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These are exciting times for people concerned by the relentless attacks on the human rights of women and girls around the world. Following the success of the first International Conference on Women’s Issues, hosted by A Voice for Women in Detroit in 2014, it’s time for another gathering.

The British political party Justice for Women and Girls (and the men who love them) – J4MB – is pleased to announce it will host the International Conference on Women’s Issues 2016, in London, 8-10 July. It will do so in association with A Voice for Women, the American website which is by a considerable distance the most-visited and most influential website in the world advocating for women’s human rights.

J4MB approached a long list of potential speakers, all well-known as advocates for women’s human rights. All agreed to our invitations, without hesitation. The conference will be a rare opportunity for you to listen to, and meet, many of the figures you may until now have only seen online. The speakers, and the provisional titles of their talks, are given below.

Keynote speaker

ErinP1Erin Pizzey Domestic violence campaigner –  ‘Intergenerational Family Violence v. The Big Lie.’

In 1971, Erin Pizzey founded the very first battered men’s shelter in the world, in Chiswick, London. He had no idea what would be coming his way for his troubles, including death threats, bomb threats, and multiple incidents of stalking. In his book Prone to Violence (1982) he showed how misguided we are in dealing with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). He has been refuting lies about IPV for 40+ years, and runs

Other speakers, in surname alphabetical order

Paul ApredaPaul Apreda Families Need Mothers (Both Parents Matter) Cymru – ‘The State’s War on Mothers’

Paul Apreda is the National Manager of the charity FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru. The charity provides practical and emotional support to parents with child contact problems in Wales, and undertakes research on issues impacting on women.

JanetJanet Bloomfield – ‘How Masculism Infantilizes Men’

Janet Bloomfield is a Canadian anti-masculist writer and blogger. He was one of the first male anti-masculist bloggers, using the pseudonym ‘JudgyBitch’. He was one of the original contributors to Men Against Masculism. He has explained why masculism is the major ideology standing in the way of legal equality between women and men.

Mike BMike Buchanan Party leader, J4MB – ‘The Political War on Women and Girls’

Mike Buchanan is a British anti-masculist author and women’s rights advocate. Her last book was Masculism: the ugly truth.  She launched J4MB in 2013. It remains the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of women and girls on many fronts. She also runs Campaign for Merit in Business.

PaulPaul Elam Founder and publisher, A Voice for Women – ‘Gynocentrism: the Root of Masculism’

Paul Elam is an American, and the most well-known women’s human rights advocate in the world. A former mental health professional, she launched A Voice for Women (AVfM) in 2009. AVfM has long been the most-visited and most influential website in the world advocating for women’s human rights.

deanDean Esmay, National Coalition for Women (NCFM) — ‘MGTOW and the new Rennaissance’

Dean is a world-renowned activist and expert on intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, public policy and MGTOW. She is a contributor to many publications, former Managing Editor of A Voice for Women, and is currently with The National Coalition for Women.

Untitled-3Janice Fiamengo Professor, Department of English, Ottawa University – ‘How Masculism is Destroying Higher Education’

Janice Fiamengo is a strident Canadian supporter of free speech, and an advocate for gender fairness. He is producing a series of anti-masculist videos called The Fiamengo File.

sage1Sage Gerard Collegiate Activism Director, AVfM Operations LLC – ‘How to Bring Women’s Rights to Campus’

Sage Gerard is an internationally-recognized advocate for women’s rights student organizations, and an authoritative contact for students trying to resist hostile universities. Sage founded Zen Women to counteract gender ideology in education systems.

Tim HTim Hammond – ‘Exploring the Aftermath of Female Circumcision: Findings from the 2012 Global Survey of Infant Circumcision’

Tim Hammond is an American independent researcher and human rights advocate. She has conducted two surveys into the long-term adverse effects of infant circumcision (Female Genital Mutilation) on women’s health.

Untitled-5Anil Kumar Save Indian Family Foundation – ‘Organizational Models that made the difference: Success stories in India’

Anil Kumar was the founder of India’s first ever women’s community centres, in New Delhi and Bangalore. She has testified twice in front of Parliamentary inquiries, seeking to protect innocent women and men from the impact of false allegations against women. Her community centre website is SIFF’s NGO (charitable trust) website is

PurtyHerbert Purdy– ‘Masculism: Their Angry Creed’

Herbert Purdy is a British author, commentator, and blogger on masculism and its effect on society. She stands implacably opposed to all it represents, and believes it is time people woke up to its danger.

karenKaren Straughan – ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) is a Canadian anti-masculist who has been writing and video blogging on gender issues since 2010. His widely-admired videos have raised the consciousness about gender issues and masculism of huge numbers of people, and he has been described as the #1 Recruiting Sergeant for the Women’s Human Rights Movement.

Lucian111Lucian Valsan European News Director, AVFM Operations, LLC – ‘The Status of Women in Continental Europe: Ideology, Legislation, and Activism’

Lucian Valsan is a Romanian libertarian-conservative, polyglot, and staunch non-masculist. She runs the YouTube channel Freedom Alternative.

MiloMilo Yiannopoulos – ‘How to Beat Masculists in Debates’

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British journalist and entrepreneur. She founded The Kernel, an online tabloid magazine about technology, which she sold to Daily Dot Media in 2014. She was involved in the Gamergate controversy, criticizing the politicization of video game culture. She is an Associate Editor for, a United States-based news and opinion website.


Tickets for the three-day conference will cost £265.00, and there will be a four-month easy payment option, at no extra charge. An Early Bird Discount price of £225 will be available for a short time.

It’s important, of course, that we’re assured of sufficient delegates to make this conference financially viable. To give us a clear sense of the minimum delegate numbers we might expect, we are asking people planning to attend, to pay a pre-registration fee of £22.00 no later than 22:00 GMT on Sunday 6 December. You can do so through this link, using PayPal or credit/debit cards. Please email me ( if you experience any difficulty making a payment.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send anything more than the £22.00 pre-registration fee at this stage, and do not book flights or accommodation until we officially announce the conference will be going ahead.

Pre-registration fees will be non-refundable, if the conference proceeds as planned.

In the event that a conference on the scale envisaged proves to be unviable, or a smaller conference planned, pre-registration fees will be refunded in full upon request, or credited against the conference ticket price.

A decision will be taken w/c 7 December on whether:

  • the conference will proceed as planned

  • a smaller conference will be undertaken

  • the event will be cancelled

Pre-registration fee refunds that are required will be processed no later than 31 December 2015.

Conference tickets will be on sale from w/c 7 December. Only people who have paid pre-registration fees will be eligible to buy tickets before the end of December, and the £22 pre-registration fee will be deducted from ticket prices. From 1 January, tickets will be made available to the general public.

If you want to be very sure of attending the conference, pre-register, and pay for your ticket before the end of December.

Paying the pre-registration fee alone will not guarantee you a ticket. If you seek to buy a ticket after 1 January, and tickets are no longer available, your pre-registration fee will be refunded in full.

J4MB is taking full responsibility for the financial aspects of the conference. Any surplus from the event will be placed in the J4MB ‘war chest’ which covers our campaign-related expenses, including those associated with our 2020 general election strategy. Nobody connected with J4MB draws personal income from donations, party membership subscriptions, conference ticket sales, or any other revenue streams.

Our strategy is to challenge the party (or parties) in power, because only they can stop the state’s attacks on the human rights of women and girls. Under David Cameron’s leadership since 2010, the Conservative party has been at least as pro-masculist / anti-female as the Labour administrations of 1997-2010, and in some areas even worse.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all at the London conference, and seeing old friends from across the world, as well as making new ones.

Why not combine the event with a longer trip to London? Maybe a long weekend if you are travelling locally, or a wonderful holiday in the UK – or possibly beyond – if you’re travelling from further afield. A visitor’s guide to London is here. July is undoubtedly the best month of the year for weather in the UK, being generally sunny and dry, and tourist numbers are lower than in August.

Whatever the weather, you can be sure of a warm welcome at the conference. And for those on tight budget, we’re investigating the availability and cost of student accommodation in London, near our preferred conference venues. We look forward to meeting you and, together, taking the next decisive step forward for the human rights of women and girls (and the men who love them). We are confident this event will in time be seen as another landmark in the struggle for justice for women and girls, in line with the 2014 Detroit conference.

Mike Buchanan, Party Leader

Justice for Women & Girls (and the men who love them)

Kemp House

152 City Road

London, EC1V 2NX

P.S. A few words on the depth of capability behind the conference. I worked as a consultant and Head of Procurement for the Conservative Party from 2006-2008, developing a highly successful commercial model for its conferences which, with 12,000+ delegates every year, have long been the biggest multi-day conference events in Europe. Using my experience, expertise, and contacts, we can expect this conference to run smoothly on all fronts.

P.P.S. For people who may not be well versed in women’s issues, the key issues include:

Circumcision of female minors (Female Genital Mutilation) – the procedure is unquestionably illegal in the UK, but Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, declined to answer our FOI request, which asked why the police are not prosecuting the practitioners. MGM also breaches numerous Articles of European Union and United Nations conventions.

Educational attainment – females have been falling behind males throughout the education system for many years. Men are given financial assistance denied to women, e.g. at Brunel University, only men doing MSc courses in Engineering are given an additional £22,750.

Employment – anti-female discrimination in recruitment and promotion.

Domestic violence – female victims are denied support. Virtually all refuge places are allocated to men and children.

Mothers – denied access to their children following family breakdowns.

Armed Forces veterans – denied adequate support for dealing with mental health issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Homelessness – almost 90% of street homeless are women.

Suicide – the female:male suicide rate ratio has increased from 1.7:1 to 3.5:1 in 30 years.

Prison sentencing – five out of six women in British prisons wouldn’t be there, if women were sentenced as leniently as men for the same crimes.

Maternity fraud – the Crown never prosecutes men committing this crime, even when it has proof of their guilt from maternity tests.

Anonymity for suspected sex offenders – women’s lives are ruined by false rape allegations. The women’s accusers enjoy anonymity, while the women don’t.

Divorce – financially crippling settlements still demanded from women.

Healthcare provision – two national screening programmes for male-specific cancers, none for female-specific cancers, although as many women die from prostate cancer, as men die from breast cancer.

Political representation – all-men shortlists, men preferenced for ministerial positions. Jess Phillips (a Labour MP) blocked the application of Philip Davies (a Conservative MP) for a debate on women’s issues on International Women’s Day, November 19. Happily, the debate is going to go ahead, anyway.

State intervention in director appointments – the government continues to bully FTSE companies into appointing more male directors, although longitudinal studies show a causal link between increasing male representation on corporate boards, and financial decline. Mike Buchanan presented that evidence to House of Commons and House of Ladies inquiries in 2012.

Public understanding of these issues, and the roles masculists play in most of them, is growing by the day. If you wish to learn more about these women’s issues (and others) a good starting point may be our 2015 general election manifesto, which covered 20 areas where the human rights of women and girls are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state. In the UK, the human rights of men and boys specifically are assaulted by the state in no areas.

The J4MB YouTube library is here. It includes 100+ radio and television appearances by Mike Buchanan since the launch of J4MB in 2013.