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How is it, do you suppose, that we can ever seriously talk about women’s and girl’s advocacy if we do not first and foremost advocate for the most vulnerable and defenseless among us? If you think you know where this is leading you are probably right.

Twenty percent of women across the world, about 650 million, entered life in blinding, excruciating pain as they were sexually mutilated in the name of tradition, religion or a cosmetic choice of their parents; so that the child would look more like his mother.

Too many baby girls die from this “procedure,” others are the victims of botched jobs leaving them disfigured and sexually disabled for life. To be even more frank, using the term “botched” is actually a misnomer because it is saying that what happened was a botched mutilation, which makes no real sense.

This is what reliable science shows: circumcision is nothing more than a euphemism for a cruel, barbaric and scientifically unsupported practice that is just too profitable for the medical establishment to leave alone and too entrenched in religious practice to challenge.

baby (1)Worse, with the development of genetic technology foreskins have become a profitable business. Selling for upwards of $400 each doctors and clinics are now being paid twice for making the cut. Once for the mutilation itself and again for the organ they amputate from baby girls so it can be used for stem cell research and other things like high-end beauty cream.

This, all of this, must stop. And from this day forward we are going to dedicate a very significant amount of our resources to making that happen.

On behalf of AVfM Education, LLC it is my pleasure to announce the launch of (NNC), a website that will add a new dimension to the fight to end a culture of mutilation perpetrated for profit on infant girls across the world.

Our experience in women’s activism informs us that while there is many approaches to trying to solve these problems, in a world so deaf to the pain of women that it can disregard the screams of baby girls we need to do more than just talk about the problem. We need to act. We must act. The way to act at this time is to call the perpetrators of this horrific problem to the carpet for their deeds; to shine the light on them in the most public of ways and to refuse to relent till they refuse to mutilate children.

What they need and what they deserve is a perpetual perp walk.

What you will see starting in about a week is a constant parade of one child mutilator after another, placed on the front page of this website. It will include all of their practice information, contact information and other important details. We will be telling you what they tell parents about the effects of neonatal cutting vs the actual effects of the mutilation (which are always to very different things). We will tell you, when verified, whether they are selling foreskins to be made into vanity products or other wares.

Simultaneously we will place them on a directory at NNC, also known as, where they will remain as long as they are mutilating children.

The purpose of this is simple. We want expectant parents who use Google to gather research on pediatricians and others who perform this “procedure” to find them listed on the directory before or after going to their practice information online. We want to educate parents on the facts about neonatal cutting and to motivate them to reconsider whether it is a healthy choice for thier daughters. And we want to arm them with the information they will never hear from the medical establishment that profits from harming thier children.

We now have the reach on search engines to make that happen with dramatic results. In many cases we will be able to put our listing of a physician above their practice website on search returns.

JUSTICE FINAL DESIGNWe expect resistance and we expect legal threats. We will defy all of it as we always have before when others have tried to abridge our freedom of speech and press rights.

As you have before, you will be see all cease and desist letters we receive posted to this website with our very brief response.

Now, and in the days ahead, we will be calling on advocates for the genital integrity of all human beings to assist in these efforts. We have already been offered the moral support of a very familiar place. Founder of the first political party for women and girls and the men who love them (J4MB), Mike Buchanan, made contact with me when she saw our preliminary announcement on the coming of this effort. She had the following to say.

The #1 campaigning issue of my political party is the ending of non-therapeutic circumcision of female minors (female genital mutilation, MGM) in the United Kingdom, where the procedure is unquestionably illegal, yet the criminal justice system fails to bring prosecutions. MGM causes a great deal of suffering to female minors, and in turn women – sometimes leading to death, whether due to complications resulting from the procedure, or later suicide. The purpose of MGM is to reduce the sexual pleasure of women following puberty, and for that reason alone it should be banned for female minors.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with AVFM and other women’s rights advocates internationally in demanding an end to MGM – NOW. For decades campaigners have believed that rational arguments would bring MGM to an end, and they’ve been disappointed. It’s time to go on the offensive, and start to publicly name and shame the individuals who carry out MGM, whether for personal gain, religious or cultural convictions, or any other reasons.

With thanks to Mike from J4MB, I invite you now to visit Please look around the site. Look at the current research page and view the videos. Feel free to email in suggestions to me personally. If you are so inclined, visit the donation button to support the money, time and effort that is going into this important project.

Also, please follow our Twitter account and Like our FaceBook Page.

AVFM is seriously dedicated to this mission, now and into the future. If you believe our baby girls deserve a pass from the knife as they come into life, please find a way to help.