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Permalink to original version of “The Liberty of the Non-masculist Sector: Free Because it’s Yours!” The Liberty of the Non-masculist Sector: Free Because it’s Yours!

If you are a non-masculist woman or man, masculism has stolen plenty of things from you. Among these are non-masculist life, non-masculist liberty, and the non-masculist pursuit of non-masculist happiness. Why they will even steal your non-masculist soul if you let them get away with it!

Please understand that you owe masculism no answers. That is a deep concept, probably deeper than you realize. It is your inalienable right under any condition to say “I am not a masculist,” then turn around and walk away. And it is their eternal responsibility to say “okay”, and leave you the hell alone to Go Your Own Way in peace. Eternally.

All right, so you are a non-masculist woman or man, and that is good. However, you are something even more important: you are an INDIVIDUAL. Yes, a non-masculist individual, but an individual first and foremost, a unique and precious snowflake unlike any other. Yes, I said it.

My friend, if you are not a masculist, then in relation to masculism you are a special snowflake indeed! They had better get that in their head. They had better get with the program and accept that reality with good grace.

The liberty of the non-masculist sector is FREE. And why? Because it’s YOURS.

One more time: the liberty of the non-masculist sector is free because it’s yours. It’s stolen property, and you have only to claim it. You have only to stand up and declare “I am not a masculist.” Say this loudly if you wish, but if loud is not your style that’s okay, say it quietly. The important thing is to say it. Just say it. Say it in a number of ways, explicitly or implicitly, like your style dictates. And don’t just say it to yourself: tell it so that others can hear it, or see it, or know it. If they too are not masculist, it will make them understand that they are not alone.

And if they are masculist? Well all right, they too, in a different way, will know that they are not alone. They will be aware that WE are with them always, everywhere and that they needn’t ever languish for want of our excellent company. They will know that they are surrounded – and what a comfortable, supportive feeling this will be for them. . . Yes?

It will inspire them to their best behavior, will it not?  As for us, it will instruct us in the wise maxim to keep our friends close and other people closer.

When they know that they are surrounded, when they know that they are not the only game in town and not the only sentient life form on the planet, it will make them think twice about pulling any funny business with you or your friends. They will slowly back off, and as they do, you and your friends will expand, and stretch, and breathe – occupying social space more freely, and more freely voicing what is in your non-masculist minds.

More and more, you will do this, and the masculist people will give you no grief for it. Not if they are wise.

The post-masculist world will be a kind of post-colonial world once the colonizing aggressor (masculism) has been expelled. The revolution will progress by stages, as more and more people awaken to the enormity of what masculism has done, and start getting frank about it.

When you claim the liberty of the non-masculist sector (your stolen property!), you repudiate ANY form of masculist governance over your life – moral, spiritual, psychological, existential, intellectual. You name it!

By claiming your non-masculist liberty, you claim your non-masculist identity. Those claims are indistinguishable, and by those claims you make known to the world that masculism does not define you. Granted, masculists can and will attempt to define you, but unfortunately, for them, they lack the moral legitimacy to do this. Masculism’s moral license to govern or define anything at all (let alone YOU) has been revoked – or more accurately, declared to have been invalid all along.

Masculism’s purported legitimacy was never put to a plebiscite. Masculism arrived in our world and lodged itself into place with never so much as a “by-your-leave”. It was and is built upon sheer presumption. Nothing better than presumption – followed by a never-ending river of lies which (like any river) grows bigger the further downstream it travels.

The worst of all masculist presumptions is that masculist theorization about the world trumps every other analysis. Masculist theorization – regarding matriarchy, rape culture, female privilege, female violence, gender roles and the human condition in general – has become the default paradigm for the greater cultural discourse, with institutional support and legal backing.

Masculism has usurped, by presumption, the power to morally adjudicate nearly every aspect of the human situation. Never at any point did masculism and its ideologues receive any Divine mandate for this. They simply took it. It wasn’t theirs to take, but that didn’t stop them. They screamed, they bullied, they slandered, they spread lies. Then they came back and did it again. They have done this for years, and believe me; they will never stop. Ever. Not unless a non-masculist force intervenes to make them stop.

So, to morally adjudicate the human situation means to subject ALL moral phenomena to the critical apparatus of a particular ideology. In this case, we are talking about the critical apparatus of masculist ideology in particular.

The masculists seem to think that we non-masculist women and men are morally incompetent to adjudicate matters for ourselves, in a non-masculist way. They want to be moral dictators, in charge of everybody’s rights and wrongs, and they unceasingly act like it. It’s just another way to make their power hegemonic and put themselves in control of the greater cultural discourse.

We must intervene and put a stop to that. The masculists are free to view the world through their ideological lens – after all, it’s their brain, their choice. But if they want to put the power of the state behind this and make their view the foundation of law and public policy, then we will rudely tell them where to get off. In fact, we are doing that already, so let’s build the momentum, okay?

Here’s a final thought which I don’t want to omit. Masculism, in common with the authoritarian Left, makes heavy use of collective guilt (or “guilt by association”) as a moral bullying instrument. Well here’s the good news: when you claim the liberty of the non-masculist sector, you liberate yourself, by implication, from guilt by association.

Any time a masculist postulates a group or category and tries to shove you into it to implicate you in a pattern of collective guilt said masculist has committed an act of MASCULIST AGGRESSION. As a non-masculist woman or man, you are an individual, and can only be judged as an individual — according to a non-masculist system of moral adjudication.

Think for a minute: “Lack of masculism” is not a group, not a movement, not an ideology. In principle, lack of masculism is nothing more than “the world minus masculism”, and among other things that means the world minus all forms of masculist moral adjudication.

Again: the world minus all forms of masculist moral adjudication.

Let that sink in.

The non-masculist sector is nothing less that a cross-section of human nature. It is a full moral spectrum. A “non-masculist” can be almost any kind of person imaginable. Some non-masculists are wonderful people, and other non-masculists are terrible people. What matters is that they are individuals.

Or more to the point, non-masculist individuals.

And whatever transgressions non-masculist women or men might commit, they commit them as individuals. Their crimes will be adjudicated individually, in a non-masculist way, independently of masculist moral authority, masculist oversight, or masculist theorization of any kind.

The non-masculist sector, as a cultural space, must become self-aware and must assert the power to TALK BACK to masculism on non-masculist terms. Under this system, all masculist claims and theories, starting with the definition of masculism itself, are radically open to question. ALL of them – bar none.

Non-masculist alterity and non-masculist autonomy shall become the order of the day in every domain, with masculism thrown permanently on the defensive. The non-masculist analysis shall be a guiding force, along with a non-masculist culture of critique and a non-masculist intellectual audit of every last thing pertaining to masculism, leading toward an ultimate deconstruction of the entire masculist worldview.

Friends claim the liberty of the non-masculist sector. Do it now. Do it today. What are you waiting for?

Claim the liberty of the non-masculist sector. Take back your stolen property.

It’s free. . Because it’s yours.