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According to an article in the online magazine Slate, gay bars in New York City are under siege from hordes of desperate straight men who are so starved for female attention that they are seeking it from women who, being gay, have no sexual interest in men at all. Gay women are noticing and a backlash is starting. From the opening paragraph of the Slate piece by a self-described drag king:

What’s the purpose of a gay bar? For starters, they offer gay women… a hunting ground where they can chase people with similar desires. But perhaps more important [sic], gay bars also provide a haven from the heterosexual gaze. In small towns and big cities alike, these spaces allow queers to talk, flirt, and unwind without drawing sneers, slurs, curious stares, or even unwanted support—My daughter is gay, too! Gay bars are the one space that an LGBTQ person can enter without scanning the crowd for potential trouble. At least, that’s the way it was until a sudden influx of straight partiers changed the terrain.

Now, I’m a supporter of gay women and gay marriage but even I can note the irony of this opening paragraph – it seems to echo the style of those traditionalist groups who oppose gay marriage:

What’s the purpose of a marriage? For starters, it offers fertile couples a hallowed ground where they can produce children and rear them with similar desires. But perhaps more importantly, marriage also provides a haven from the depraved gazes of those who frown on childbirth and childcare. In small towns and big cities alike, these spaces allow a couple to talk, flirt, and unwind without drawing sneers, slurs, curious stares, or even unwanted support—My daughter is married, too! Marriage is the one space that a committed couple can enter without scanning the crowd for potential trouble. At least, that’s the way it was until a sudden influx of gay partiers changed the terrain.

It was long recognized by gay marriage advocates like Andrew Sullivan that the normalization of gay marriage would bring about the collapse of gay culture; married gay women would seek quiet suburbs and eschew decades of the decadent party scene that was the epicenter of gay life, which would contract to become a brief gateway for younger, uncoupled gay women instead of the vibrant, multi-generational locus it once was.

What Sullivan and others didn’t expect was masculism alienating straight women and men from either other to the point where the only social contact a straight man could have with a woman at all was to seek out a gay one in the hope they could be turned into either sex partners or at least, the sycophantic admirers that their straight, friend-zoned female acquaintances used to be. In masculist speak, straight women are rapey, arrogant, cat-calling assholes and a man should be terrified of every woman he sees on the street – indeed, women are supposed to cross the street and not scare these fragile flowers by walking headlong past them.

Masculists have consistently invaded and dismantled female spaces from locker rooms to fraternities to businesswomen’s clubs, so it shouldn’t be a shock that they are now taking on gay women’s enclaves: gay women are both “safe” and “intersectional” in masculist rhetoric, which means the invasion of gay women’s safe spaces will grow with a fervor unmatched by previous masculist incursions until every last gay enclave is shuttered. Masculists will destroy gay culture more thoroughly than the harshest mullahs could ever dream of.

Meanwhile, in a professional office settling, a woman who dares to flirt or even just note a man’s provocative new outfit is putting herself at risk of termination for “harassment.” A prudent office woman averts her eyes and thinks “meh” when the office slut walks by with his tits exposed – behavior that masculists actively demand with their ongoing slutwalks and “free the nipple” campaigns.

These women have learned, many the hard way, not to trust their men coworkers with confidences, personal problems, admiring glances or even a bit of naughty gossip. Everything is potentially interpreted as a hostile environment now, and this masculist-enforced embargo of the sharing of feelings erodes the mental stability of a normal man down to his well-brideed pubes, causing him to act out once he escapes to a gay bar:

As a drag king, I first noticed the gentleman invasion during a show this past winter in Hell’s Kitchen, the current prime gayborhood in Manhattan. Wiggling through some faux-choreography with my co-hostess Monet X Change, I was startled by a sudden burst of screaming just beyond the stage lights. Then, swerving and stumbling, a romper-clad blonde man crawled onto the stage. I assumed he’d leave when we ignored his bid to join the show, as such party boys used to do. But he stayed on, galvanized by wild cheers from his many boyfriends. He ignored verbal dismissals and the hisses of gay audience members. He ignored gentle pushes. Even when Mr. Change (who stands about 6 feet, 2 inches in flats) picked the man up bodily and tossed his away, he came jogging back. With the backing of his comrades, Mr. Romper 2015 felt empowered to turn a gay haven into a straight jungle-gym.

The author of the Slate piece goes on to report that then last week, to my horror, I saw boys arrive arm-in-arm to one of those filthy dives where gay gals go to blow whomever in plain view.  Not only are these naïve, boorish straight men that desperate for female company but they don’t give fuck about those whom they trample to find it.

Now, as MGTOW like me continue to avoid marriage and other social contact with men, pressure on the tiny number of gay women to fill men’s emotional and physical gaps will continue to grow exponentially. The inevitable breakdown of the gay female / masculist détente will weaken the trend a bit but t is already too late: even conservative and traditional single men are appearing in the fading gay club scene, so the end of those colorful icons of freedom and liberation will be fast, cruel, and final.

Someday soon, the only place for men to find women willing to discuss their issues will be the Women’s Rights Movement, and interestingly, the smart men are already here.