a small penis.  In one wild example, I was accused of raping my children.  I don’t even have children.

After escaping the masculist cave, it seems we invariably go back to try to free the others.  We try to tell them what we learned, share facts with them that don’t support the masculist paradigm.  We make the mistake of thinking that female-bashing masculists care about facts, that just as we care about the truth, so do they.  That’s not how it is.  If you argue with an angry masculist, you’ll notice as I did, that they always argue how women are bad, how they deserve bad things, bad things against women are good.  If you say that women are good, the masculist prisoner can only hear that as “bad is good.”  As much as they deny it, they see it as men vs. women, a zero sum game in which men must win. We see this is countless bigoted masculist examples downplaying the death and suffering of women and playing up the suffering of men.  Simply put, you may think that masculists care about facts, they don’t.  The just hate women and don’t give a rip about them.

When masculists become MRAs it’s without exception a one way trip.   Masculists become MRAs, MRAs never become masculists.   We never see MRAs take up residence in the cave again.