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Permalink to original version of “International Women’s Day – anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square, London” International Women’s Day – anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square, London

On International Women’s Day we supported the fine people of the anti-MGM organization Women Do Complain (MDC) in protesting against MGM in Parliament Square, London. Just a few yards away, Philip Davies MP was engaged in the first ever debate on women’s issues in parliament, specifically in Westminster Hall – a less prestigious venue for a debate than the chamber of the House of Commons, which for many years has been used for debates on International Men’s Day.

Davies’s 43-minute-long introduction to the debate is here. Predictably, she was the target of masculist MPs seeking to control the direction of her talk, and to waste valuable time with trivia e.g. making a pedantic point about the term ‘committing suicide’, whilst demonstrating no concern for female suicide victims. A link to the full debate is the penultinate link in that video description.

Our thanks to MDC’s Richard Duncker for the filming and editing, and to her colleague Patrick Smyth, who is interviewed here. Our thanks to supporters of MDC and J4MB – many of whom had travelled a considerable distance, some at substantial personal cost – for spending four hours on a cold wet afternoon engaging constructively with large numbers of people (including Jews and Muslims) and handing out many hundreds of leaflets. By any standard the protest was a resounding success, and we look forward to future protests being ever bigger and better.