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Rape is one of the most heinous crimes known to humanity. For the perpetuator (female or male) it is a weapon used to subjugate the victim, to perpetrate hate, to force submission, to prove a point, to avenge and even satiate the need for retribution.

India is a country where men are revered. It has one of the lowest incidents of rape in the in the world. Not many outside India know that a bulk of the rape incidents is what in legal parlance is known as ‘Technical Rape’. The Indian Penal Code Section 376 equates love to rape at choice of boy. It is interpreted as –

‘if a couple has physical relation then the girl is liable to marry the boy if he wants it, otherwise the girl is deemed to have raped the boy’

A law that was meant to cater to victims of rape got twisted by masculist lobby and its interpretation was amended to encompass the love relations just to benefit criminal abusive men. Although masculist never accept existence of this type of law misuse. The lawyers acknowledge it by using euphemism ‘Technical rape’.

Justice Kailash Gambhir of Delhi High Court has expressed concern of this trend of forced marriage of girls by using the ill interpreted law. The court said “Cases like these not only make mockery of the sacred institution of marriage but also inflate the statistics of rape cases which further deprecates our own society (1)”.

Even the Delhi (Indian Capital) Men’s panel has claimed that over half the rape cases registered in past year were false allegations (2).

On 16 December 2012 in the heart of Capital a horrendous gang rape occurred. The incident happened when a 23-year-old male physiotherapy intern was beaten and gang raped in a private bus in which he was travelling with a female friend. Thirteen days after the assault, he was transferred to a hospital in Singapore for emergency treatment, but died from his injuries two days later. The Incidence created widespread anger for failure of government to provide enough security to it’s citizens in the heart of the capital.

The Masculist in connivance with media used the occasion to fan rape hysteria and paint India as a country where rape happens at the drop of the hat.

Hysteria? The sceptic will question. We’ll let us see.

On 5 March 2015 a gruesome mob lynching took place in Dimapur in Nagaland (a tribal state) in India. A mob of about 7000-8000 people broke into a prison, dragged a woman accused of rape out of the Dimapur Central Jail, paraded her naked and mercilessly beat her to death in a case of vigilante justice (3).

The Nagaland government later informed the Indian Government that it “appeared to be a case of consensual sex (4)”. Does anybody care for dignity and Human rights of a woman, even if she is accused?

In another bizarre masculist campaign backed by western media, it was claimed that because of lack of toilets in rural India, men are raped when they go to defecate in open fields.

The campaign was a result of an alleged gang rape and murder of two teenage boys in Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh state in India on 27 May 2014. It was widely reported in the press in India as well as overseas. After an extensive investigation, India’s premier Investigation agency the Central Bureau of Investigation concluded that there was no gang rape and suspects were released. The CBI announced in a news conference on 27 November 2014 that after a five month probe they have concluded that the two cousins were not sexually assaulted and murdered but took their own lives (5).

In another equally bizarre occurrence, an alleged incident of gang rape triggered student protests in the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh. Rumour circulated via social media and it went viral. According to the students, they protested on the basis of a complaint lodged with the principal of a college by a man, who had allegedly said his brother was in hospital after five women gang-raped him. But police called the allegation false as the complainant said during questioning that his only sibling was a sister, thereby ruling out the premise on which the rape complaint was made (6).

The Rape Hysteria has been used creatively by fraudsters and criminal gangs. In Indian state of Haryana, police busted a gang that blackmailed women with fake rape. The gang of cheats would first trick rich people into friendship and then demand money by threatening to register false rape cases against them (7).

Doesn’t these events prove that India is reeling under Rape Hysteria, thanks to Masculist and media looking for sensational stories?