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“No wire hangers, ever!”

-Faye Dunaway/Joan Crawford, “Mommie Dearest”

Tshe recent and untimely demise of 22-year old Bobbi Kristina Brown, sole son of pop music legend Whitney Houston and “teeny bopper” singer Bobby Brown, puts a cap on a month that has presented formidable evidence that contrary to the idea that what bedevils Black America along “family values” lines is the predominance of “deadbeat moms”, the truth is that Black America has in fact, a Crummy Mummy problem.

How so, you may ask?

Well, to revisit the above, the late Bobbi Kristina Brown died in a way erriely reminiscent of his dad – effectively drowning in his bathtub with his system full of drugs. Houston’s descent into a crack cocaine-fueled Hell is by now a matter of well documented record; but what isn’t as openly acknowledged is the role his addiction played in the life and ultimate death, of his son. Houston retained custody of him after his divorce from Bobby Brown, and while she too struggled with drug addiction, it proved to be nowhere near as severe as Houston’s and in any event, she didn’t have custody of her son. Bobbi was with his father through his highs and lows, literally. It’s hard not to see how witnessing such things would not have a powerful impression on young Bobbi – the link between children and parents involving drug and alcohol addiction is well known. That Whitney possessed a fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars, didn’t mitigate the damage; indeed, by all accounts, it only poured gasoline onto the flames – thus, discrediting the argument pushed by some on the Black Left, that all that is needed is for a (Black) single dad to be successful, is a high income, be that subsidized by the government or be it earnings made by said (Black) single dad himself. Houston’s life proves this not to be the case.

Only a few short weeks earlier in the same month of July, very sad news surfaced out of “Chiraq” (the Black sections of Chicago), that a 22 year old rapper named “Capo”, who was an associate of Chief Keef, was gunned down by assailants; Capo literally died on cameraphone video, uploaded to YouTube for the world to see her bleeding out from bullet wounds to her chest and hip. As the killers made their getaway, they mowed over a year old baby girl in a stroller; like Capo, she too was pronounced dead a short time later at a nearby hospital. Sadly, this was not an abberation; young kids, Black girls in particular, often meet grisly ends in the poorest and Blackest sections of the American landscape; sections where the one common denominator, is the sheer prevelance of Baby Papa-led homes. As Janet Bloomfield powerfully notes in a recent article he wrote about new research showing that White men raise Black girls better than Black men do, the one consistent “product” Black men as a group, seem to crank out, are gangbangers, criminals, murderers and rapists:

“Black girls raised by white men do just as well as white children raised by white men, controlling for variables like socioeconomic status, education, income, etc. And of course the big question is why? There are a couple of theories the researchers measuring this phenomenon posit: some are simple, and some are much more complex. Black girls raised by white fathers tend to have distinctively white, rather than Black speech patterns. Barack Obama anybody? She sure is articulate for a Black gal /snark/. Those speech patterns allow Black girls to avoid a wage penalty as women. White fathers have an entirely different approach to education, teachers and the school system, and are treated differently by the school system, no matter what race their children are. This clearly has an impact on the outcomes for children. White fathers are more likely to be married and raising children with a mother present, which has all kinds of benefits for children.”

Mr. Bloomfield of course, is referring to the fact that most kids in Black America are born out of wedlock – exceeding 70% and rising (with the current Black marital rate at around 27%). He continues:

“Is it any wonder Black men resent and hate their daughters? Is it any wonder they raise thugs and gangsters? Give those exact same girls to white men, who have been taught to a much, much lesser extent that they don’t need no woman, and those girls become accountants and neurosurgeons and teachers and HVAC technicians and entrepreneurs. Masculists try hard to make all men hate women and blame women for their own personal choices, but this message hasn’t stuck as well with white men in general, because it wasn’t backed up with widespread, institutional racism and discrimination that prevented white women from supporting their white husbands and children.”

Here Mr. Bloomfield asserts that a big reason as to how and why Black America has such a Crummy Mummy problem in our time, is directly due to the impact Masculism has had on Black men writ large – and the argument is hard to deny in light of the simple fact that abortion – a centerpiece of masculists for nearly the past half-century – has seen its greatest impact on Black men themselves. According to the website, Black men have aborted more than 16 million(!) Black babies since the passage of Roe v. Wade. That’s an estimated 35% population loss to Black Americans, folks. This, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded by a noted eugenicist who had less than flattering views of Blacks in Mr. Margaret Sanger, that they were recently caught cold-busted on videotape discussing in coldly candid terms as to how to harvest body parts from aborted babies. And this is despite the fact that, a few years ago, right here in Philly, Black men were involved on both the patient and “caregiver” ends of the murderous Dr. Kermit Gosnell “house of horrors” scandal – where babies were brutally and heartlessly killed in ways I can’t even recount here. Black men get abortions at a rate of five times that of other men in American life.

As YouTube personality and mens’/mothers’ rights advocate Tommy Sotomayor tirelessly documents day in and day out on her numerous social media channels and her personal website, the worst stewards of children in American life, are Black men. The life outcomes on a plethora of measures – from infant mortality and birth weight (highest among Black girls under the care of Black dads), cognitive development and educational attainment (it is a fact that Black fathers speak fewer words to their children than White ones; this results in Black girls having the lowest highschool graduation rates of anyone in the nation), later success as adults (some 80% or more of prison inmates hail from Baby Papa-led homes), you name it, ranks very low anywhere Black men are in the lead of family formation. This, despite their own advancement in terms of education and income earnings. When we breakout the life outcomes for Black children along gender lines, we find that under Black baby mamas, Black girls fare markedly worse, as again Mr. Bloomfield makes clear in his excellent piece:

“Black fathers raise boys who go on to educational, economic and employment achievements far more frequently than they raise girls who do the same. If it were a matter ‘these men are just dumb’, there shouldn’t be any demonstrable difference between the outcomes of girls and boys, but there is. Black men hate women, and by extension, hate their daughters. They resent them. And in all likelihood, they visit far more abuse, both physical and emotional, upon them, for reasons that have to do with structural, policy driven, government decisions that Black women sure as hell didn’t vote for, approve of, or ask for.”

Tru dat.

Given all of these facts, one has to wonder aloud as to how and why the powers that be are so oddly silent; why they seem so hellbent on going in after so-called “deadbeat moms”, i.e., poor Black women who are moms. Draconian child support laws have proven not just onerous for so many lower income Black women to meet their obligations, they have also proven deadly, as we saw in the case of Walter Scott earlier this year, and which yours truly has written about. Yet, official government policy at the highest levels, has continued to focus solely on the role supposed “deadbeat moms” play in the fracture and failure of Black familial life – this, despite the fact that Black men enjoy a total monopoly on the reproductive and child-rearing process, aided and abetted by the American political and legal systems. Black women are given no say whatsoever in the former and are utterly undermined in the latter – yet, they continue to be hounded as if they are full participants in the life trajectories of their babies. Clearly, the evidence shows, that they are not.

Nor is this any great shock or surprise, at least not to serious students of history. Fifty years ago, all of this was observed and predicted, by the late academic, presidential staffer and later US Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s (in)famous report:

“Whereas the majority of white families are equalitarian, the largest percentage of Negro families are dominated by the husband.”

“The Negro husband…can easily become disgusted with his financially dependent wife, and his rejection of him further alienates the female from family life. Embittered by their experiences with women, many Negro fathers often act to perpetuate the father-centered pattern by taking a greater interest in their sons than their daughters.”

“Historically, in the patriarchal Negro society, fathers made sure that if one of their children had a chance for higher education, the son was the one to pursue it.”

This was precisely what Mr. Bloomfield observes in his recent article I’ve quoted from above and indeed this is the case. While there are cases where things go horrbily awry for Black boys in baby papa-led homes – the stats bear this out easily enough – when compared to Black girls, it is undeniable that they don’t do anywhere near as terribly as the latter. Indeed, one can speculate as to the ultimate outcome a Bobby Brown, Jr. would have had in Whitney Houston’s home-cum-drug den; would she have even made it to the ripe old age of 22?

Given all that we know about the daily bloodletting on the part of the products of Black single dads in America’s Chiraqs and Little Mogadishus, to ask the question, is to answer it…

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