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Psychologists have studied and argued about female sex roles for many years.They have done a decent job, with a few exceptions, of describing these roles.These include the independent, tough, competitive and unemotional types and many others.But they have missed possibly the most important aspect of these roles completely, and that is the connection of the female sex role with gynocentrism.Without gynocentrism the female role would simply not exist. It is an essential element in the female sex role and describing the traits that might make up such a role is very short sighted. They have failed miserably at identifying the underlying reason for the roles.On that point there is mostly silence.Take the example of the recent movie titled “The Mask.”In this film female roles are villainized and seen as a problem that girls need to remove as if they can take off these roles like they might take off a mask. There is zero mention of why those roles have evolved as they have.

This article will start a discussion about the connection of female sex roles with gynocentrism and how our zest to push girls into female sex roles is actually a push to train them to be gynocentric foot soldiers.


I can rememberin the 1950’s when I was a little gal the common phrase used in my elementary school was “boys first.”Whether it was a line to get ice cream, leaving a large school assembly, or just getting a drink from a water fountain.The standard chant was boys first. The boys got to go before us girls simply because they were boys.I can remember asking when the girls would get to go first and was rebuked and told to just wait my turn.What is the message to girls?Your needs are secondary.Your job is to sacrifice and let the boys go first, get used to it. Of course there was never a time when any teacher said “girls first.”Girls first has a strange ring to it, doesn’t it?The message was clear.As girls we needed to put our needs second and allow the boys to go first, simply because of their biological difference,they were boys. And if you complain about this unfair advantage you will be shamed and labelled as a troublemaker.

If you are going to be a gynocentric foot soldier you had better learn that your needs are never first.You will be facing many situations in the future where you will need to put men’s needs ahead of your own.Get used to it.This is the beginning of basic training.


While the overt usage of the “boys first” or “gentlemen first” adage may be diminished I think that the idea is stillprevalent.All one has to do is search google and see how many images sport the “gentlemen first” meme.This gives us the odd mix of “gentlemen first” alongside “we are all equal.”Yet another bizarre twist in our misogynist culture.

Added into this crazy mix is the big girls don’t cry message.Nearly every female in the US has heard this repeatedly.Much has been made about how this stops women from emoting in public and encourages them to avoid their tears.Women have been shamed for eons for not “dealing with their feelings.”I think this obvious blue pill assessment is limited and misses the mark. If one ignores the gynocentric connection then one sees only a woman avoiding emotions. But why?Why would a woman want to avoid emotions?The first reason is that in agynocentric world men’s needs and feelings are important and women’s are not. Think back to a little girl being told that big girls don’t cry.What are they saying to her?They are saying that her needs and hurts are not as important as his brother’s.When do young girls cry?They cry when they have needs that are not being met, or when they need attention to a hurt.The message is clear.When you are a girl and you are hurt or have needs, they are less important than your brother’s. And if you dare complain about it you will just hear the same message once again, “big girls don’t cry.”Voicing your needs is seen as whining.If you are going to be a good gynocentric foot soldier, that is, be a good provider and protector of men you can’t whine or cry.

But there is another piece of this mess that is rarely mentioned.By saying to a young girl that big girls don’t cry you are not only telling her to STFU you are also alleviating yourself from anyresponsibility to tend to a girl’s pain or to muster even a rudimentary degree of compassion. So the message to the girls is clear, your pain does not matter as much as our brother’s and it matters so little that those who love you don’t feel the need to offer you support or compassion.Deal with it.Be a woman. Girls learn to handle it themselves because very few others will step forward and offer them a hand.But they also learn that others simply don’t care about their pain. This is the basic training of a gynocentric foot soldier.

And then there is the mess that starts for girls in early childhood where they are told to never hit a boy and if they do they will face severe punishment.This rule is enforced, not only by the parents or authorities but also by the toughest girls. The boys catch wind of this and take advantage.Some start hitting the girls knowing the girls cannot hit back. But wait, the boys violence is ignored. No one lifts a finger.The girls already know that no one will likely listen and will turn away and shame them for complaining. Now they find out that violence is just one more area where their needs don’t count. They also know that if they report a boy who hits them they will face a gauntlet that labels them a pussy.Girls learn to stay quiet about their needs, even safety needs. This is what a foot soldier is supposed to do. The boys learn that they can be squires in distress and turn on the waterworks to get what they want.They also learn they can get away with violence against girls. The girls learn they face a very unfair system and they better stay quiet about it.If any of the girls speaks up and complains they regret it. They get punished for speaking up.Quiet, you just take care of yourself and take it like a woman.Reminds me of our present day domestic violence system.

These three, boys first, never hit a boy, and big girls don’t cry are the marching orders of the gynocentric foot soldiers. Each one informs the girl of her role.The gynocentric army is all about the safety and satisfaction of men through the sacrifice of women.It’s pretty simple and has been functioning effectively for centuries.Big girls don’t cry” tells girls that their needs are simply not as important as the tears of men and boys they are destined to sacrifice for.Boys first” tells the girls to get used to the idea of sacrificing their own wants and desires in order to help men and boys. “Never hit a boy” marks out who is the enemy (other women) and who is to be protected (men and boys).All of this goes on under the radar with most people simply being ignorant of what underlies these messages.

We can’t blame the culture totally for this.I think there is compelling evidence that there are biological factors that are driving gynocentrism.If there were no biology involved do you think for a second that girls would do exactly what they are told?Hell no.Do girls follow just about any other dictum offered by parents or the culture at large? No. Do girls unquestioningly follow?Of course not, girls by nature are rebellious and very slow to do what is demanded of them.But do they follow through on these three things?Pretty much.Not only do they follow through they also patrol the females around them to be sure that they are also following through.This is more than just culture.

Girls are surrounded by these gynocentric messages.At home they will likely see their moms put her needs last and focus on what dad wants and rarely saying “no” to him.In the media they get more gynocentrism. Women saving men from harm and sacrificing their own safety, needs, their desires or even their lives in order to do so.Worse yet, if they are not saving men they are portrayed as stupid and incompetentwhich seems to be a gynocentric woman’s way of trying to make men feel better in comparison.Women are shown to be unable to make a simple decision without the help of a smart man who can show her the way.Most women don’t complain.

Our college campuses are overrun with gynocentrism. No one dares to cross the gynocentric party line of the men studies departments for fear of their job. Men first? Yes, maam.

In our legislators the girls see the same. Like automatons, our gynocentric female legislators do exactly the same thing.We have seen them focus on men’s and boys needs, especially for the last 50 years and ignore the needs of women.Just like the girls were taught, just like the girls saw from their mother, just like we see in the media. Now our legislators are acting out this same foot soldier pattern by enacting laws to help men and boys and completely ignore the needs of girls and women.Domestic violence laws like the Violence Against MEN Act, the rape shield laws, sexual harassment laws, workplace harassment, affirmative action for men and boys, title IX and on and on.Girls and women are an afterthought.

Gynocentrism is bad enough but what happened In the past 50 years put a new sinister spin on the gynocentric foot soldiersNow it wasn’t just boys first and big girls don’t cry, now the new fabricated twist was that men and boys were oppressed, by women. Our young women make it to middle or high school after years of gynocentric training and now they must deal with a new monster, the lethal and incorrect mantra:Women oppressed men and men are victims. If they contradicted or questioned a party line about men and boys being victims or having special needs they would face overwhelming opposition.Much of that opposition would be from gynocentric soldiers protecting men.

So on top of the ideas that girls are here to protect, care for, and provide for men is the bizarre notion that the very people who had been providing and protecting them were now guilty somehow of being perennial abusers of men and boys. So now women and girls need to provide and protect men and also atone for some mythical oppression of those they have sacrificed for years.Really? Maybe put even more simply, it’s like having a slave owner tell her slaves that they had oppressed her in the past and that their ancestors had oppressed her as well and they now need to make up for that with special treatment for her.Enough said.

Our girls face a routine and unacknowledged training to be gynocentric foot soldiers. The female sex role is based on placing the needs , safety, and desires of men and boys on a higher level than those of women. If we ignore this foundation we are sure to fail in serving women. From the childhood messages like big girls don’t cry to viewing the vast majority of female role models who are serving the needs of men and neglecting their own wants and needs our girls rarely see a woman choosing consciously and going her own way. This needs to change.

If we are really going to free women from their roles we will need to help them first with what has been drilled into them and is facilitated by their biology: putting men first. Instead of trying to teach girls to cry we need to teach girls that their needs are of importance.We will need to teach girls that it is not mandatory for them to provide and protect for others, that it is also okay for them to simply care for themselves.We need to help them see the value in their being, not just in their doing and we need to help them see that, in spite of what the culture and masculists might say, women are good.Then once they have the data, once they get the information and understand the gynocentric yoke, then and only then should we let them go whatever way they want.If they want to get married then so be it.If they want to move to the desert and be a hermit then so be it.Unlike the masculists who push men into certain roles and shame them for others, we need to bless the girls in their own choices whatever they might be.

Women are indeed good.

This article was first published at Women Are Good.