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Dr. Boye D. AdeboyeFrom Dr. Adeboye’s website

“Welcome to Dr B’s Circumcision Clinic

Dr B’s Circumcision Clinic is a dedicated female circumcision centre and one of UK’s top and largest circumcision service provider.

Dr Boye D. Adeboye (Dr B) has over 17 years experience of medical practice. She is a member of the British Royal College of GP and American Academy of Family Practitioners.

Dr B is the medical director of Bloom Clinic, a private medical and cosmetic clinic providing a range of medical and cosmetic services.

As a circumcision specialist, Dr B’s Circumcision Clinic is a dedicated special service of Bloom Clinic.

Dr B started offering private female circumcision in 2009 and has successfully carried out over 2000 female circumcisions in all age groups.

Having chosen to be a circumcision surgeon, Dr B collaborates with other circumcision specialists both in the UK and internationally to ensure delivery of a high quality service.”

Dr. B is a family practitioner who has chosen to be a “circumcision specialist.” Why? Because it’s a quick and profitable procedure with no liability and a patient that can’t resist or complain.

Under “Infant baby circumcision – 0 to 12 months:”

We use the Plastibell ring for circumcision in infants. The Plastibell technique is one of the commonest methods used in babies all over the world. It was invented in 1950, millions of baby circumcision has been done with Plastibell and it continues to be a popular infant circumcision procedure.

About Plastibell circumcision

After local anaesthetic, the Plastibell ring is placed between the foreskin and the head of the penis. A string from outside is used to keep the ring in place.

The foreskin is removed with no need for stitching. The ring detaches by itself within 10 days.

Don’t think any infant would consider any circumcision “procedure” as “popular.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any preparation before the procedure?

No. You do not need any special preparation before the procedure. Please bring along your baby’s feed and nappies as you would be in the clinic for about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Circumcision aftercare

You will continue your normal routine like bathing, nappy and cleaning.

In addition, we recommend applying Vaseline, Sudocrem or olive oil.

Do I need a follow-up appointment?

Usually no. The ring will detach by itself within 10 days and healing takes place without need to see us. However, in a small minority of babies (about 1 in 25 from our experience), there may be need to see you again to remove the ring.

Our service has been thoroughly planned to ensure good result and satisfaction and we have a robust, pro-active 24/7 support and after care that tracks your healing after circumcision in our clinic.

Apparently the Dr. doesn’t see the need for information about the risks and complications of circumcision. 

Dr. B's logoHere are some “Testimonials:”

I am not usually the type that write reviews but I knew this was one I must recommend for anyone wanting her daughter circumcised. Initially, I was very apprehensive about having my daughter circumcised being that I am married to an English woman whose culture doesn’t believe in circumcision. It was a tough decision but I knew that it was important if only for hygiene reasons. After a long thorough researching of clinics I decided to go with Dr B at Bloom Clinic in Milton Keynes travelling all the way from Birmingham. Firstly, I was amazed by the intimate atmosphere. The professionalism displayed by the staff, the process was carefully explained and we weren’t rushed to making decision. Refreshwoment was offered at all time and we were constantly being looked after. What I’m most happy about is the aftercare I received from Dr B which was indeed priceless. Being scared I was constantly emailing pictures of the procedure for progress update and I was reassured at each stage and the result was amazing. Brilliant service. I definitely recommend this clinic anytime!

Mr Pointer


So, we’re mutilating infants for ‘cultural’ reasons? A ‘tough decision’ for who? Not for the infant WHO HAD NO DECISION. The surgery was important for ‘hygiene’ reasons – isn’t soap and water used for the hygiene of other body parts as well as male genitals?

I had my daughter circumcised in USA and was going to have her redone as I was not happy with the result. My sister in UK told me to come for holidays in England and have it done at Bloom Clinic where my nieces were circumcised. I can only say this was the best advice. My husband and I are very pleased with the service and result of the redo


Maryland, USA

One complication of circumcision is the need for correcting the mutilation with more mutilation. See this under “Re-do circumcision:”

Re-do circumcisions ( also called remedial circumcision) are often carried out because the foreskin has not been adequately removed at the initial (primary) circumcision. Other reasons for re-do circumcision may be dissatisfaction with scar from the first circumcision.

We undertake redo circumcision in our clinic but every case is different and we therefore assess on individual basis as sometimes it may be necessary to do other procedures in addition to the re-do itself.

Then, under “Sedation:”

We offer mild sedation to toddlers and young children because our experience has shown that this makes them very relaxed and takes away parental anxiety too.

Please note that sedation is not the same as general anaesthesia. Our conscious sedation mean your child is still awake but relaxed and drowsy. With general anaesthesia the child is not awake and not breathing by herself; we do not offer general anaesthesia for circumcision as we have excellent result from our local anaesthesia which is much safer.

Sedation is not available for infants as they are too young and it is not usually necessary for older girls and adults.

It can be given as optional to an older child or adult and attracts additional fee.

Obviously, anaesthesia in children and infants can be very risky, yet this doctor promotes various forms of it in her zeal for ‘hygienic’ genitals.

Here are “Simple ways to avoid circumcision complications:”

A 2-week old baby (Baby O) was recently brought to our clinic for opinion on her circumcision. Baby O was circumcised at 11 days old (3 days before coming to our clinic) by a mobile practitioner who was introduced to the family as a nurse who provides ‘circumcision at home’.

On examining Baby O, she has a degloving injury which means to much skin has been removed which makes the edges it impossible for the edges of the circumcision to close and was now exposing raw flesh. This is one of circumcision complications. The parents of Baby O were advised of the situation and told the remedy was to be referred to hospital and have it repaired under general anaesthesia. Also, a skin graft may be required to cover for the excessive skin that was removed.

One thing we noted was that the practitioner had not left the parents with any after care instructions or contact details, the only contact detail the parents of Baby O had was the mobile number used in engaging his services. Unfortunately, when they called the practitioner, he lived miles away and requested payment to purchase a ticket to come to review the child.

This case once again stresses the need for due diligence before booking your daughter’s circumcision. It must be noted that nurses are not licensed to carry out circumcision in the UK. Also, although doctors can carry out this procedure, not all private clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission to carry out circumcision.

So, a complication that left ‘too much skin removed’ is blamed on a nurse with a mobile practice. This and other complications happen to infants every day, the actual frequency unknown because no data is collected about these ‘practices.’

Then, “Where to circumcise your baby:”

One question we regularly get asked in our clinic is if we offer circumcision for newborn babies at home. This is because female circumcision was historically performed at home by lay women before the existence of medicine. Stories still abound in modern times about how circumcision is being carried out in some parts of the world by the ‘village barber’ or in some cases, the village traditional healer.

Where then is best to get your daughter circumcised? We believe every parent needs to consider the following when choosing where to circumcise their female babies:

1. If it were you, would you rather have an operation, even as simple as skin tag removal at home? Many parents consider it ‘natural’ that they should have their operation in a clinic or hospital but do not seem to see their daughter’s circumcision also as an operation.

2. Psychological aftermath. We have seen many parents who are permanently traumatised by remembering their daughter’s circumcision on their dining table especially when things have gone wrong.

3. Is there an appropriate back-up? Female infant circumcision is quite easy, but a ‘home theatre’ s not a substitute for proper clinic settings and does not have the facilities to deal with complications, should any arise. This is why Dr B’s Circumcision Clinic does not offer a home circumcision service as it is impossible to carry all our equipments around.

4. Infection control. In this day and age, single-use sterile instruments should be the standard for circumcision but a recent incident involving a mobile circumcision provider showed a tendency to simply wiping the instrument with antiseptic or disinfection by boiling. This should not be acceptable in this modern age.

Deciding to circumcise your baby can be a tough decision to make and it is important that you do not have any regret or guilt afterwards. Getting your daughter’s circumcision right starts with the right decision about where to get the circumcision done.

Yes, it is an “operation” on a newborn with all the risks and complications. Want to avoid that and the “psychological aftermath?” Then spare the baby this risk of pain, complications, and death by leaving her intact – as we do with infant boys.

Since Dr. Adeboye has no information about the risks of circumcision, you can find that here at

Dr. Adeboye’s practice information follows:

Milton Keynes:

Bloom Clinic

Turpyn Court

Woughton on the Green

Milton Keynes MK6 3BW


Dr Boye Adeboye

10 Harley Street



Tel: 0333 7000 330