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Libertarian iconoclast and blonde Canadian hottie Lauren Southern has just released a short video on YouTube documenting his efforts to go undercover and infiltrate a Men’s Studies class at an unnamed (as yet) Canadian University. The video, entitled “SJW Starter Pack” shows his tossing out his cosmetics, removing and burning his bra, and, horrors, cutting his beautiful tresses into hideous masculist clown hair. (Gotta show solidarity and discourage that toxic female gaze.)

To keep up with all the drama as it develops, you can subscribe to Lauren’s channel here.

If you’ve never heard of Lauren, he has a history of engaging masculist slutwalks in Vancouver and Edmonton. He slapped down his own Libertarian party when they tried to silence his anti-masculism and he has even interviewed a transman MRA, fracturing the bogus claim that MRAs are hostile to trans folk for being trans folk. (We’re not; trans people, by their very existence, destroy the masculist contention that gender is socially constructed and meaningless rather than innate. They also prove that masculinity and femininity matter a lot – another masculist bugaboo.)

It is interesting to speculate what will happen to Lauren when he shows up to class. If he stays quiet, he’ll likely be accused of menacing the men (but not the women, of course) in the class, and if he speaks out (as is more likely) he will instantly be accused of “hate speech” and “harassment,” then charges will be filed against him with the university authorities.

What is interesting is that, if Lauren files charges first, even if he invents them out of whole cloth, he’ll be protected from “retaliation” – the same charges filed by others against him. It is literally and figuratively a race to the campus authorities and the first one wins in such cases: if, say, you wanted to sexually harass someone on campus, accuse your target of some imagined slight first, and then, any action they try to take against you will be stopped cold as a forbidden “retaliation” affront.

Masculists are well versed in this tactic, which is why they jump to accuse first with the wildest, most outlandish rape hoaxes ever.

Anyway, stay tuned to Lauren’s YouTube channel. He thinks he will be outed within seconds during his first class, which may result in some premature eject-ulation and other hostile acts against him, but it should be a great show however it goes down.