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Haven’t been there, haven’t done that, but I got the T shirt.


This week brings a new and depressing chapter in the tale of Pauley Perrette’s decade long campaign of harassment against musician Francis (Coyote) Shivers, the woman who dared to divorce his lying, cheating ass. Having been wrongfully convicted of violating a fraudulently obtained restraining order, Ms. Shivers will begin serving a nine month jail sentence on Tuesday, September 8. Tuesday is also the release date for her new single “Don’t Believe a Word,” proceeds from which will go to her legal defense fund. Additionally, while incarcerated for a crime she did not commit, she plans to write very interesting book.

The gloves are coming off, and not just at AVfM. Expect to see a great deal more of what Our Dear Pauley (along with his various minions and unsavory associates) would prefer to keep under wraps. We’ll begin with music journalist Maryanne Cristiano-Mistretta’s release announcement and interview with Coyote Shivers.