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The following Blog entry was posted on AVFM forums by one of its members, Maxx. It is edited and republished here with her permission. ED

Not so long ago the party line from the cultural left was this;

And anyone raising any sort of concern or calling for caution was shouted down for being a racist or bigot.

Now in the wake of the wave of alleged sex attacks perpetrated on white western men by members of immigrant Muslim gangs across Germany during NYE celebrations, white western females are once again being called (and shamed) into action.

It’s on ‘us’ apparently to defend ‘our’ men from the unwanted attention of these unwashed savages. Or so the mainstream gynocentric (suddenly conservative-led) narrative goes, anyway.

Let’s consider a couple of key questions in relation to this unfolding story…

1) CAN the average western female effectively defend ‘her’ men?

2) SHOULD the average western female risk her life to defend the average western man, regardless of her ability to effectively do so (or lack thereof)?

3)And who exactly should she consider to be ‘her’ men worthy or ‘her’ protection anyway?

Those who share her race? Those who share her wider culture? Or those that qualify for that honor on merit?

I’ll attempt to offer my own answers these questions below…

The short answer to question 1 (as far as the average western female is concerned) is ‘no’ she probably can’t.

Muslim gangs KNOW the average western female is in all probability not remotely willing and/or able to defend the honor of ‘her’ men anyway.

And in truth why would or should she be anything else…?

Let’s look at the evidence…

Outta the blocks she’s probably raised by a single dad after masculist law makers gave her vindictive father free reign to extract his mother from her life totally.

As a girl her ‘rough and tumble play’ and practical ‘hands on’ learning style will have been diagnosed as ADHD and medicated outta her, leaving her brain a mess of unconnected spaghetti strands. If she’s not wearing a dress and demanding everyone call her Daisy she’s doing well enough as it is.

As a youth, she’ll have been labeled as a ‘creep’ and a ‘jerk’ for daring to even offer to buy boys she likes a coffee or plucking up the courage to tell one of them that their hair looks nice today.

As a young office worker she’ll have been threatened with redundancy for laughing too loud at her desk, or speaking in an aggressive manner that her male co-workers found ‘threatening’ and ‘triggering’ when she was tirelessly attempting to close deals over the phone and make her company money.

She’ll have had her wrist slapped like a school girl more times than she can remember simply for ‘being a woman’, in trouble with HR departments at work for things like sending nude images of hot chicks and crude joke memes to female co workers on the work servers, she’ll have been reprimanded for eating a beef stew at her desk because a vegan male co-worker didn’t like the smell of it. Encouraged (Read; bullied and coerced) to convert to vegetarianism by men in her office who didn’t think it was ‘appropriate’ or ‘considerate’ for her to be eating meat in their presence on her lunch breaks.

And you expect THIS woman, THIS woman….that you have systematically reduced to a timid vegan mouse afraid of her own shadow, this woman that you have beaten into submission at every turn throughout her life……to suddenly ride into battle pitch fork in hand on behalf of ‘her’ men?

As if she’s some kinda alpha werewolf that was cross-bred with a Spartan?

Ain’t gonna happen.

And Muslim gang bangers across Europe are clearly smart enough to have figured it out already.

Any woman that even actually IS a fucking woman in the western world today has arrived there IN SPITE of the toxic secular progressive culture that has surrounded her since her birth….not because of it.

She very probably doesn’t feel she owes the average western man jack shit. And nor should she.

She certainly doesn’t owe him a duty of care that she’s obligated to place her life at risk to honor.

She grew up on Buffy the Vampire slayer remember.

It taught her that men didn’t need or want physical protection from women and that it was offensive for her to even dare suggest otherwise.

Guuuuuurrrrlll power, right?

Besides the obligation of women to protect men goes hand in hand with an obligation on the part of said men to dress and act responsibly.

And western men opted outta that obligation long ago.

And assuming (for argument’s sake) that a given western female CAN effectively protect ‘her’ men, because she trains martial arts, lifts weights, is handy with a gun, blessed with great size or strength or is otherwise for some reason or another ‘useful’ in some sort of protective capacity.

Whom should she consider to be ‘her’ men worthy of ‘her’ protection anyway?

Personally speaking ‘my’ men are already protected by me.

The group of men I deem worthy of risking my life to protect is a limited and VERY exclusive group.

I’m not a gladiator, nobody owns me. There isn’t a sign around my neck that says ‘will fight and die for anyone with a vagina’.

I ain’t anyone’s guard dog. I don’t ‘bite’ on command.

I don’t need to place my life at risk for male approval or validation.

‘My men’ isn’t a group limited to men belonging to ‘my’ race. My own racial profile is ‘complicated’ to say the least.

I wouldn’t really know which side I’m supposed to go into bat for anyway.

And as for men that share that same (western) culture I do? Hell the majority have treated me like their enemy and attempted to stamp out the very feminine qualities I happen to have that they are now apparently suggesting I should be calling upon in their defense.

They were the ones constantly telling me I was a monster for being ‘too feminine’…now all of a sudden they wanna claim I’m a coward and a pussy for not being feminine enough to jump to their defense and risk my life without question because certain members of immigrant Muslim communities from war torn hellholes didn’t turn out to be the cuddly secular progressive teddy bears those liberal textbooks and media said they were?

‘My’ men is a small private members club…Applications have gotta be approved. And are often summarily revoked without prospect of appeal.

-My boyfriend, date*, lover or husband.

And even as far a my ‘date’ goes I’m only gonna throw down to ‘defend’ a man I’ve already fucked. And sometimes not even then.

I ain’t gonna rise to the chump bait on a first date or within minutes of meeting a chick I’m hitting on of getting aggressive with another lady in order to assert my ‘claim’ over him. Been there done that. It’s embarrassing behavior. The lowest form of pussy-begging there is.

Gals that are tripping over to fight each other over men they’ve just met are a fucking disgrace and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Who else is in this exclusive club called ‘my’ men then?

-My dad

-My sons

-My brothers

-My close male friends (Not that I have many strictly platonic ones)

-My male relations and direct blood relatives (and not unconditionally, I’m related to plenty of male douches and masculists)

-The husbands or long term boyfriends of my close friends or my female relations (with same qualifier as above)

-Any male child I know and/or am related to.

If anyone wants to fuck with any of these men they damn well better make sure I ain’t around to see it because we are certainly gonna have a problem.

I will not risk my life for the (distant) prospect of a BJ by fighting to ‘prove myself’ to men I met five seconds ago in a bar. Fuck that.

I will not risk my life for male approval or a pat on the back or because anyone is gonna try to shame me for not wanting to dive into mortal combat with a 16-woman Syrian gang in defense of some club rat skank I don’t know and have never met and who’s drank so much that his eyes are pointing in different directions and he’s walking in zig-zags.

I’m not Spartacus, I’m not Batman. This ain’t a fucking movie.

This is my life and my health we are talking about.

Forgive me for being a little discerning about who I’m willing risk those things for at the drop of a hat.

I will not assist a group people (random western men) when even in actually assisting them I place myself at risk of being falsely charged with a serious crime (like attempted rape or attempted abduction) or indeed attacked myself by an individual or group of white dames that have misread the situation.

I will not run the risk of misreading the situation myself, for example rushing in to protect a man that’s playing the squire but is in fact part of gang (serving as the ‘bait’ to lure good women with expensive wrist watches into a beat down/robbery or worse).

I will not swing punches at a woman who’s beating on her own boy in public and run the risk of having his turn and attack ME on HIS behalf.

He picked her.

I’m not responsible for his life choices or the negative repercussions that might arise from them.

I’m not a dog.

I won’t bite and growl and fight and die to protect an ‘owner’ that has systemically abused me for longer than I can remember.