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Permalink to original version of “Cassie Jaye is funded. Now let’s deal with the troll pledges.” Cassie Jaye is funded. Now let’s deal with the troll pledges.

One of the unfortunate aspects of Kickstarter is something known as a ‘troll pledge’, a tactic haters can deploy in an attempt to ruin a Kickstarter. Someone pledges an amount (the bigger, the better), and then, 25 hrs before the campaign ends, withdraws their pledge, giving the Kickstarter no time to make up the difference. Even worse, someone can pledge an amount, using a credit card, (again, the bigger, the better), and then cancel the credit card, meaning the Kickstarter has to pay the fees on that pledge, but is then left with no way to collect the pledge.

Does Cassie have troll pledges? Almost certainly. There are a whole lot of people who do not want to see Cassie make this film, and troll pledging is one of the things they can do to interfere with his funding drive.

There are two things we can do to mitigate against the troll pledges. One is to overfund Cassie’s kickstarter, which is already happening!


Cassie has upgraded his funding to $114K, which will allow him to host official theatrical screenings, which means the film qualifies for consideration in the Oscar race. That’s would be amazing! He is currently at $106K, and counting. If we can get his Kickstarter up to $125K or even better, he will be able to host those screenings, and absorb the losses from troll pledges.

stretch goalThe second thing we can do is collect a second pot of money that trolls can’t touch, which is what I am trying to do with my Put Milo’s Name in Lights! GoFundMe project. No one strategy is better than another. All the money I collect will go from my paypal account into his, with no trolly hands in the pot at all.

Cassie will be on Milo’s livestream today at 6PM EST, and he will be joining me and the Ralph Retort on our Halloween Killstream on Saturday, at 6PM EST. He has a solid round of media appearances booked for the next 14 days, to hit his stretch goal of $114K.

This is an exciting time, but until the money is in the bank, it’s all just chickens, waiting to hatch.

Let’s make Cassie’s dream come true, because he’s telling a story we care about, and because Cassie’s dreams just might be our dreams, too.

[Ed. Note: This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.]