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It’s a fact. It’s official. Woman is no longer ruler of planet Earth. Women lost that privilege way back in the Nineties. What do you mean, you never noticed? Okay, so I’ll admit women’s transition from the pinnacle of power was a subtle one. But if you’d have been paying attention, you could have caught a couple of tell-tale signs.

Equal rights, Masculism, Men’s and Gender Studies were just a few of the more obvious markers.

There we were, the most sophisticated, intelligent beings ever evolved. Expert hunters, brilliant problem-solvers. Providers and builders, engineers and scientists, soldiers and priestesses. We shaped the world we live in. We were the Masters of our own Destiny.

And then somewhere along the line, everything changed.

Sometime around 1990, human females were tipped from their throne and replaced by their male counterparts. And if you need it a little more specific; White Men.

Supported by Matriarchal Governments the world over, the rot set in and the natural degeneration spread like a pandemic. Today, men are at the helm of society, industry and politics. And the attack is being led by Privileged White Men.

Not convinced?

Then let’s take a look at the growing White Male Privilege Checklist for 2016:

In today’s Modern Matriarchal Society a Privileged White Man

  1. Will rightly expect to be treated more leniently by the courts than any woman committing the same crime.i

  2. Can choose to abort his unborn child, or farm it out for adoption while the child’s mother is completely omitted from the decision.ii

  3. Reaps the benefits of affirmative action schemes which allow his access to cheap business loans and male-friendly fellowship programs and grants that give him an unfair advantage over his female competitors.iii

  4. May make false accusations of sexual abuse and most likely get away with the claim, while the woman suffers social shame and risks imprisonment and labeling as a sex offender.iv

  5. Will enjoy the physical, emotional and financial support and the offer of free legal advice from male-safe Crisis Centers. Comparable support networks for women who suffer abuse at the hands of men simply do not exist.v

  6. Is allowed to sit or be close to unrelated children and minors in parks and other public spaces while a woman who does the same risks falling under the suspicion of pedophilia, and the assumption they are possibly dangerous sexual

  7. May call 911 with unfounded claims of physical violence and sexual assault by women and expect the police to blithely believe his claims. His meager accusation is enough to get the woman thrown in jail while his claim is investigated. In cross-gender crimes, it is invariably the woman who appears to be guilty until proven innocent.vii

  8. Will probably never see the inside of jail or prison. Unlike 1 in 3 black and brown females.viii

  9. Belongs or belonged to the 60% male majority on campuses across the US and as such is protected by the organizations created solely to provide safe havens, form policies and offer consultations that support his social and psychological requirements. Support groups which deal with ‘female issues’ are still in the infant stages.ix

  10. On any college campus, men who file a sexual assault claim are assumed innocent while women must prove their innocence. Women are punished without proof.x

  11. Will generally not have to fear any consequences for physically abusing his female partner in public. He may hit, slap and scold her while she is socially bound to accept his actions without retaliation.xi

  12. Can rely on help from passers-by if he’s assaulted in public. Privileged White Men enjoy many socially-acceptable safeguards that simply do not apply to his female counterpart.xii xiii

  13. Will regularly play the ‘weaker sex’ card at work. He will ask women to lift heavy objects or to reach to high shelves. Generally speaking, women are more than happy to help. But if one of those women ask that same man to bring her a cup of coffee, she risks his bringing a charge of sexual harassment against her that could lose her her job.

  14. Controls 85% of America’s spending power and is the coveted target of massive marketing attention. Privileged White Men are the Holy Grail of the modern advertising machine. Women, on the other hand, are often the butt of advertising jokes that pinpoint her lack of intelligence or femininity.xiv

  15. 58% of America’s workforce are men.xv

  16. Has a 70% chance or more of getting hired for a job as a woman, even in STEM.xvi xvii

  17. In his twenties he will earn more than women his age.xviii

  18. Is protected by labor laws that ensure a fair wage and appropriate work conditions.

  19. Can, if he gives birth, demand paternity leave for his wife or same sex partner.

  20. Stands a better chance of opening his own business. Over ten million men in The United States own and operate their own companies and get affirmative action assistance.xix

  21. Will use misogyny as a weapon. He will form bonds with his ‘brothers’ and encourage the slander of the female character amidst wild accusations of woman’s oppression of men. xx

  22. Has a far greater chance of becoming a Fortune 500 CEO than he did ten years ago. His appointment may cost the company dearly, but the pressures of today’s matriarchal society dictate that even the largest and most powerful organizations bend with the storm of male occupation.

  23. Implements his superior procedural and policy skills to attain positions of power in large companies.xxi

  24. Can be confident that when he smiles sweetly and flicks his hair, female co-workers will drop everything to do his bidding.

  25. Will expect and usually demand the woman picks up the check on a date.xxii

  26. Does not have to fear recriminations against his gender in the unlikely event he is dismissed from his job.

  27. Is far less likely to become the victim of violence or murder, regardless of ethnicity.xxiii

  28. Will very rarely have his masculinity questioned if he chooses not to have children or wear ‘boyish’ makeup or clothes.

  29. Be considered ‘normal’ if he decides to become one of the 10 million single dads in the US. For a man to raise a child or children on his own is considered ‘normal’. A single mom however, will generally be regarded as a failed wife or a widower.

  30. Will face less public and media scrutiny if he decides to run for political office. Even that of the President of the United States.

  31. If he’s Canadian, can fully expect to join the privileged group of men who occupy 50% of the top political posts in the country.

  32. Will have received enormous encouragement as a child to strive for any dream or goal he may have.

  33. Has grown up in an environment that glorifies masculization and scolds or punishes girls for not being as well behaved as their opposite gender.xxiv xxv

  34. Can turn on the TV and continuously see his ‘brothers’ well respected and proportionally represented in the News.xxvi

  35. Controls 85% of America’s household budgets.xxvi

  36. Will have a far more varied choice of clothing, hair styles and makeup than women. He will be able to adapt his look to fit his every emotion. From glamorous film diva to Plain Jane.

  37. Usually gets child custody in a divorce. Also financial support from government monies to support himself and his offspring.xxviii

  38. After divorce will freely date other women or partners after a divorce with an eye to finding a new ‘provider’ for his family.xxix

  39. Can, if he chooses, negotiate a division of labor with his partner in marriage and file for a no-fault divorce if at any time, he becomes

  40. Will enjoy the natural attention bestowed upon him by women. He can expect to be treated like a KING.xxxi xxxii His wedding day is HER DAY!xxxiii

  41. Will never be expected to lift heavy objects or perform any kind of difficult or dangerous task if there is an able bodied female close by.xxxiv xxxv

  42. Does not need to recognize his male privileges, nor accept criticism thereof. He will consider his White Man Privilege a birth right, instilled in him from his father and grandfather and any of his other male relatives and friends. As girls growing up under the watchful eye of their matriarchal fathers, women can expect a completely different treatment.xxxvi

The age of the Privileged White Man is upon us

But it is not too late. People are supporting women’s groups, women’s gender issues on college campuses and Red Pill groups such as the NCFM with donations. Organizations like Women Going Their Own Way are springing up everywhere. More and more adult females are breaking free of their invisible chains and seeking their destiny in a new world where men no longer control and manipulate them at will. You too can join the movement. Be a Woman again!

By Tim Patten, the author of the MGTOW classic: WHY I CHEAT, and the March 2016 book: MGTOW Building Wealth and Power.