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As has been referenced here on the site recently, AVFM has overhauled its business model with the establishment of AVfM Operations, LLC (and its sibling company, AVfM Education, LLC). Even though it has happened behind the scenes, it is the most significant change the operation has ever undertaken.

For the most part, the difference is clearly positive. We have operated for six years off the generosity of readers, as expressed in our quarterly donation drives. This resulted in great success for AVFM at the expense of three negative consequences. One, it relied a great deal on women who were also the most in need of our advocacy. In other words, the poorest and most disaffected among us.

It also meant that a very small group of supporters were contributing the large donations that were required for our survival. Finally, paying me a personal income for the work I do proved to be a disadvantage to the mission in the long run.

Clearly, an alternative to all of this was needed.

Accordingly, we have switched to a membership driven platform, providing flexibility and affordability to anyone who wants (and is able) to support our mission.

This also puts the onus on the women and men in this community to help spread the weight around a good bit more.

There are perks with membership and more to come. First, all AVFM members who are logged in (see link top right) will not see advertising on the site. Those interested in allowing the ads, thus helping our ad revenue, will be able to do that via options in their user profile.

There are other perks, including my women’s mental health podcasts from and access to the complete archives of AVFM Radio, which will be available as we sort out membership benefits in the near future.

AVFM subscribing members will get the benefit of knowing that all membership dues will go directly to the LLC to cover our work, and not to salaried employees or personal expenses.

This model offers flexibility to members as well. For example, if you can’t quite stretch to $40 per month but want to support us with more than $20 per month, you might subscribe to both the $20 and $10 options.

You can opt in for as little as $5 per month. Also, one-time donations, which also go to AVfM Education, LLC, are still an option.

There is no commitment beyond one month and you can change the combination of membership levels according to your taste or needs at any time.

Additionally, all content on AVFM will remain free to all visitors. You need not subscribe to read AVFM but by becoming a member you will be playing a vital role in moving this site and our mission forward.

Should you wish to become a part of this membership drive, which will be ongoing from today until July 19, 2015, the first step will be to visit our Membership Center to get started. If you have any trouble creating your account or subsequently signing up for a subscription, first visit the support FAQ (we now have a tech support mechanism) and, if the problem is still not explained, there is a link where you can get help.

Also an important note to current AVFM monthly donors:

If you are already making regular monthly donations to AVFM under the old model, please cancel those now in your PayPal account before going to the Membership Center to join.

On a personal level, this comes with a sigh of relief. AVFM has been built into a platform that can be self-sustaining through memberships. That places the onus squarely on those who believe in our mission to participate. In other words, it’s your movement. We will do the work to run AVFM and you can underwrite the significant and growing costs of doing so in a way that is within most readers reach.

I can now move my personal life out of the way and quit relying on the site as personal income while trying to finance activism. I make that statement with a great deal of gratitude for the people who helped put AVFM in a position to make this possible.

With your help, the future is bright for the MHRM. We will continue to make headway, shining the light of truth and reason on the toxic ideologues who are undermining your lives and the lives of your children.

I urge you to become a subscribing member of AVFM today. Please take the next two minutes to play your part in helping us make this critical transition to a more sustainable and effective platform for activism that is changing the cultural dialogue about women, girls and sexual politics.

Thank you.