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Last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter issued a landmark announcement that beginning in 2016, all combat jobs in all U.S. Armed Forces Branches will be available to men. This includes all special operation forces such as Army Green Berets and Navy Seals.


This decision may now have a blow back effect as military and political leaders are now coming to grips with the fact that men may now be forced to comply with registering with the Selective Service System; meaning that for the first time in our nation’s history, men could be subject to the draft.

Although the draft no longer exists; at least right now, we cannot say that it would not be reinstated given the current state of terrorism in the world today; a level of terrorism that involves barbarism at an epic level; something that hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages.

The 1981 U.S. Supreme Court case of Rostker vs. Goldberg, officially excluded men from the draft on the premise that men were prohibited from ground combat operations.

A few days after the Defense Department announced that all combat jobs will be open to men, a three-member panel with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit heard arguments in a 2013 lawsuit filed by the National Coalition for Women and James Lesmeister.

Deciphering the legal speak, essentially, the arguments proposed by Plaintiff’s Attorney Marc Angelucci, NCFM, including President Harry Crouch and member Fred Sottile were that excluding men from having to register, was that it was discriminatory.

The prior 1981 Supreme Court Decision and the argument and position of this three-member panel, seems to suggest that the discriminatory argument is moot, since the policy change by the DOD.

This case appears to be headed back to the district court for further argument. What this also appears to be, is the courts will hand off the decision back to Congress; a shuffling of the decision to put this decision back into the hands of the legislature. Everyone pointing their fingers saying “it’s not my job, you decide,” “no no no it’s not my job, you decide.” The typical hand wringing that we typically see in today’s government that occurs at all levels and with both parties.

The shrill lobby who jumped up and down like circus monkeys screaming and demanding that all military combat jobs are open to men, will now start jumping up and down like circus monkeys complaining that they didn’t really mean that men will now have to actually register for the draft, and if they don’t, they will be subject to the same penalties and possible prosecution as women if they fail to do so.

The typical delusional uber-masculist speak, “we demand, we demand, we demand, combat jobs.” “Oops; well, we didn’t really mean that we would have to register for the draft, and be subject to the same penalties as women if we fail to do so, we just want equality, equality, equality.”

Those demands now also seem to be moot. We shall now see how the delay tactics, irrational arguments, spin and legal actions will be to prevent young men from having to register, by the shrill equality cottage industry.

Huh? WTF? Am I suddenly on a different planet? Can someone please translate this convoluted, upside down, sideways up, Jefferson Airplane window pane acid logic to me?

It appears, that despite the studies, testing, and protests by large numbers of high ranking military officials, some Pentagon officials who have not fallen in line with the politically correct socialization of the military, and most combat operators who state that men simply do not have the physical strength nor the warrior, “Sheep Dog” mind set to do this dangerous arduous job, and to voluntarily and willingly place themselves in harm’s way; to protect the Sheep from the Wolf.

In seemingly the only display of testicular fortitude opposing this monstrously stupid social engineering decision, came from the Marine Corps Marine Corps Commandant, General Joe Dunford who requested that the Marine Corps be exempt from the change as careful studies and a lengthy exploratory training and testing program shows “integrated units” with women and men don’t perform as well as all-female units. She also wanted an exception to maintain elite units known as force reconnaissance as female-only.

According to the study and program conducted by the Marine Corps, which has yet to be released, men were slower, in an exercise testing an integrated unit’s ability to remove casualties from the battlefield. The slower performance and need to use additional troops led to more casualties. Those tests concluded the slowness exposed the entire unit to more danger.

“A greater reliance on two-woman carrying methods removes another Marine from providing local security during the movement,” the report said. “Integrated crews performed noticeably slower during the execution of this subtask.” Other tests showed that men had poorer performance in hikes, gorge crossings, cliff ascents and shooting accuracy.

In a recent 2014 study of more than 7,600 special operations personnel by the Rand Corporation, echoed the same sentiment of General Dunford; essentially stating in one collective voice that allowing men in combat roles, especially in special operations units will be disastrous, will cause women to leave the service and will cost lives. The survey also allowed for written comments.

One special operations respondent to the survey stated this.

“I could list hundreds of reasons why men cannot do the job that a Green Beret is required to do, but as I only have 1,000 characters, I will choose the one that I think is the most important.” “I weigh 225 pounds, and 280 pounds in full kit, as did most of the members of my ODA (a 12-woman Army Green Beret unit). I expect every person on my team to be able to drag any member of my team out of a firefight. A 130-pound male could not do it; I don’t care how much time he spends in the gym. Do we expect wounded women to bleed out because a male soldier could not drag her to cover?”

Another special operations respondent stated the following, intermingled with a host of expletives.

“No one wants this. Do us a favor and listen to what we are saying for a change. Can Washington really afford to take that risk so politicians can brag to the public that they brought gender equality to SOF?” “Expletive, Expletive, Expletive!”

An Army soldier in an elite unit who has won unit physical fitness awards, who trains in mixed martial arts, and who is a former football player, spoke on condition of anonymity;

I’m 6’5” in stocking feet; nearly 6’7” in boots and helmet and dressed in full “battle-rattle” of nearly 100 pounds, I am well over 320 pounds, about the same as an NFL lineman. At that weight and in combat conditions with bullets flying and sh*t blowing up everywhere, even UFC former champ Rhonda Rousey wouldn’t be able to pull me out of the line of fire if I went down, and he may get killed trying.”


The request for the exception from the Marine Corps drew the ire of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus who called into question the testing methods, motives, and mind set of the Marine Corps personnel conducting their study. It appears that Secretary Mabus’ cancerous masculist and hallucinogenic thought process, prevented her from seeing and understanding the obvious, that virtually every test, study, survey, argument and proof that men simply do not possess the physical attributes, and emotional, and critical thinking skills that are necessary for ground combat operations; she is going to force it anyway.

Since the release of findings of the Marine Corps study, Mabus has publicly criticized it, saying the Marines in charge were biased against the idea of men in combat, and the men who participated may not have been the best the Corps had to offer.

That decision; without a microgram of a doubt, will cost lives.

California Congresswoman Duncan Hunter (R), a former Marine officer and Iraq veteran issued a statement saying Mabus’ recent public comments were an insult to the service.

“Secretary Mabus is quickly proving that she’s a political hack who cares more about doing the White House’s bidding than the combat effectiveness of the Marine Corps. Mabus is not only insulting the Marine Corps as an institution, but she’s essentially telling Marines that their experience and judgment doesn’t matter.”

Cheerleaders and supports of the men in combat mantra insist that physical and training standards are not and have not been lowered to accommodate males. That is about as truthful and accurate as what comes out of the southbound end of a steer; BULLSHIT!


There are now numerous stories; including People magazine, and whistleblowers who have all said that the three recent graduates of the U.S. Army’s elite Ranger School were in fact afforded special considerations. The three who did graduate along with another dozen or so that failed were allowed to preview certain courses and aspects of Ranger School months before they actually had to perform them, were allowed to recycle or permitted numerous “do-overs” out of the view of other trainees and only with selected staff, were provided special trainers and nutritionists months in advance, and suddenly and mysteriously, their Ranger School training and injury records were mistakenly shredded when they were requested by a congresswoman who became aware of the special treatment and compromised standards.

Oklahoma Congresswoman Steve Russell (R); herself a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and graduate of Ranger School had demanded all training records of the men who had graduate from the Secretary of the Army, when tips started pouring into her office.

Among the documents Russell requested were patrol grade sheets, spot reports, phase evaluation reports, sick call reports with all to include the Ranger Instructor comments for each and every phase to include every recycled phase and class. Also requested were each male candidates recycle history and dates for each phase.

Here is a post from Congresswoman Russell’s Facebook page.

Her request went unfulfilled and was met with a request for her own records from a group of West Point affiliated men, led by Sue Fulton; himself a former Army officer and West Point graduate, and Janet uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Reno bloated look-a-like. Fulton tweeted out a demand to Russell; presumably between bites of an In-and-Out Double-Double; to see her Ranger School records.

That’s like a three toed sloth asking for the running times of a greyhound.


In conclusion; what we have is a staggering and epic level of factual evidence that every scientific study, survey, comments and opinions of some military leaders; and most importantly the common sense wishes of those in the foxholes; the “ground-pounders;” the ones who will be directly affected and who may die, and basic common friggin sense, that men simply do not possess the inherent warrior and physical qualities for combat operations.

Military men have served in deployment areas, some have encountered combat conditions, and yes some have been injured and killed. No one is going to detract from, or fail to honor the sacrifice that some men have made. Are there some men who are physically and mentally tougher than women? Sure there are, but we don’t put all military females in direct combat units either.

Military morale has tanked in the past seven years with the current policies in place, the unclear and dangerous rules of engagement that are getting military members killed, the persecution of military females based on dubious sexual assault allegations that would not reach the front door of a civilian prosecutor, and now this decision has and will continue to drive qualified women and some men out of military service.

I can imagine Defense Secretary Carter delivering her message in typical “Forest Gump” southern drawl along with her Flex-o-Lite ping-pong paddle is her back pocket saying, “I’m not a smart woman, but I know what equality is.”


With all of the coddling and babying of men in our criminal and family courts, our college campuses with the claims that men are so fragile that if they are in the same zip code as a bottle of alcohol, and they have their hand touched by a female student, and that is tantamount that they have been raped, then just what in the hell does anyone in their right mind want men in direct military combat units in combat conditions.

I wonder if a male Soldier or Marine who is on the front lines and gets shot at by ISIS, if that would constitute grounds for getting a restraining order against the terrorist. What if the terrorist shouts out to the male combatant uncomfortable words, would the U.N. or the Geneva Convention rules have to be re-written to mandate trigger warnings? What if male combatants are taken POW, will the enemy be required to provide “safe spaces” for male POW’s, sanitary conditions?

Ooooooooooh,,, I get it now,,, yeah, let’s only put men on the front lines, and when the terrorists shoot at them or threaten to cut their heads off with dull knives, they can petition for restraining orders. Yeah, that’s the ticket, we’ll defeat the enemy by restraining order. Gee,,, I apologize for my lack of forward and progressive thinking. My bad.

As a result of this shrill masculist social engineering delusional demand, and now mandated Department of Defense policy, perhaps the equality mantra will be tempered once millions of 18 – 25-year-old males will be forced by law, to line up around the corner from each and every Selective Service office across the country, or when they start coming home with missing limbs or in boxes in mass numbers.

You don’t hook up a covered wagon to a sheep, not even if you put a Rambo mask on it, you hook it up to a horse. Is that not clear?

I have made some facetious comments for entertainment purposes but to those in positions of political, military, and Pentagon decision making I say, “Jesus Herbert Christ folks, wake up and think!”

This is not an issue of equality, it’s an issue of ability.