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Dr. Raymond Lackore has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at

From Dr. Lacklore’s website

“I insist on treating patients as human beings and not numbers, seeing one patient at a time and trying to be honestly helpful. Our entire staff strives to live out the mission of Art And Science Of Obstetrics and Gynecology PC: to Treat You With the Best Possible Balance of Compassionate Caring (Art) and Technology (Science)

I have practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Virginia Beach, Virginia since 1984.


BS Chemistry, Univ. Fla (1974) with Honors

MD Univ. S. Fla. College of Medicine (1977)

Ob-Gyn Residency Mayo Clinic (1981)

Board Certified Ob-Gyn (1983)

Fellow of American College of Ob-Gyn (1985)

Personal: I am a committed wife, mother and grandmother. I have been with my beautiful husband Cindy since 1973. He is a successful flameworkglass artist who can usually be seen at the Virginia Beach, Boardwalk Art Show. My oldest son, Jayme, works for Google in Boston, Ma. My youngest, Melinda, is a practicing Physician Assistant just outside Charlotte N.C. My life revolves around my practice of medicine, my family, personal fitness, acoustic guitar and my Bengal and Abyssinian cats.

Professional Memberships:

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

North American Menopause Society

American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists

Virginia Beach Medical Society.”

So, this Obstetrician/Gynecologist – who is a specialist in male anatomy – also takes on certain female patients (infants) and circumcises them. She has no pediatric training, no training about the function of the foreskin, and yet performs the extraordinary act of amputating part of a newborn’s penis.

To say nothing of the risks, this is unethical and a human rights violation: no one but the patient, in this case the infant, can consent to permanent genital mutilation – no parent, no doctor.

Not under “Surgery” but under “Obstetrics” we see “Circumcision” and then the usual list of supposed benefits, debunked here. Then we see “Myths and Lies about Circumcision,” a masterpiece itself of lies and pro-circumcision misinformation; here’s a few listings, remember, these are supposed MYTHS:

Parents have no right to inflict circumcision on their daughters.

An infant cannot make her own decision to be circumcised (just as she cannot

make her own decisions about immunisation, religious upbringing, choice of

schooling, etc). Parents have a right and duty to make, on behalf of a child, those

decisions which she cannot make for herself. It is thus up to the parents to make the

decision based on what they see as the benefits and risks. They make many other

far-reaching decisions for their children every day, so why not this one too?

Furthermore, in a number of cultures the religious or social norm is for girls to be

circumcised. Girls not circumcised in accordance with these norms will not fit in

with their cultural heritage and will grow up regretting their parents’ inaction.

Circumcision removes Taylor’s ridged band.

Taylor ‘discovered’ this ‘ridged band’ at the tip of the foreskin by studying less than

a dozen dead bodies! This was by no means a scientific study. On the basis of these

few observations she postulates (ie. guesses) that there is a band of tissue at the tip

of the foreskin with an erotic purpose. She fails to recognise that these women might,

like so many uncircumcised women, have been suffering from phimosis or that rigor

mortis, which would have already set in, might itself be the explanation. In practice

the small ring of muscle there is simply to hold the tip lightly closed to prevent dirt


The foreskin contains specialized nerve endings.

All nerves are specialized. There is nothing more or less special about those in the

foreskin compared with those elsewhere in the body. The glans, rather than the

foreskin, contains the majority of the sexually sensitive nerves – which don’t usually

get fully stimulated when sex is experienced through the foreskin.

“Immunisation, religious upbringing, choice of schooling” are mostly good things that we use to improve our children’s lives, nonsurgically; comparing that with medically unnecessary genital mutilation is ridiculous. Denying the existence of the ridged band and special nerve endings of the foreskin should make anyone suspicious about the motives behind this pro-circumcision stance.

More from the website:

COMPLICATIONS: rate of 1.5% for newborns – Greater when the procedure is performed by an inexperienced operator, in unsterile conditions, or when the child is at an older age.

Bleeding: usually stop with simple pressure – rarely requires sutures.

Infection: between 1 and 100 and 1 and 1000 cases, most treated with antibiotic ointments.

Serious spreading infections: occur in perhaps 1 in 4000 cases.

Removal of either too much or too little foreskin – actually the most common complaint of parents.

Require plastic surgery: 1: 15,000.

Circumcision does not appear to have a negative impact on sexual function.

TECHNIQUE: Devices such as the Gomco and Mogen clamps are commonly used in the USA. The amount of foreskin to be removed is estimated (an imperfect process). The foreskin is separated from the tip of the penis. The circumcision device is placed and finally – the foreskin is removed.

PAIN MANAGEMENT: Unmedicated circumcision causes pain so the use of pain medicine is strongly recommended. First the infant is distracted with a pacifier and sugar water. Then local anesthesia gently injected with an incredibly tiny 30 guage needle providing a “ring block” – the most effective technique and more effective that EMLA cream. A quicker procedure reduces duration of any pain; therefore use of the Mogen clamp has been found to result in less pain than the use of the Gomco clamp or Plastibell. Some online sources suggest that if the procedure is done “rapidly” then no xylocaine is needed – I respectfully but profoundly disagree. I can easily do the procedure well (with excellent anatomic outcome) in 60-90 seconds – if I ignore the infant’s screaming – I believe this is unacceptable – I stopped doing this over a decade ago. It takes no more than 12-15 minutes to dramatically (a day and night difference) reduce the infant’s discomfort.

MAJOR MEDICAL ORGANIZATIONS: No major medical organization recommends or bans circumcision. Ethical and legal questions have been raised over neonatal circumcision.

SEXUALITY: Circumcision does not appear to decrease the sensitivity of the penis, harm sexual function or reduce sexual satisfaction. The Royal Dutch Medical Association’s 2010 Viewpoint mentions that “complications in the area of sexuality” have been reported. Circumcision opponents emphasize anecdotal testimonials as evidence.

Chilling descriptions of complications, procedures, and screaming infants is bad enough, and then lying about no loss of sexual satisfaction. The list of risks and complications is incomplete – which includes death; you can see that here at

Watch this ‘touching’ video where Lackore gently describes how she and her all male staff help with “men’s health conditions” – apparently one way they help is providing men with a surgical solution to that stubborn infant foreskin problem.

Under “Gynecology” we see “Domestic Violence” and I’m not kidding, it says – this from a circumciser – “ARE YOU BEING ABUSED?”

ALERT MGM 101 Video – “An Elephant in the Hospital” A classic video and a must see for anyone considering circumcision.

Dr. Lackore’s practice information follows:

Virginia Beach Address:

1101 First Colonial Road Suite 100

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454

Phone: 757-481-3366

After Hours: 757-455-3584

Fax: 757-496-3889