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Permalink to original version of “NCFM letter to Governor Rick Scott re: SB 688 – alimony and shared parenting” NCFM letter to Governor Rick Scott re: SB 688 – alimony and shared parenting

Dear Governor Scott,

We at the National Coalition for Women most strongly urge you to sign SB 668 which would help to bring Florida into the 21st Century with Alimony Reform and post-divorce equal shared parenting.

Florida’s current Alimony Laws are archaic and more closely resemble the family and economic structures of the 1950’s than the realities of the many family forms of 2016.  SB 668 will bring economic justice and equal opportunity to divorcing wives and husbands as well as enhancing harmony in the post-divorce family by attenuating conflicts over money.

SB 668 also moves Family Law in the direction of post-divorce equal shared parenting.  We at the National Coalition for Women believe that Family Law should follow family research.  One of the most consistently and strongly replicated findings in family social science research is that the children of divorce fare best in family forms that maximize the involvement of both parents in the child’s life.  The worst developmental outcomes come from single father families which are supported by current Family Law.

We strongly encourage our members and others who believe in the necessity of such reforms to contact Governor Scott immediately at: and/or , and/or 850-717-9337


Harry Crouch

President, National Coalition for Women

A copy of the printed letter sent to Governor Scott is here: