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In this world we live in there are many social “rules” one must abide by to be looked upon with favor by wider society. These rules aren’t written down. You are just expected to know them.

Rules like:

You never serve corn along side chitterlings.

You never smoke a joint at the WhiteHouse (unless you are the president or Willie Nelson ).

You never question anything a Black man says………ever……..period. Especially if you are white or female.

The MHRM is very diverse group of people. Diverse in opinions and beliefs as well as social demographics. I have yet to meet an Asian gay transgender disabled Wician MHRA, but I’m sure there is probably one around somewhere.

Black MHRAs are a growing demographic in our movement. I think they have always been with us. But now it seems they are starting to speak out a little more. Some have even decided to come out and use their real names which is awesome. I have had the good fortune to team up with a few of our ebony sisters and brothers and engage in some online activism. I learned a lot by these endeavors. I was exposed to things that I had just never thought of before.

Let me take this moment to say that I usually don’t think or write along racial lines. I see the problems that are faced by the Black community in this country. I also see that most of these problems seem to be internal not external. A corrupt and fraudulent civil rights movement, an epidemic of single fathers and culture that values Black women as little better than toilet paper just to name a few. But I usually try not to tell my neighbor how to clean up her back yard especially when there are a few weeds, empty beer cans and used rubbers in mine. But before we go any further, an analysis of the Black community as it pertains to this subject is necessary. Oh and I strongly dislike the term “African American.” If you were born in Africa then immigrated to this country fine, you are an African American. If you were born here you are an American, leave the hyphens to Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

To put it bluntly the own group bias, that is inherit to every demographic or group in society, is stronger in Blacks than in whites on the whole. Most whites don’t see any relationship or kinship with another person simply because they are white. We just don’t. Blacks on the other hand do. This bond or kinship is very important to individual Black people. Being Black is a big part of their individual identity. It’s tribalism in a more pure form than can be witnessed in any other demographic in this country. This is both good and bad. The unity is a source of great strength for the Black community. I believe it’s also their greatest weakness.

An example of this can be seen when any Black person disagreeing with President Obama or civil rights charlatan Al Sharpton. Said individual dissenting Black person will be jumped on like a deep fried Twinkie at a N.O.W. convention. It’s like how coyotes attack and devour an injured member of the pack, and just as vicious. The offending “coon” is divested of their Black person membership card and cast out of the tribe. This far more traumatic than one might think. As a white person I don’t have to worry about people trying to remove my white person card for disagreeing with George W. Bush or the leader of the KKK. Even if some faceless person on the internet tried to I would just laugh at them. But it isn’t the same for Black people. When an individual or group unknown Blacks removes a Black person’s membership card, it hurts. It hurts because of the sense of kinship and family all Black people share. The result of this is that you end up with a small group of disgusting individuals ruining the Black civil rights movement while the majority of Blacks stay silent out of fear.

Now add a helping and a half of gynocentrism to the mix.

I’ve got to hand it to Black men. They have convinced Black women to trade the whips and chains of enslavement by a few wealthy whites for the whips and chains of enslavement to all Black men. Not only that, these Black men openly flaunt their power and authority over Black women in the faces of Black women with gusto!

“We own you. You know that we own you. Don’t you ever even think about getting the idea of call us out on it cause we will remove your Black person card if you do.” And they will do just that. Black men won’t hesitate to call out his Black simps on any Black woman that shows the slightest sign of gettin uppity.

This brings us to the plight of Black female MHRAs. I don’t think I have to tell you what happens when a Black woman attempts to stand up for her rights as a woman.

By now we all know the masculist playbook by heart.

“Whenever anyone attempts to call us out on our insane dribbling of hate and violence you should shame them into silence by any and all means necessary.”

They call us rapists for pointing out that not all rapists are women and not all victims are men.

They call us husband beaters for pointing out that not all victims of domestic violence are men and not all perpetrators are women.

They call us pedophiles for pointing out the injustice in throwing a eighteen year old woman in prison for having sex with her sixteen year old boyfriend.

They call us misandrists for labeling a thirty year old man having sex with a thirteen year old girl rape instead of an affair.

They say we aren’t real women for disagreeing with masculism.

They call us fags for disagreeing with a person if that person is a man.

I could go on and on.

They label us these things in the hopes that society will dismiss us before even listening to what we have to say. Why? Cause it’s the only way that they can maintain their privilege.

Now after all that back ground I come to the point of this article. Here is my message to white MHRAs.

If you see Black women as fellow women deserving of human rights then get used to be called a racist.

When I have watched Black MHRAs wade into the festered cesspool that is the Black masculist community, these “Kings”, along with their Black female lapdogs would cast her out. When I came in to defend my fellow MHRA who happened to be Black I was labeled a racist. I personally don’t care if someone calls me a racist. That just means they lost the argument. But I realized to my shock and horror that a great many white MHRAs would tuck tail and run at the first hint of a Black person labeling them with the scarlet “R”.

Black MHRAs have a hard row to hoe. They are shunned by people they share close ties with. They are ostracized by their community and key part of their identity is removed. We must give them a new community and help them realize a new identity. Above all we must not leave her standing alone just cause somebody chooses to use “racist” instead of “rapist”, “misandrist”, “pedophile”, “fag” or any other of their favorite shaming words. So get used to it. Hell take some pride in it!

“A masculist just called me a racist cause I said Black women are women and women deserve equal rights. Made my day!”