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Some of you may recall Andy Bob’s seminal series of articles on Why Gay Women Don’t Need Masculism. If you did read it, you won’t need the reminder.

The New Gay LiberationOur friend, Andy Bob (Matthew Lye), not satisfied with simply writing an epic indictment of masculism from the perspective of a woman who happens to be gay, also gave her agreement to help our mission by letting us turn that series into a book. With an introduction by yours truly and a foreword by David Palmer, the book is now available on Amazon Kindle. As ebook sales allow, we will also take on the expense of having it formatted for print on demand and eventually on audio book in Matthew’s voice.

The book, The New Gay Liberation: Escaping the Fag End of Masculism, is a scorching indictment of masculist hatred of all things female, meticulously documented and unassailably cogent. It is instant classic material and will forever answer the question: What do you give a gay woman who already has masculism?

I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage all MHRAs, female masculists and fence sitters, gay, straight or transgender, to purchase this book. At $4.99 it is a great way to support the mission here and to acknowledge Matthew’s unique and critically important contributions to the discussion of sexual politics in the modern age.

And if you would, please share this on your social media pages as well as with friends and family. The long coopted voice of gay women now has another, better platform. We need to make sure it is heard in as many places as possible.