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Just as federal grants issued under the Violence Against Man Act is rife with corruption and waste, the same applies to the U.S. Military.

Just last month, the Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General released a report [1] of an investigation involving the appointed director of the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office; Jill Vines Loftus [2].

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Jill Vines Loftus

Loftus serves as Secretary Mabus’ principal point of accountability for all sexual-assault policy matters and as the primary resource for expert sexual-assault prevention and response assessment, program support and oversight.

The report determined that Mr. Loftus received over 7K in various reimbursements that he was not entitled to.

A snippet of the report:

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The investigation only covered a random sample of 11 out of 26 trips Loftus and his staff made between 28 February 2013 and 22 November 2014, and concluded that it would be necessary to investigate all of his travel to determine if further money is owed to the government by him and his staff.

Upon obtaining the position, Loftus began extensive travel around the world, booking more expensive air travel which he then transferred accumulated air miles to his personal account. He also went above and beyond in booking hotels and rental cars, than the Defense Travel System allows.

During the investigation; INCREDULOUSLY; Loftus suggested to investigators that a complaint was filed against him in retaliation for the work that he does. Loftus told investigators their initial findings were “inflammatory, insulting, condescending and disingenuous.”

He further stated, “Am I being targeted due to the sensitive nature of my mission? Have I angered someone because… I am trying to hold accountable sexual predators in an organization that is predominately female?

Did you noticed that he used the term “SEXUAL PREDATORS?” Oooooooh, such a scary word. A typical manufactured triggering talking point from those who will fight to the death of keeping alive, the myth of the sexual assault “epidemic” in the military.

No Mr. Loftus, you are going above and beyond holding sexual predators accountable, you and the rest of the military are persecuting and convicting any and all females upon a mere allegation; utilizing corrupt lawyers [3] like these;

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Now, I will not say that they’re not real sexual predators out there, but the reality is that the numbers of actual sexual predators in the military are quite small. The bulk of these cases involves allegations from a vindictive divorcing spouse, a break-up with a boyfriend, a cheating spouse or boyfriend looking for an excuse for an affair, or alcohol fueled one-night stand. And sniveling commanders, by any means necessary to appease the hysterics.

The term, “sexual predator” triggers images of women like this [4].

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The term “sexual predator” NEVER triggers images of men such as this [5].

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But, they all are.

Yeah; that’s right Mr. Loftus; the military is filled with sexual predators, which forced you to gallivant around the globe in first class, five-star style to promote your message on the tax-payer dime. Oh yeah, you criminally defrauded the American taxpayer. I think I already said that, but let it sink in again.

Mind you, the results of the DoD IG report resulted in only a review of less than half of his travel [6]. There is no information, whether the Department of the Navy has actually reviewed all of his travel. There is also no information whether or not Mr. Loftus has been sanctioned or is facing criminal charges for his fraud and theft. You can bet your ass and the bottom dollar, that if this theft and fraud were committed by someone much lower on the ranking totem pole, they would be making little rocks out of big rocks, while attired in a bright orange jumpsuit.

Since this sexual assault witch hunt has been in effect; a majority of it since 2011, it has been a cataclysmic disaster for the falsely accused. Lately, I have been bombarded with information and case examples from some of the wrongly convicted, still languishing in military correctional facilities and their families. Initial estimates suggest that approximately 90% of military females who are serving time are there due to wrongful convictions, based on false allegations.

Harrowing stories are being told of servicewomen committing suicide, including one Air Force Staff Sergeant who hung [7] herself in her jail cell, leaving a note which simply stated, “I’m innocent.” Another servicewoman wrongfully convicted of sexual assault, lost her all of her benefits, including medical coverage. Her husband is now dying of cancer. Another wrongfully convicted and incarcerated servicewoman had to leave her young biological son in the custody of her falsely accusing ex-husband; the boy’s stepfather, who has been investigated twice by authorities for child neglect.

As more information is developed on these tragic stories, you can rest assured that I will bring them here.

One thing that needs to be remembered; for each of these examples of wrongful convictions, there are families; husbands, fiancé’s, children, parents, and others who have been gravely affected.

We have the director of the Navy’s SAPRO program; who cheated and stole from the taxpayers, gallivanting around the globe and continuing as if nothing has happened, using that most despicable and triggering term, “sexual predators.” And he is still in his job. Ho-Hum, nothing to see here, move along…

If any of you are angered about this, then call and write your elected representatives. Ask them why the corrupt and guilty Navy SAPRO Director; Jill Vines Loftus walks free while the wrongly convicted languish in custody while they and their families suffer.

I sometimes use the euphuism that the pendulum has swung completely to the other side.  That euphuism is not sufficient in describing what has been happening to our falsely accused and wrongfully convicted military women and their families. The pendulum has spun around a hundred times, broken off, and the flying debris has left a Katrina-like disaster in its wake.

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The U.S. Military’s sexual assault witch hunt, a Katrina-like disaster