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Permalink to original version of “The Girl Crisis: A sobering look at the state of our girls” The Girl Crisis: A sobering look at the state of our girls

AVFM’s recently intensified efforts to address the issue of the genital mutilation of girls seems to have coincided with some recent good work by the very familiar Dr. Warren Farrell. The TedX talk that she presents here is a fantastic appeal to see under the veneer of socially conditioned indifference to the pain of our girls. It is one of her most clear descriptions ever of the problem and how to overcome it that I’ve seen.

I have a couple of very good reasons to ask you to watch this video, like it and share it on other social media platforms. If it gets enough views and enough likes it becomes a contender for a standard Ted Talk where it will get a great deal more attention.

Also, in a recent conversation with Warren, she and I discussed the project at and she is enthused about the project. We have decided that in the near future another menu item will be put there where we will present this following talk by Warren and some of his other materials on girls and the girl crises.

It figures that as long as we have concerned, expectant parents on the site that we take the opportunity to help them further humanize their daughters. It’s a good mix.

In the meantime, please spread this video around to all your social network corners. Thanks. PE