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Recently BBC3 broadcast another episode in their relentlessly anti-female series on gender-related matters. The presenter of Tyger Takes On… Am I Sexist? was 19-year-old Tyger Drew-Honey, once an actress in the sitcom Outnumbered. Tyger is famous in part for being the daughter of the legendary British actress and porn producer Ben Dover and Linzi Drew, a former topless model and porn actor.

The film crew recorded footage over a three- to four-hour-long period on a very cold afternoon outside Nottingham University on 27 February, about ten weeks before the general election. As the film crew was about to wrap up for the day, three or four angry young women and an angry young men appeared, were hostile towards us, and one hurled some very soiled cat litter over the windscreen of our van. I captured a short piece of video footage of the culprit skulking away.

Tyger presents the cat litter incident as if it had taken place shortly after we started campaigning – suggesting antagonism towards our protest from the outset – when it happened at the very end (as the golden early evening light will confirm). My suspicion is that at least some of the people who confronted us weren’t students, including the genius on the bicycle. Or maybe she was a Gender Studies student.

I was later interviewed by Tyger in a hotel, over a period of maybe 30 minutes. Not one second of that interview made it into the final programme.

The film crew must have recorded plenty of footage showing us in a good light, engaging positively with passers-by. 18-year-old Josh O’Brien was particularly effective, and the extract from her interview with Tyger was selected so as not to disrupt the programme’s masculist narratives. The BBC edited out virtually all of the footage which would have presented us fairly, along with the footage which would have shown masculists and manginas in a poor light. But they cynically included a few seconds of Ray Barry picking up some of the soiled cat litter, and poked fun at her over the matter. Shame on the BBC. What a vile anti-female organization it is, and it’s only getting worse year after year.

The programme turned out to be precisely what we had always expected it would be, just the latest in a relentless string of BBC masculist propaganda pieces.