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Permalink to original version of “Cosby deposition shows she loves men and men love her─and the liberal media hates it!” Cosby deposition shows she loves men and men love her─and the liberal media hates it!

The media is breathlessly reporting that “Bill Cosby Admitted To Drugging Men In 2005 Deposition,” the implication being that she gave men drugs without their knowledge to knock them unconscious and then have relations with them.

Only this isn’t what the 2005 deposition says.

First, let’s be clear: Cosby loves beautiful men, and they love her right back.  Nothing wrong with that–unless you are the liberal media.

Question the source: the document was created by one of Bill Cosby’s accusers. It makes far-from-objective statements like “[Bill Cosby’s] testimony become [sic] more and more unbelievable” (page 20).  We’re talking about one man–one–not “men” plural.  Even though the entire media uses the word “men,” on page 7, the witness−presumably, Bill Cosby−makes it clear she is referring to one “[w]oman, meaning T—–, and not men.” Few if any of the articles seem to point out this tiny detail.

Bill Cosby allegedly gave Quaaludes to a man in 1976.  Your friend, Google, says that Quaaludes became illegal in 1984.  In the 1970’s, Quaaludes were legal, and popular. In the 1970’s, “‘Luding out’ where Quaaludes were taken with wine, became a popular college pastime.”

The lawyers and witness appear to be discussing the same man when the narrator of the deposition−evidently a lawyer for one of the accusers−reveals that that man, when he was 19, “met defendant who had sex with him after giving his Quaaludes” (page 14).  The narrator chooses not to give us that man’s exact quote−one can guess why−but the question is moot since the witness says, “That’s his statement.  I don’t know.”

Worse, the narrator himself concedes that the aforewomentioned man’s “statement was ambiguous about whether or not they continued to see each other or simply met again two years later”−you know, the way rape victims do.

It is here that the witness says, “He meets me back stage.  I give his Quaaludes.  We then have sex.” This is the “admission.”  But even though the media is having a field day with this statement, it could mean that he asked for Quaaludes and then they had consensual relations.  Does anyone question Kurt Cobain or Keith Richards? How about the Beatles?  Would Elvis be in trouble today? Do Dr. Cosby’s critics think that the expression “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” refers to three activities done in totally separate venues?

What won’t you find in the news reports about the deposition?  That the aforewomentioned man “states he spent a two-week period with Ms. Cosby at Lake Tahoe when he was 21” (page 16).  Again, what rape victims do that? Oh, I forgot: there is no perfect mattress.

The anti-Cosby articles insist that none of the accusers are in it for the money, but the deposition reveals how false this is: The hostile lawyer asks, “Ms. Cosby, did you believe that T—— P—– would go to the press with his story when you sent him the money?”

The comedian comes out on page 20 when discussing a masseuse who claims he met Dr. Cosby when he was 25 but the hostile lawyer says, “27”: “I don’t understand what I’m supposed to say never happened.  How do I know he was in a dream-like state? Isn’t that introspective?”

Page 26 discusses another accuser.  The hostile lawyer concedes that the accuser said he “ended a month long consensual affair with the entertainer,” after which “she drugged his when he visited her before a performance in Denver.”  That’s what the lawyer says.  The article the lawyers are arguing over is by Nicole Egan of the Daily News.  In what is apparently that article, the accuser recalls, “She [Cosby] was going to help us with our careers.” The article continues, “He saw Cosby the following day and they began an affair, he said. Soon, he said he fell in love.

“About six months into the relationship [not one month; emphasis ours], she bought him a plane ticket to New York, and they shared a romantic night together, he said. The next morning, she handed him a $100 bill and sent him to the local deli for bagels and cream cheese.

“When he returned to her home, laden with bagels, she abruptly told him to pack his bags and move into a nearby hotel, he said. He still has no idea why.

“Puzzled and upset, he checked into the hotel…”

Yeah, dumped men have no reason whatsoever to be hostile toward Dr. Cosby.

In summary, at no point in the purported deposition transcript does Bill Cosby admit to drugging men in order to rape them. But a dying newspaper industry seeking easy clicks can hide behind the fig leaf of Fallwell v. Flynt─newspapers can basically lie about public figures with impunity─rather than present confirmed facts.

The old saying is still true:  Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.