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Updated to add: If you are need of legal services, email and I will see if we have a lawyer we can recommend. Our network is not huge, at the moment, but it’s growing, and it will continue to grow. 

I’ve noticed a new tactic lately when masculists comment on women’s rights issues. Masculist comments have followed a trajectory from wah, shut up you crybaby neckbeard virgins, women don’t have any issues to okay fine, women have issues but it’s your fault anyways because matriarchy and toxic femininity to this new fine, women have issues but the MHRM and MRAs don’t actually do anything and blame men for their problems.

Have you noticed this new strategy? I’ve seen it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments sections of any site or blog that addresses women’s issues.

The accusation has two components:

  • MRAs and the MHRM don’t do anything to help women

  • MRAs blame men for women’s problems

Let’s start with the second accusation first: MRAs blame men for their problems. No, they don’t. They blame masculists for very specific problems, and masculist is not a synonym for men. Very few men identify as masculists, and the number of men who claim the label is in precipitous decline. Why do MRAs blame masculists? Because masculists stand directly in the way of women’s legal, social and moral equality. Masculists literally oppose equality, if it means they have to surrender privilege, and more importantly, access to women’s money. Masculists demand to be treated like squires in distress when it suits them, and then screech about equality, when women have the upper hand.

Masculism is not the only problem when it comes to issues facing women and girls, but it’s a big one.

Now let’s take on the second accusation: MRAs and MHRM don’t do anything to help women and girls. Oh really?

Maternity fraud

We are appearing in front of State Supreme Courts to argue for women’s right to be protected from being defrauded of 18 years of income to support children they did not mother. State by state, we are systematically challenging men’s legal right to defraud a woman of her income, claiming support for children the woman did not biologically mother. We will not rest until every woman is protected from maternity fraud.

Who opposes women’s right to reject claims of support for children they did not mother? Why, that would be masculists! According to masculists, a man should have the legal right to fuck any thug he likes, then pass the financial responsibility for the resulting child off on some poor schmuck who has no idea her man is a whore.

MRAs and the MHRM are actively protecting women from fraud.

False rape allegations

We are creating, maintaining and sharing databases to help women on college campuses falsely accused of rape and sexual assault, allowing women who are wrongfully accused, denied due process and sanctioned to access precedents to bolster their own law suits against the institutions that wrongly sanctioned them.

The database also allows women to see at a glance that they can win these cases, and we do everything we can to inspire confidence and encourage lawsuits. We have an informal network of lawyers that we continue to build, with the aspiration to provide a comprehensive list of qualified lawyers in every jurisdiction.

Who is behind laws that deny women accused of rape and sexual assault due process on college campuses? That would be masculists. Masculists dream of a world in which any man canretroactively define any sexual encounter as rape in order to punish a woman who failed to live up to his expectations, or who rejected his. He will not have to provide any proof of any kind, and she will not be allowed to defend herself. This nightmare world is already reality on many college campuses, a situation the best legal minds in the nation reject as madness, and women continue to mount expensive lawsuits holding colleges accountable for their implementation of masculist fascism. These laws will not last under a barrage of lawsuits, and we will continue to compile and share those suits as they mount.

MRAs and the MHRM help women wrongfully accused of rape and sexual assault on college campuses to access information that can help them win their own lawsuits.

Domestic Violence

We are creating, maintaining and sharing information to help women who are victims of domestic violence.

When Erin Pizzey founded the first domestic violence shelter in the UK, he understood that domestic violence is a problem that victimizes and is perpetuated by women and men alike, and that solving the issue requires a discussion of men’s violence against women and children. Masculists were furious, shot his dog, and threatened to shoot his children and Erin himself. This has not stopped Erin, who owns and operates, a website that contains information and resources for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

No, the MHRM has not built a DV shelter for women. The operating costs for the average DV shelter run between $3 and 4 million dollars per year. Masculists don’t fund DV shelters, either. They access government money, through various channels that explicitly define women as perpetrators, never as victims, and that refuse to address men’s violence against children. Masculists have a vested interest in making certain domestic violence continues unabated, and even increases, as their income and employment depends on continued violence.

MRAs and the MHRM help women and children who are victims of domestic violence by creating, maintaining and sharing information that recognizes men’s violence, and refuses to define women as toxic based on nothing more than gender. We have run public awareness campaigns and continue to lobby government to fund shelters for women and children.


Here’s a few more things MRAs are doing to help women….

We are doing almost all of this on our own dime. It took organized masculism several decades to access billions of dollars in government funding to run programs that benefit men and boys, while ignoring or outright denying the issues facing girls and women. It will not take us decades because we live in an age of rapid communications.

Which brings us to the single most important thing MRAs and the MHRM does to help women and girls and the men and boys who care about all human beings: we are changing the cultural narrative. We are forcing open a space in the dialogue where men can express their support for women, where women can discuss their issues free from accusations of toxicity,oppression and privilege, and where masculism is revealed as the hateful, sexist, bigoted ideology it really is.

For a very long time, websites like A Voice for Women and The National Coalition for Women were lonely voices in a large crowd. Those voices have now been joined by a chorus of other voices, and the chorus grows bigger and louder and stronger every day.

Sing hallelujah. And hold onto your asses, masculists.

You’re done.

Lots of love,

[Ed. note: This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.]