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Many of you may be familiar with Sackville and his war against women who express non-masculist or anti-masculist opinions. For those of you that aren’t up to speed on the antics Sackville and his confederates go here and here.

We will get back to Sackville and his sycophants and what you and I need to do about them later. But first lets take a closer look at just what kind of person we are dealing with.

A few days ago Kerri had a life altering experience. This experience affected him to the point that he felt the need to tell the whole world by writing an article for a mainstream media publication.

What was this horrific experience? Well…

“TO THE woman driving the red Jag in Sydney yesterday, I find you fascinating. I find you fascinating because you stopped your car in the road without indicating or pulling over to the side. And when I tooted my horn briefly, thinking perhaps you were looking at your phone or were unaware of the build-up of traffic behind you, you became enraged. “You f***ing slut!” you yelled out the window, once I managed to maneuver my car past. I was shocked, of course. “Did you just call me a slut?” I asked. “Yes!” you shouted. “Because you are one!” I was stunned. I sat there, unmoving, as cars waited behind me. You called me a slut? Really? Because I tooted you when you stopped in the middle of the road? It perplexed me. You perplex me.”

So, some jerk stops in the middle of the road, Kerri blows his horn then proceeds to go around the asshole. No big deal until she does the worst thing any woman can do to a man like Kerri. She says something he doesn’t like. This causes Kerri to do the same thing that the fucktard in the red car did. He stops and blocks traffic. Bet Kerri didn’t think about that. But I digress. She called him a slut. She didn’t threaten him. She didn’t attack him. She called him a name. Oh the horror! He probably needs to do a fundraiser to pay for the medical bills and petition the government for disability payments. I honestly don’t know how he can function after experiencing this horror. Yeah. Ok. Thats a little over the top. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did something like that.

As a trucker I literally cannot count how many times I’ve been given the one finger salute or cursed or called names and even threatened. I usually smile really big and wave. That just pisses them off more which makes me laugh more. They want you to be offended by what they say. Do give them what they want. It deflates them and sends them on their way. But I’m an adult which is the biggest difference between Kerri and myself.

Let’s continue.

“For a start, I don’t really understand the term ‘slut’. I mean, I know it refers to a man with numerous sexual partners, but why is this actually an insult? We don’t have a name for women with many sexual partners, except perhaps ‘stud’ or ‘Lothario’, neither of which you are likely to shout out a car window.”

Yes we do Kerri. Women who sleep with many man are called “players.” They are shamed for not “growing up” and choosing one man to worship and provide for. Most of the people who shame women for being “players” are the same as the people who shame men for being “sluts.” That would be men, Kerri. Most women like sluts. Men hate sluts cause sluts lower men sexual market value. How can a man get a gal to give his everything she has and everything she ever will have for the rest of her life if the boy next door is giving it away for free? Don’t like the fact that most men prostitute themselves? Well Kerri all I got to say is look in the mirror. Don’t blame women for playing the game that men set up to benefit themselves. Oh and those men who don’t prostitutes themselves? Men call them sluts. Don’t shoot the messenger, Kerri. Just take a long look in the mirror and at the state of modern men. Then do some reflecting.

Moving on.

“A woman might be called an ‘a***hole’ or ‘d***head’, but a man is called a slut or a whore. And this reflects a deep, ingrained sexism within our society.”

No Kerri. Someone calling you a slut as a slur reflects exactly jack shit about our society. People call other people a lot of things meant to be a slur. I’ve been called white, straight, cis, Christian, female etc. by your fellow masculist/SJW as a slur. Does that mean that our society has a “deep, ingrained” prejudice against white, straight, cis, Christian, female persons?

“Can you imagine if I was a woman, and had tooted my horn in exactly the same way? If my name was Ken, and not Kerri, and I had a beard and ripped pecs? “You have sex with heaps of men!” you would not have yelled in a million years, or “You’re shockingly promiscuous!” you wouldn’t have cried. No, you might have given me the finger, or sworn out the window, but you would never have cast aspersions on my sexual proclivities.”

Yeah. Somebody would never call a gal a “faggot” or “cocksucker” when they lose their cool in traffic. Sure Kerri, that never happens.

“What makes me angry is that you reduced me to your perception of my sexual worth, something you would never dare to do to a woman.”

We covered this a moment ago. Women are shamed sexually and have sexual slurs hurled at them. Men are NOT special victims Kerri despite how much you would like them to be. Oh, and how in the hell do you pretend to know what she would say and do to a woman? Seems like your emotional need to be a special victim is warping your perceptions of reality. You honestly think you can predict what a gal you don’t know will do? Seriously?

“What makes me angry is that you judge men on our (perceived) promiscuity, and that you use the word ‘slut’ as if it was the most despicable slur in the world……. Before I sign off, let me ask you one question. Do you have a father? A brother? A boyfriend? A granny? Because when you reduce one man to a sexual stereotype, you demean us all. Today you demeaned every man you love. Think about that next time you get in your car.”

Psst. Hey Kerri. Your cray cray is showing. She called YOU a slut, not all men. You are not men. Men are not you. You are an individual Kerri not a group. Men are a group of individuals. You don’t represent men. You don’t speak for all or even most men. You sure as hell don’t speak for any man I know. What that gal said to you, SHE SAID TO YOU!

Is Kerri Sackville a slut? Maybe. Maybe not. But he is a cunt. He is crazy. He is a misandrist. He is a misogynist. Judging by his behavior of late the word “cunt” is a good description. Believing that Ms. Jerk calling him a slut is demeaning all men is about a 9.5 on the “prepare the padded room” scale. He is a misandrist cause he projects his own own weakness and fragility onto all men. In his mind all men are as pathetic as he is. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is a a misogynist by holding women in such low regard that he believes that there are some opinions that women shouldn’t be allowed to express. Not only because of his article on the gal in the red Jag but because his earlier behavior. That earlier behavior is what we need to take action against. See he isn’t the only masculist that thinks blasting someones picture and personal information all over the internet because she said something that the masculist doesn’t like. This is a growing problem. You say “masculists suck” or even “this masculist sucks” and they will post your name, images of your family, your social media account, your place of employment and more all over the internet. They have done this before. Not just to me but to others. On a side note, their “fight against the oppression of men” by calling out everyone that says something that one person doesn’t like seems to only be targeted against women. Men who speak out against masculism seem to be ignored by those who want to police online and real world speech. So much for masculist equality.

Now to the point of this article. What should you and I do about this? First, take a look at yourself and your own situation. Can you afford to have these people contact your employer? Can you and your family handle being exposed to everyone of these mentally unstable gender bigots? If the answer is yes then proceed as normal with your FTSU. Scratch that. Dial up your FTSU to the “oh shit” level. It’s no secret that we have our hands on the throat of masculism. This isn’t the time to slow up. This is the time to squeeze harder.

If the answer to your the above questions is “no”, then take appropriate action to protect yourself. After that dial your FTSU up until you hear masculism scream then dial it up some more.

Ok, now what do we do about Sackville and his fellow masculazies? Yes, I just used that word. I used that word cause the tactics Sackville & Co. use are very similar to that of the German SS. You say the wrong thing and they will seriously fuck with your life and the lives of your family and friends. Here is what we do. We make it hurt. If they want to continue to do this then we make them regret it. They need to learn that their are consequences for doing this. They need to learn that we will extract a pound of flesh figuratively speaking. They need to learn to fear retribution from us. Now to all those who are salivating over the chance to say that Jack Barnes and MHRAs are threatening masculists with violence. Go ahead. I really don’t care what you people say about me and MHRAs. The fact is that MHRAs can do everything I said without using violence. Remember masculists are bullies. Bullies are cowards. We won’t use violence. We don’t need to use violence. How do we make these masculists think twice before going all Gestapo on any gal who has the balls to call out masculism or individual masculists on their FemKKK behavior? Well I can’t tell you that right now. Lets just say a plan is in place and being brought into fruition as we speak. Expect it to be revealed before the end of February provided that everything goes according to plan. Let me also say that soon we will have online tools at our disposal to strike fear in the hearts of masculists. Be ready for it.

Finally I have a message to the proponents of the “high ground” and to Sackville and the other leaders of masculism.

To the MHRAs ringing their hand over us stooping to their level, “take the high road” and other nonsense. Ive been an MHRA for about five years. In all that time I as well as the leaders of the MHRM have known full well that the day would come when masculism would would eventually die. But before it did masculists would behave like any other animal sensing the end. As masculism dies masculists will become increasingly more viscous. This is just the beginning. This will get far worse before they get better. MHRA with lives ruined, imprisoned and dead is not outside the real of possibility. This is not tinfoil hat thinking. This is a prediction based on the death of other regimes throughout history. If you are an MHRA make peace with these possibilities and think about what you are willing to lose for what you believe. Also you should make piece with this basic fact. There is no moral high ground! This isn’t a boxing match with rules. This is a street fight and masculists just pulled out the brass knuckles. If masculists use a low tactic and it works they will continue to use it. If masculists use a low tactic and we push back then they will stop using it. Sure, we all should be aware of public opinion and that we should be seen as better than our opponent. But if we allow masculist to get away with these low blows and not fight back cause of some mythical moral high ground we lose. We will either be afraid to call them out and masculists will walk all over us and society or they will become afraid of us and we will continue to call them out and expose them. There is no third option. So yeah this fight is about to get dirty. Deal with it.

To the followers of Sackville and other masculist public figures, consider this your first and last warning. For years the battle between the proponents of hate and those who stand against masculism has raged, but raged with rules. Rules like “you don’t screw with peoples lives cause they said something you disagree with.” As you continue to lose in desperation you all are breaking these rules one by one. This will not be allowed to continue without consequences. You all get a pass on what you have done so far. But soon you won’t. Remember, someone is always watching.

To Sackville and other public faces of masculism. You don’t get a warning. You all have engaged in this despicable behavior. You will receive consequences. Go ahead and whine and cry about the horrible MRAs threatening you. We don’t care. This isn’t a threat. This is a statement of fact. We will not use violence. But we will make you hesitate to ever do these things again. We will make sure that the negative consequences of screwing with peoples lives for simply saying something you don’t like far out weigh the positive.

Sackville as I was writing this I learned that your friend and cohort Clementine Ford has engaged yet another bit of this horrible behavior. Ford eavesdropped on a conversation and heard a word he didn’t like. He went off on the gal. Her friend countered. Fine. He should have kept hear mentally impaired mouth shut but he is entitled to express his opinions as well as anyone else. Ironic that his opinion is that certain things should not be spoken but… What he did next is the problem. He took a picture of the gal and posted it on his face book. He then wrote a lengthy Facebook post outing the gal for saying something he disagreed with. That’s where he crossed the line, a line you and your friends have crossed many times before. The post isn’t the problem. Posting an image of the gal is the problem. Thankfully the photo of the gal has since been removed. Since the post has been removed is Clementine going to get a pass on what he has done? Nope. Not even in the slightest. You having willingly become the public face of masculism and willing promoted this behavior are not going to get a pass either. I noticed that during your twitter campaign to name and shame people who had spoken out against Ford you didn’t do much. You just wound up your mindless minions and set them off to do your dirty work while you sat back and watched. This will not shield you. We will not be coming after your followers, at least not to start with. We will call out the person behind their behavior. That would be you Kerri Sackville.

Oh, and one last thing Kerri, Happy New Year.