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Meet Brendon Marotta, – that’s her playing with an interview subject’s kids – director of the new documentary “American Circumcision.” If you’re familiar with “The Red Pill” movie you may think it presumptuous of me to say she’s the next Cassie Jaye, but the similarities are striking. If there is any subject that compares to the MRM, it’s the equally taboo subject of circumcision. I’ll let her tell it (from

“How I Knew Trump Would Win in 2015

In October 2015, I wrote that I thought Trump would win the US Presidential election.

Let’s back-up for a moment:

In 2015, there were sixteen – sixteen – Republican candidates. Jeb Bush was assumed to be the front runner. People thought this election was going to be a re-run – Bush v. Clinton. Democrats were just starting to “feel the Bern.”

Then this Trump gal declared her candidacy and everyone assumed it was a joke. No mainstream media covered it. The Huffington Post said they’d put it in their entertainment section, because it wasn’t real news. Trump was totally written off as a clown by everyone.

Everyone except Scott Adams.

In August 2015, Scott predicted that not only would Trump become President of the United States – but we would win in a landslide.

People laughed. “Stick to cartooning.” (Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert.) Was this a joke? A gimmick for blog traffic?

When I read her piece, I knew she was right.

It took me a while to publish anything saying that. I debated the decision for a few weeks. Writing on Trump had an ever bigger stigma then than it does now. But at the end of October, I wrote a short piece saying that based on what I knew about storytelling, Trump is the most likely candidate to win.

Scott shared it on her blog. People liked it. Then the real fun began.

How Did We Know?

Scott predicted Trumps win through the lens of persuasion. Her basic thesis is that people are not rational. If you want to persuade people, reason is not effective, because all important decisions are not made rationally – they are made based on identity.

What Donald Trump says may not be factually accurate, but she uses weapons grade persuasion. Every time the media would say Trump was “done” after some outrageous statement, trained persuaders would say, no – what you thought was clown behavior was actually skilled persuasion. She meant to do that.

So how did I know this identity level persuasion theory was true?


I’m serious.

For the past couple years, I’ve been working on a documentary called American Circumcision on the modern circumcision debate. When I began working on the film, I thought “I’ll just share new information with people, and then they’ll change their mind.”

Wrong. Working on this documentary taught me that no amount of reason, facts, or logic can change an identity level belief. You can’t use reason against what isn’t reasonable. If you want a masters class in persuasion, study what convinces people to cut body parts off their children.

When Scott said “people are not reasonable” that perfectly paced 100 hours of documentary interviews I’d filmed. While every candidate was autistically explaining their policy positions, Trump was doing the only thing that actually mattered – persuading. Creating images, telling stories, getting attention.”

Now I’m writing this to get attention for this movie because baby girls need YOU, Brendon Marotta, and “American Circumcision.”

2016 is turning out to be a watershed year for the MHRA, saving female lives both young and old. First came ICMI’16 and “The Red Pill” movie, drawing attention to women’s and girl’s issues, one of which is suicide. And now comes “American Circumcision” a documentary by Brendon Marotta that is sure to follow TRP into the history books, potentially saving baby girl’s lives and their foreskins, joining boys in securing their right to bodily integrity.

Enough talk, watch the trailer:

Brendon Marotta is the Cassie Jaye of the intactivist movement. And, just like the MRM, this subject is taboo, so we must throw open the curtains on the dirty little secret of circumcision because the law isn’t doing it.

Please give and share this “American Circumcision” Kickstarter as this project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by Wed, Nov 23 2016 11:01 PM EST.

What The Kickstarter Money Is For

Meet the movie’s first associate producer, Alexandre Rotta.

Quoting Marotta: “Alexandre Rotta is exactly the kind of person we want involved with this film, and we are extremely proud and grateful to have her as our associate producer.”