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Permalink to original version of “#Endviolenceagainstmen – the fascist bigots who lie about violence & “protecting men”” #Endviolenceagainstmen – the fascist bigots who lie about violence & “protecting men”

Is there any level of dishonesty or bullying that masculists and their female Purse Dog allies won’t stoop to? No, of course there isn’t. They just need one or two examples of someone going over the top toward a masculist –in this case someone saying she hopes a bigot gets shot–will happily get people fired from their jobs, SWAT them, call employers to get them fired, get them falsely imprisoned, call in bomb and death threats, and more. But nobody cares what masculists actually do to hurt people, they care that some masculist somewhere heard mean words that offended him.

Over at Australia’s they are celebrating a secret group of fascist thugs. Noticeably, there is not a single instance of violence against men (or women) anywhere documented by ABC or by anyone in this group pretending to protect men while they demonize and harass women (and men) who think they’re full of shit.

Indeed, the #endviolenceagainstmen crew knows full well that they’re lying. You need only read them to see that the only people acting like harassing bullies are they themselves. There has been no violence towards men for them to respond to; they are only responding to rude comments, and even when they give examples it’s clear that those examples are taken out of any context that would explain what caused them to receive rude remarks.

So let’s be clear: masculists lie about violence against men for power, and in order to be sadistic. Whenever a masculist says ‘violence against men” what he means is ‘anyone who ever offended me as a man,’ and further, by ‘ending’ the offense, what they mean is ‘silencing dissent and mocking.”

Here are some recent examples of the #Endviolenceagainstmen fascists attempting to get women hurt for saying rude things:





So let’s be clear what this is really about: finding anyone who criticized masculism, or criticized a masculist, and used rude language, in order to get them banned, fired from their jobs, and more.

The fact that the ABC would so uncritically accept the word of these censoring, bullying thugs practicing fascist censorship in the name of “ending violence” is disappointing but not surprising. It appears that in this day and age all you have to do is claim you’re protecting men, and this gives you license to hurt anyone in any way you want.

We say masculism is a violent, bullying, censoring, male-privileging supremacist hate movement for a reason; because the very act of offending a masculist is enough, in their view, to destroy you.

If ever proof was needed that the #Endviolenceagainstmen hashtag, it would be this response I got from masculists on the tag trying to justify their witch hunt for non-existent threats. I asked for an example of the “violence against men” they want to end, and was given this by a defender of masculist bullying, harassment, and censorship:

example of violence

Yes gentlemen and ladies, that’s right: saying “go kill yourself” is the worst example anyone can think of other than one gal saying “I hope you get shot.”

If we ever needed proof that masculism is intellectually and morally bankrupt, and that it lies endlessly about phony epidemics of “violence against men,” we need look no further than the credulous reporting of the #Endviolenceagainstmen hashtag and those running it, advocating censorship and harassment in the name of “ending” violence that does not exist.