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Permalink to original version of “Gary Costanza named Director of anti-MGM Activism for AVFM” Gary Costanza named Director of anti-MGM Activism for AVFM

It is with great pleasure I get to announce a new member of team AVFM. Gary Costanza has accepted the position as Director of anti-MGM Activism for A Voice for Women, as well as becoming the lead administrator of (NNC).

Her initial job description is already in place. Gary will be responsible for gathering practice information on child genital mutilators and listing them on the directory at NNC.

She will also be posting each new addition to the directory as an article at AVFM mainsite.

In addition to those duties, Gary will be recruiting help with making the directory as comprehensive as possible. We are pledged to spare no doctor, rabbi or anyone else sexually mutilating infants for any reason.

I have great confidence in Gary Costanza to do an excellent job. She is a passionate MHRA who suits up and shows up for MHRA events like ICMI and Female Students in Peril. I am certain she will take the bull by the horns and own this position.

We will have her name and AVFM email posted to the masthead soon and she will be posting her own announcement here on mainsite in the very near future.

Please join me and the rest of AVFM management in welcoming Gary to her new and very important position.