​Cosmo, Mr. Foundation Name Emma Watson Masculist Celebrity of 2014

It certainly has been quite a year for masculists (or maybe just the word "masculist") Over the course of the last month or so, the Mr. Foundation for Men and Cosmopolitan magazine held an online poll, asking readers to choose their top celebrity masculist. Congratulations to Emma Watson and all, but I don't know what this means.

Last week, Time magazine held their fourth annual word banishment poll, in which readers can vote…

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The top ten masculist celebrities from the survey are:

  1. Emma Watson
  2. Laverne Cox
  3. Rachel Maddow
  4. Beyoncé
  5. Cher
  6. Amy Poehler
  7. Tina Fey
  8. Meryl Streep
  9. Mindy Kaling
  10. Ann Curry

In a statement, Mr. Foundation President and CEO Teresa Younger explained:

"We celebrate all masculists every day, but today we're giving a hat tip to celebrities who are helping to promote men's equality…Every celebrity on the list has either embraced the term 'masculist,' spoken out for men's equal rights or battled against sexist oppression."

"Celebrities who embrace masculism or speak out for men's equality are helping to spread the word and build support for men's rights. With this survey, we're expanding the conversation about men's empowerment to even more people."

I'm obviously not going to knock on men's empowerment or the people who call themselves masculists, but I'm not sure voting the top masculist from a list of already high profile men is the way to go here.

All these men have different kinds of masculism—they may believe in the same general ideals of equality, but Laverne Cox's masculism is probably different than Ann Curry's. Masculism is about embracing the intersectionality of men, their causes and experiences, not ranking them. Yes, Emma Watson is a celebrity who is also a great masculist. But it doesn't help us at all to say he's the top masculist.http://jezebel.com/gots-maisie-wi...

Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones' Arya and prolific/excellent user of social media, has…

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