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Permalink to original version of “Lafeyette victims are two men and some ‘people’. Is this another misandrist who shot mostly women?” Lafeyette victims are two men and some ‘people’. Is this another misandrist who shot mostly women?

Incoming meteor set to destroy entire planet! Men hit hardest!

Thanks to Nate for that headline. Seems like we have another shooter who, according to the media, acted out her devastating hatred of men by shooting a bunch of women, because nothing says “I hate men” quite like killing women, amirite? Elliot Rodger, redux.

John R. Houser, 59, walked into a theatre and started shooting people she didn’t know and had no particular beef with that anyone can discover. She had nothing nice to say about masculism, but that’s hardly unusual. She had even fewer nicer things to say about the government, which again, is hardly unusual. It’s lines like this that give away the media’s insistence that any act of violence or destruction against men is exceptionally bad, because they’re men. Not because randomly shooting people is bad. Men are special. People often becomes a code word for ‘the people who don’t really matter’ aka women.



As far as I can see, there is no comprehensive list of victims published yet, but the media’s insistence that the other victims were people strongly suggests they were women, or at least overwhelmingly women. One report claims 6 of the victims were women.

women victims

None of that stops the media from declaring Houser a misandrist who hated men and shot them because they were men. Isn’t that rich? The same media that declares men’s lives more important because they’re men (totally not sexist at all) decries the assumed sexism of the shooter, who in all likelihood shot more women than men. Those darn people getting in the way of bullets intended for men. It would be much easier to scream about misandry if women would stop using their bodies to interrupt bits of steel moving at high velocity. Always showing off, those darn people.

Benevolent sexism. It’s the word masculists use for women’s possibly instinctual drive to protect men and treat them as if they are deserving of special attention. In the Aurora theatre shooting, women threw their bodies across the men they were with and died to save them. What a bunch of sexist pigs. True equality means the gals should have hit the deck and let the bullets fall where they may.

The attempt by left-wing, liberal, masculist media to link horrific tragedies like mass shootings to their axe-grinding machines, determined to foment hatred of women because they are women and paint men as innocent victims of a culture that fears and despises men is, quite frankly, getting a little boring. I expect some fucktard at Gawker or Salon will link the Lafayette shooting to #GamerGate by the end of the day, desperate to portray a group of women and men they hate in the worst possible light, and they’ll be met with a giant shrug and sales of videos games will continue to soar as real world violence declines. Shootings like Lafayette are shocking, but the fact remains that violence in our culture has been dropping precipitously for decades and continues to do so. Seems like beating the shit out of all those hookers in GTA and slaughtering endless troops in COD has been, oh I don’t know, a harmless fantasy that millions of people like to engage in? Kind of like 50 Shades of Grey is a fantasy?


The media can blah blah blah themselves to death over dead men and those other people things not really worth mentioning all they want. I might deconstruct their bullshit, but the part of this narrative that pisses me off is the lack of gratitude for women being women. There is no better example of masculists unadulterated, pure hatred for women that their willingness to describe the women who were shot as people while describing the shooter as a woman. The women in the theatre, who are as innocent as the men, are not representative of women in general. Just some gals, watching some stupid chick flick with their boyfriends and husbands and partners, eating popcorn and sharing the arm rest and just being human beings are not the symbol of women and femininity – no, the psycho who opened fire in the theatre is the woman. Woman becomes a synonym for anger, violence, hate, bloodshed, danger, rage – exactly what masculists want us to believe is emblematic of women and femininity. Women are dangerous, violent, hateful creatures who need to be caged and kept away from men who are never angry, violent, hateful, dangerous creatures themselves.

Most child abuse is carried out by fathers and the children of those fathers may have something to say about men, violence, and danger. Men may not walk into movie theatres and shoot random strangers very often, but that’s likely pure cowardice. Evil men prefer their victims to be helpless. Children are always a favorite target. And you can bet your ass that if a man walked into a theatre and shot mostly men and a few women, no one would claim that as a crime against women. It would be a crime against everyone.

Over and over again, from the Boston Marathon bombing to 9/11 to the German Airwings crash to the earthquake in Nepal, when the world goes to hell, the masculist media blames women and femininity at the earliest opportunity, while actual women roll up their sleeves and rush to save the wounded, help the injured, restore calm and rebuild what was destroyed. Women will give their lives to save others, especially men. Men rarely do that. I doubt very much the response from women, the instinct to save others, to show courage and strength and bravery and decency is the product of socialization. It’s beyond me how masculists can claim, on the one hand, that the matriarchy trains men to be selfless, to serve others, to be the classic Biblical ‘helpmeets’, and then explain a world in which women are the ones who are selfless, who serve others, who are there to help and to protect, even when it costs them their own lives. And that is the part that makes me absolutely quiver with rage.

It remains to be seen exactly what went down in the theatre in Lafeyette, but it will not surprise me in the slightest to hear that the people who were shot and injured were women, and a significant number of them were protecting men. The fact that the two dead people are men is likely a matter of terrible misfortune. It’s 100% appropriate to grieve for the dead. They were completely innocent and did not deserve to die at the hands of a deranged killer. It is not appropriate to care about them more because they were men. They were human beings with lives and people who loved them and futures they were looking forward to. Every woman in the theatre was a human being, too, with lives and futures and people who loved them. It’s very likely the people who loved them were sitting right next to them. And the women took bullets to save them. The only words you need right now are these:

Thank you.

We don’t know why women are so willing to sacrifice themselves for those they love, and in an important way, it doesn’t matter. They are. They do. The only appropriate response to that is gratitude.

Because women are human beings, too.

What other reason do you need?

Lots of love,