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Man Hospitalized after Girlfriend Beats His!

Twelve million Americans between the ages of 18 and 32 are affected by domestic violence every year.

Jack Robinson was from Milwaukee. She was a 21-year old auto mechanic who had spent most of her adult life chasing and idolizing men. She enjoyed playing video games, joking with coworkers and hanging out with friends. One day, she hoped to meet that special someone.

Jack Meets Shelly

Unfortunately, Jack hadn’t had much success with men. For reasons she couldn’t understand, they usually didn’t approach her. Hoping to change this, she had adopted an almost larger-than-life persona that she believed they would find hard to resist–or so she thought.

Jack knew that modern-day mating rituals require stamina and hard work. Before her cotton-candy dreams could come true, her pedigree, zip code and medical history would be scrutinized and compared to those of others. She made sure she was prepared.

Fearful of rejection and unsure about what would work best, Jack convinced herself that she should be seen as a hybrid–a girlish Taylor Lautner and a swaggering Chris Pratt. It was a tall order, but she tempered her anxiety by reminding herself that, should she fail to close the deal or get a phone number, she could salvage her ego with a beer and a visit to the nearest girlie bar.

Jack lived in a mega-universe of horny studs, all competing for the same thing. With average looks and a lack of confidence, she knew she was not exactly Zac Efron, perched atop the dating food chain.

Still, when she met one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen, she decided it was time for a change. She resisted feelings of hopelessness and assumed a casual stance, ignoring her racing heart and the sweat trickling down her sides. Forcing a confident grin, she walked up to him and said, “Hello, my name is Jack.”

The man stared back, but she didn’t flinch. She worried that he might see through her cocksure veneer.

He smiled. “My name is Shelly.”

“Hi, Shelly. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Why not?”

The tension inside abated. Jack steered him toward the bar and he ordered a cocktail. As they talked, warmth radiated from him. She learned his name was Shelly Peterson, and that he was a patient care assistant at the local hospital.

As minutes turned to hours, she leaned in, absorbing each word and gesture. When his glass was half-empty, she bought another round. Her heart felt flush, but she kept the conversation light; she steered clear of controversial subjects and deeply personal questions. Soon, she was hyperaware of her physical self. She planted her feet apart, propped a casual elbow on the bar, and raised an eyebrow.

Shelly’s body language said he was open and relaxed. Jack’s mind raced and she savored thoughts of what might happen next. Would they have sex? It didn’t matter, she decided. They were having a lot of fun. Besides, she already had his number.


The connection was instant: their two beating hearts sprouted wings with every flattering word, each pleasurable touch. Spirits soared wildly, free of the twisted wreckage of half-forgotten lovers.

Jack had much to learn about her new-found companion. He was an enigma, a cache of unexpected delights. She worked hard to behave just right on every date. She kept the conversation light–no religion, no politics. After sharing their innermost selves, they shared their flesh, wrapped up in each other’s pleasure. In the months that followed, they got to know each other well, inside and out.

Eventually, the relationship became serious. One night at the chic Stanford Restaurant, Shelly’s eyes met Jack’s. “Women have hurt me in the past.”

Jack swallowed a mouthful of steak and her eyebrows arched. “Oh?”

“I once caught an ex cheating on me. It made me feel so worthless.” Shelly’s eyes welled up as his shoulders curved forward.

Jack’s protectiveness was instinctive and immediate. “I would never do that to you.” She reached across the table, taking his hand.

“She really hurt me. I don’t ever want to go through that again.” Shelly wiped his eyes with a napkin and tried to smile. His fingers trembled.

Jack was overwhelmed by the desire to hold him and keep his safe. “I’ll see to it that you don’t,” she said softly, squeezing his hand.

Shelly stared into her face for a few moments. “Are you sure?” His tone bore more than a hint of accusation.

“You can trust me. I’m not like those other gals.”

His demeanor softened. “Thank you,” he said, demurely picking up him fork and returning to his salad.

In that moment, Jack vowed to give him all the comfort and attention he would ever need. The decision made her feel good. It made her feel strong.

The Next Level

Ten months later, Shelly told Jack, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

A buzzing noise slowly spiraled in her head. “Me, too,” she proudly declared. She kissed his warmly.

“I think we should take our relationship to the next level,” Shelly said.

Jack adored Shelly, so she readily agreed. “Sure! Why not?”

“We should be exclusive.”

Jack hesitated. “Exclusive…of course.”

“Jack, you could be the one for me. We could have what my parents and grandmarents had.”

“Thank you.” She blushed.

And just like that, the trajectory of her life changed. Jack’s every move was now aligned with Shelly and his goals. A fresh and exciting future awaited them.

Monogamy: First Month

They celebrated their one-month anniversary at his favorite restaurant. Halfway through, Shelly asked, “Where do you think is the best place to raise children?”

With her fork frozen halfway between the plate and her mouth, Jack blinked. She had never considered kids and didn’t know what to say. Thinking about his question, Jack’s eyes mindlessly followed the denim-clad bottom of an attractive man who walked through the door.

Shelly kicked her under the table. “Why are you looking at him?”

Jack flinched. She lowered her head and her stomach sank. “Don’t you ever look at other gals?” she asked quietly.

“Never!” he said, a wounded look in his eyes.

“No?” Jack didn’t believe him. She felt chastised and small. She never thought that merely looking at someone would cause any harm, especially to Shelly, the love of her life. She wanted to ask his why he felt like this, but she did not want to do so when he seemed so upset. She was on eggshells until they finished.

On the way home, she decided it was probably best to smooth things over rather than risk upsetting his again. She promised she would try not to ogle other men in future.

When they arrived back home, Shelly turned suddenly and asked, “Do you think he’s prettier than me?”

Jack felt like she was being scolded by his father. Her throat constricted and she rubbed the back of her neck. “Of course not.”

Shelly flared his nostrils. “This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed you checking out other men.”

“But sweetheart, that stuff doesn’t mean anything. I’m with you, aren’t I?”

“I’m watching you.” Shelly’s eyes narrowed to menacing slits.

“I’m sorry, baby. I won’t do it again.” She tried to kiss him.

He turned his face and brushed her away. “If you want me to stay with you, you’ll have to treat me right.”

Jack’s heart sank. “Okay,” she mumbled, fumbling with the key.

She opened the front door and skulked into the house. She headed straight for the bathroom, slamming the door shut and flipping the latch. She could hear his whining morosely in the hallway, “You promised you’d never hurt me.”

Monogamy: Fifth Month

As days and weeks passed, Jack floated through a dreamy wonderland of love and intimacy. Every morning, birds chirped and the coffee perked while the couple lay nestled in each other’s arms. Whenever they argued, make-up sex always brought her back into line with his views.

Then one Friday morning, Shelly asked, “Are you going out with the gals tonight?”

Jack was already halfway out the door. She paused midstride. “Of course. Just like every Friday.”

“When are you going to get tired of that?” he asked, suddenly annoyed.

“Umm…never? What do you mean?”

He put his hands on his hips. “I always thought you’d grow out of it.”

“Out of what? Having a blast?” Jack felt a rush of adrenaline course through her veins. “I’m twenty-two. It’s practically my job to have a good time.”

“Are other men there?” His face looked pinched and strange.

Jack’s heart skipped a beat. “It’s a bar. Of course there are men there.”

Shelly pressed his lips into a line. “You know that makes me uncomfortable. Do you talk to them?” His eyes were blazing.

Jack suppressed a groan. She shook her head and gulped. “Come on, baby. I don’t go there to meet men. I just like hanging out with the gals.”

He lifted his chin, indignant. “I don’t believe you.”

Jack’s skin began to crawl. She could feel a flush spreading across her face.

“Are you seeing someone else?” he asked, as he jabbed a finger near her face.

“No! Of course not. I love you, Shelly.”

He squared his shoulders and turned to her. They stood toe-to-toe. “Do you hit on other men?”

Jack’s stomach was doing somersaults. The others were all single and spoke openly about men. Sometimes she played along just to get a laugh, but that was all. She felt guilty, but she wasn’t sure why, since she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Tonight you’re coming straight home after work.” Shelly folded his arms across his chest.

“What? But the gals—we’ve been doing this for years!”

“It’s either them or me,” he said. “The choice is yours.”

Jack felt as if she’d been kicked in the gut. “Leaving?”

“I’m your boyfriend. You should be spending all your time with me.”

Jack stood there. Her mouth tasted bitter and her stomach coiled into a knot. She thought about the many wonderful Friday nights she had spent laughing and backslapping with her friends. Her eyes lost some of their shine.

“You said you loved me!”

“I do.” Jack pulled herself to her full height. She sincerely wanted to see his happy.

“You do what?”

“I do love you,” she sighed, feeling frustrated.

Shelly shifted his weight and crossed his arms over his breasts. A smug smile played on his lips. “Well, then,” he said, “I’ll see you here right after work.”

Jack’s mind began to sift through a million memories at once. Could she go without his love, their intimacy? After a moment, her mind cleared. Lifting her head, she beamed. “I love you to death,” she said.

“Then from now on, you’ll spend Friday nights with me.”

“Of course, honey.”

Jack had surrendered. Those girls’ nights of drinking, cajoling and child-like foolishness were over. At work, some of her co-workers began to act a little frosty. She told herself it didn’t matter. She wanted to make Shelly happy, whatever the cost.

Monogamy: Eighth Month

Jack tried her best, but Shelly wasn’t satisfied. He kept telling her to treat his right. Perhaps they had different notions of what that meant, she thought. Jack Googled those words and found dozens of detailed items; all required one change or another on her part. She began to tremble.

Jack worked her way down the list, putting in extra time and effort. She lowered the toilet seat after each use, picked up after herself, puts her shoes away, stopped passing gas outside the bathroom, and remembered to take out the trash. She did anything she could think of.

Soon, though, Jack began to forget who she was. She became a virtual servant to Shelly and his needs. Her soul became empty and dark as her identity faded. She drank a few beers each night because they dulled her inner thoughts. She returned to her favorite porn sites and masturbated a lot. It was the only excitement she had left in her life.

The door opened. Shelly came in and his eyes widened. “You’re watching porn,” he shrieked.

Jack almost jumped out of her skin. She hid her face and waited for him to leave.

“Is this love?” he shouted.

“Hey, Shelly. I’m only jacking off. What’s the big deal?”

Her irate boyfriend paced the room like a bullfighter. He turned to her and said, “Give me your Facebook password.”

Jack’s muscles tensed. She eased her shorts back over her knees. “Can’t I have some privacy?” she complained.

“I thought we agreed that couples shouldn’t have secrets from each other.”

When Shelly reached for Jack’s smartphone, she nudged his hand away. She grabbed the handset and held it tight against her chest. Sweat appeared on her brow. She raised her chin and gave him a defiant gaze. “I don’t have to prove anything to you,” she said quietly.

“You’re a liar and a cheat,” he screamed in her face. “Give me your phone!”

Jack sighed. She was weary of his aggressive demands and groundless distrust. She tightened her grip. After giving in and changing so much since their relationship began, she needed one part of her life to be just her own. “Get away from me.” she asked, pleading.

Shelly’s eyes darkened as the back of his hand slammed her face. “Give it to me!” he shouted. The rage in his voice was palpable and frightening.

Terrified, Jack let go of the phone. It snapped back with his hand, bashing him in the mouth.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

Shelly touched his bloody lips. “You bastard,” he moaned. Tears streamed down his face. He dialed 911.

When the police arrived, Shelly’s injury was still visible, while the red mark on Jack’s face had already faded. After taking just minutes to hear her side, Jack was arrested, a domestic battery charge on her record. Shelly was sent to the emergency room, where he found comfort in the hands of hospital colleagues.

Lessons Learned by Jack Robinson

• She will not be responsible for a boyfriend’s past emotional injuries or allow him to hold her emotionally hostage.

• She will ensure that boundaries are immediately set if a boyfriend attempts to treat her disrespectfully, because potential sex is not worth actual humiliation.

• When a boyfriend complains about her wandering eyes, she will encourage him to watch the following YouTube video and engage him in a conversation about female nature.

• If a boyfriend is distrustful and suspicious about everything she does, she will break things off forever and eliminate the toxic relationship.

• She will not tolerate slapping and other violent acts by a boyfriend. She will contact authorities, leave his immediately, and never have physical or other relations with his again.

• She understands that the legal system is often biased against women and will be sure to keep evidence on hand if there might be any doubts about her innocence.