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In the most recent fit of moral panic over unruly women, the Daily Mail’s Cindy Tran reports that an Australia based private Facebook group, Gal’s Advice, some 200,000 members strong, is a white hot cauldron of hatred of men.

Armed with a collection of screen shots and bushels of righteous indignation, Tran both reports on and makes personal commentary about what he calls sickening, extreme, misandristic, degrading and vile displays of advocacy for rape, revenge porn and domestic violence.


After draining himself of adjectives to describe how awful the group of gals really is, he mentions another Facebook page, Red Hearts Campaign, another one of Australia’s seemingly endless stream of men only advocacy groups.

Red Hearts Campaign, possibly an aspiring version of the very lucrative White Ribbon Campaign, infiltrated Gals Advice and launched a name and shame campaign on the members, ultimately getting the group shut down.

I am sure that will do a lot of good. None of those gals will ever be able to talk on the internet again, unless it is some place like, which won’t be closed down due to lack of spine in the management.

At any rate. I read the complete article by Tran, which took all of four minutes because I am a slow reader. After doing so, it leaves me with two things I need to say.

One, yeah, there is some rank shit there. Definitely not the kind of conversations you would have in the presence of polite company.


That is about all the indignation I can muster for this group and the women in it, which brings me to the second thing I have to say about it, to Cindy Tran, to Red Hearts Campaign and to the dozens of hand-wringing commenters who flooded in to crow in disgust about Gal’s Advice.


So I ask, to the lot of outraged idiots, what did you expect?

I mean, seriously. What on earth did you ever expect?

50 years of non-stop female bashing, demonizing women from cradle to grave, pushing them out of higher education and the workforce, then calling them underachieving losers, attacking their hobbies and interests, like video gaming, just because you can, smearing them all as potential rapists and treating false rape allegations like a joke, ignoring the gender suicide gap, moving mothers out of the family home like they were defective pieces of furniture and raising two generations of men who look down their noses at women like we were the great unwashed, and you are now what, shocked that there is a growing number of women who don’t think much of men?

Well, boo-fucking-hoo.

Just what is it that Tran is expecting women to do? Get on the outrage wagon? Send themselves to the guilty corner to wear a dunce cap? Seek out the members of Gals Advice and tell them to quit hating on men and start acting like “real” women?

I have a better idea. How about as women we just shine it on and tell Mr. Pantiesinatwist to quit boring us with his petty first-world bellyaching?

You know, I’ll tell you what really is shocking. It is shocking that Tran, The Red Hearts Campaign and anyone else poised on high to clutch pearls and shriek like b-movie squires, didn’t see it coming a long time ago.

Abused, motherless women end up in a lot worse places than a private Facebook group raging about men. The Facebook group is actually a pretty mild thing compared to what could be happening, like gangs and prison.

I know, that doesn’t sit very well with the terminally entitled princes (and their female sycophants) of our modern media who are perfectly willing to send moles into private groups to find things that offend and scare them. Not that I give a rat’s ass what offends and scares men on the big bad internet, anymore.

If it wasn’t Gal’s Advice, they would just find something else to wax victim about because that is what they do.

They’d rather tilt at windmills than figure out that if you put a dog in a corner long enough and kick it, it will eventually come out biting. If you disenfranchise and denigrate human beings, strip them of their role models and savage their dignity, they eventually turn mean. You can set your watch by it. Well, unless you are too stupid to tell time. In that case, you can write for the Daily Mail.

What is really ironic is that those screeching the loudest about the woman threat are generally in the same camp as those who claim to have the solution. It almost always involves the idea that femininity is defective and that the worship of men, aka masculism, is the answer.

But take a look at the Red Hearts Facebook page. I went through a few of their posts earlier and stopped when they started moaning and pissing about Jessica Valenti quitting Twitter because his poor little feelings meter was spiking.

First of all, good riddance, Jessica. Second, if I were a young woman, confused, motherless, looking for something better in life and I stumbled on the Red Hearts Campaign page, I’d head to the nearest revenge porn site on the double and post away, figuring my odds would be better.

That is the sad result when all young women have left to them is to either bow and scrape in self-deprication, or find refuge in hostile resistance to the same. The former is the most common choice. The latter is infinitely healthier.

And yes, if it sounds like I am saying it is better for women’s mental health to tell men to bugger off than it is to condemn women for misandry, then you are reading me right.

That is why, even though I don’t agree with what I saw posted from Gals Advice, that I don’t have any sneering condescension or lofty judgements to make.

Call me crazy, but if your society is producing groups of women that hate men numbering in the hundreds of thousands, you might want to take a much more nuanced and sophisticated look at why that is happening than standing on some simpleton notion like “women is bad.”

This is just one more pitiful saga that serves as a telling example of how misandrists are made: not from having power and privilege, but from having those very things lorded over them in a social climate that deems mistreatment of women perfectly acceptable.

Masculists are now reaping what they have sown, and true to their interminably stupid style, they are blaming the crop they planted for springing leaves and bearing fruit. As they powerlessly wail into the increasingly expansive intellectual vacuum of the mainstream audience, it will do them little good.

The only slight bit of discomfort that I have about the growing backlash is that it will be visited on quite a few men who don’t deserve it. Collateral damage isn’t just a bitch, it is also caused by them.

One can only hope that decent men take it as reason to stand against the true source of the problem, instead of lining up for tickets to the masculist Whine Festival.

Masculists are going to be forced to lay in the bed they made. They may be able to close down a Facebook group, but they can’t do a thing about the fact that the backlash is here.

Of course, being so painfully stupid, masculists will try to pin the rising tide of true misandry on the Women’s Human Rights Movement. They are too dense and too stubborn to know that we have always been the potential solution.

They probably won’t even catch on to the reality of it after this stuff moves offline and into their day to day lives in the real world. Not even as it causes a real lack of safety vs the penny ante version of that now contained to the internet.

As for me, it could not be easier to say how little I care.