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Is Lindsey Middlecamp, a Minneapolis lawyer and founder of Cards Against Harassment, a misandrist, misogynist, and racist? Well, to start with, he is a masculist. That should be enough evidence on its own to answer yes to the above questions. Masculism has a long history of prejudice against people based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, etc. One doesn’t have to look very hard to find masculists berating, silencing or practicing bigotry any number of groups outside the affluent, white, male collective. But let’s dig a little further just to be sure. Let’s discover who Lindsey is. He’s a board member of Stop Street Harassment, an organization that claims to fight the abuse of men and oppressive behavior of women. Things like women telling men they are pretty. And women sitting comfortably on a subway or city bus.

Right now men in America can’t walk down to the local Starbucks for a latte without the chance that a woman might tell his he has a nice ass. We’ve got men cowering in their homes, afraid to go outside, because a woman might tell his he’s hot. That’s real oppression, right there. Yeah, I was flippant and hyperbolic, But not by much.

From Stop Street Harassment’s website:

Lindsey Middlecamp is a Minneapolis-based attorney who brings trained advocacy to the courtroom and wider activism throughout his community.”

Not only does Lindsey push his ideological beliefs on his neighbors he allows it to influence his practice of law. OK, then, another activist attorney. A dime a dozen, but let’s look further.

When he isn’t litigating complex disputes or haranguing harassers, Lindsey enjoys taking cases that allow him to address structural inequalities related to poverty, housing, and discrimination…”

“Haranguing harassers”? Fine by me, as long as haranguers don’t mind harassment. More on this in a bit.

Lindsey is also scheduled to speak and the Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization of Men’s yearly conference. Remember, the National Organization for Men is the largest masculist group in the US. Its has repeatedly worked to stop equal parenting legislation designed to give children equal access to their mothers after divorce.

The national level organization selected Eve Ensler as the keynote speaker for its national conference in 2012. Ensler wrote the “Vagina Monologues,” a play involving the rape of a 13-year-old boy by a 24-year-old man. Ensler described this as a “good rape.” That isn’t to necessarily equate Middlecamp with the pro-rape Ensler. Still, the company we keep.

From Minnesota NOW website.

LINDSEY MIDDLECAMP  is an attorney practicing in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a board member of Stop Street Harassment, an organization based in Washington, DC dedicated to ending gender-based street harassment worldwide.”

“[G]ender-based Street Harassment,” the subtext being, women telling men they look good, or saying something abusive, like, “good morning.”

Mr. Middlecamp graduated magna cum laude from St. Olaf College and received his J.D. and concurrent Masters in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania, both of which degrees honed his passion for critical argument and advocacy on issues of equity, with a particular focus on gender inequality, as well as racial and poverty-based barriers to justice. “

Middlecamp’s personal advocacy against institutional sexism and rape culture first reached a broader audience following his viral Craigslist Missed Connection written to a catcaller in September 2013. In June of 2014, he began filming street harassment in the Twin Cities and launched Cards Against Harassment…”

Lindsey, who hands out cards berating (mostly black) women for telling men they are attractive, is advocating against “institutionalized sexism?”

I must have missed the government funded PSA encouraging women to tell men they are beautiful. But setting that aside, what about women “street harassing” women? What about men “street harassing” other men? Men “street harassing” women? Is all that sexism?

It seems that Lindsey and his fellow masculists only have a problem with “street harassment” when women are doing it. Isn’t that sexist?

And did they seriously just mention “rape culture” as if it’s a real thing?


It seems Lindsey believes in “rape culture” even when RAINN, the largest sexual assault prevention and victims advocacy group in the US, has said rape culture no realz. Who needs reality, stats, evidence and the opinions of experts when the mythologies of masculism inform you that all women are potential rapists who created a culture by and for women, and only women, for the purpose of oppressing men?

In addition to a robust commercial litigation practice, Middlecamp also represents tenants facing gender, sexual, and racial harassment or discrimination in housing. Middlecamp enjoys speaking and leading workshops on campus violence, rape culture, street harassment, and gender bias…”

Once again we will get to Lindsey’s advocacy regarding gender, sex, and racial discrimination in a moment.

Now that we have a good idea of just who Lindsey is let’s look at what he does.

Middlecamp, after long steeping in the ideology of masculism (matriarchy theory, rape culture, etc.) was triggered by seeing women free to express themselves as heterosexuals in public. Outraged, he decided to do something about it.

“Hey baby, nice legs” became women being entitled to oppress men in broad daylight. Sorry, did I say broad? I’ll need to work on that because in his mind this sort if behavior leads to rape, or worse, dating. Middlecamp took this threat seriously, so he started a website straight from the hellish backchannels of Tumblr. It contains a series of cards designed to belittle women for expressing themselves in public. Then he created a YouTube channel to display himself using the cards — and his sharp lawyer’s tongue — to deliver comeuppance to the evil, feminine (mostly black) brigands he encountered on the mean streets of Minneapolis.

When he uploaded the videos of his encounters to his YouTube channel, he made lackluster effort to hide the identity of his victims. And yes, I said “victims.” In every single case, the women in his videos did absolutely nothing wrong. That did not stop Middlecamp from berating, belittling and labeling women with things like misandrist, abusers, harassers and rapists in waiting. All of them, to a woman, were “contributing to rape culture.” One of his videos tallied up over three-quarters of a million views. What did these women do to deserve Lindsey’s wrath?

What did these women do to earn Lindsey’s wrath? Here is a list of a few things that women said to his that he deemed to be sexist and oppressive to men.

“Love the dress.”

“Minnesota chicks are hot.”

“You are pretty.”

“You are beautiful.”

“Hey, Beautiful.”

“Beautiful chalky white skin.”



“She’s a lucky gal.”

“You’d Be beautiful if you’d smile.”

“Damn that ass.”

“I hope we get off at the same stop.”

“I’m a dog. You’re a bone.”


In some cases, it’s not what they said but what they did that set him off. One gal staggered out of a bar drunk and allegedly tried to touch him. In the video, since removed, we only see his reaction and her reaction to his going off on her. She appears to be one of those happy drunks smiling and laughing. There didn’t appear to be any maliciousness…in the gal. How or where or if she touched his isn’t revealed.

Another woman bowed to him and said she was bowing to his beauty. The bow didn’t go over well with Lindsey.

On another occasion, two women sitting on a wall were looking at him. That’s it. They didn’t utter a word to him. They didn’t walk past him. They didn’t touch him. They just looked at him. That was enough to incur the wrath of the Middlecamp. Fortunately, that video is still on his youtube channel, for now. I will not link to that video because I won’t be a party to further victimizing these women who did absolutely nothing wrong.

In one case he asked for his victim’s phone number which he failed to bleep out or mute before uploading. In all of his videos, he blurs the faces of his victims. However in most of his videos, the blur doesn’t follow the women’s faces as they or the camera moved. It’s easy to identify the faces of most of the women in his videos. These women are victims of Lindsey Middlecamp’s ideologically warped mind and lust for celebrity status within masculism. This status he has more or less gained.

Fortunately, Lindsey has removed most, but not all, of his videos. Why’s that, you ask?

Well, there was understandable pushback. His videos are sexist, bigoted and just plain idiotic. There was also pushback over his latest Twitter campaign. Earlier this year Lindsey started  #ShirtlessShamers2016 , a hashtag created for the purpose of shaming women who posted shirtless selfies with the idea that that shaming these women would fight slut-shaming of men. You read that right. He believes that promoting sexism against women fights sexism against men.

Then again, I already told you he’s a masculist.

Remember how Lindsey, a lawyer, was praised for his “critical argument” skills? Many women and men on Twitter took umbrage to his hashtag. It wasn’t long until people were digging into him past. To the surprise of no one, Lindsey was targeting working-class, minority females. Remember the praise for Middlecamp’s advocacy discrimination based on gender, race, and poverty by Stop Street Harassment and the Minnesota Chapter of NOW?

Well, here is a collage of his “advocacy.”


Perhaps this explains Lindsey’s efforts over the years to keep his last name private. Even when publishing his work in some online publishing juggernauts, he only used his first name. He hid behind anonymity while he disseminated his videos and shirtless images for hundreds of thousands of people to see. He protected himself from the same kind of public scrutiny to which he was subjecting innocent victims.

Several MHRAs and anti-masculists didn’t intend to allow Lindsey this hypocritical luxury. We made our intentions clear. At which time Lindsey went “full squire,” rolling out his portable fainting couch and announcing he was in distress mode.



View a PDF catalog of screenshots taken from Lindsey’s Twitter account. Screenshots of Lindsey Middlecamp.

That’s right. He labeled us doxxers and abusers who are putting him at risk for seeking his last name while he knew full well that his last name, along with a photo of himself and a description of his “advocacy” was on multiple masculist websites. How’s that for strong, independent and honest man for you?

The call went out for Lindsey’s last name. In a matter of hours, an individual answered, “His last name is Middlecamp. [It] took me all of ten minutes to find it.” This person, to which I’m personally thankful, added links to the Stop Street Harassment and MNNOW websites. I then posted announcing that we had his last name, but I didn’t include his last name in the tweet.

Lindsey then set his Twitter profile to private. Once again Lindsey Middlecamp displays cowardice at facing the same kind of scrutiny he gladly forced on his victims.

Lindsey has shown that he believes men are so weak, helpless and pathetic that words and gestures, matters considered appropriate and respectful — even during the height of Victorian era gynocentrism, oppress men. Is Lindsey Middlecamp a misandrist?

Lindsey has displayed his contempt for normal and healthy female heterosexuality. He has labeled women engaging in what can only be considered normal behavior as dangerous subhumans and rapists in waiting. Is Lindsey Middlecamp a misogynist?

Lindsey has shown that he has a particular dislike for the way that non-white women — and the cultures these women live in — go about mating and courtship. At the very least these women displayed behavior that is considered normal by the women and men in their culture. Is Lindsey Middlecamp a racist?

I’ll leave that to you to decide.

One thing is for sure. Women and men are growing tired of the behavior of Lindsey Middlecamp and his ilk. Lindsey, I hate to tell you this prince, but your backward and regressive ways of thinking are outdated. You are not a high school kid anymore. Berating someone you are not sexually attracted to for showing sexual interest in you may have been acceptable back then, but you are an adult now, allegedly. You need to consider growing up and joining the rest of society in the 21st century.

And if you can’t do either of those things, you should well consider the fact that you won’t be able to use public platforms this way under a cloak of cowardice.