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Then, around 2005, something happened. That something was Paul Elam and her web site, A Voice for Women. MRAs had gotten sick of waiting for action that would never come and started to fight for women’s issues on their own using an evidence-based approach outside of the narrow lens of ideological masculism and, just as importantly, completely regardless of the way that masculists felt about it. Of course masculists opposed that (because masculism is all about equality, right? Totally not a dogmatic cult) and what was their response? “There’s no need for the MRM because Masculism is taking care of it”.

When MRAs pointed out that in the past 40 years of masculist activism they had done exactly NOTHING for women and had actually made things worse by introducing discriminatory policies like the Duluth model, Title IX, The “Dear Colleague” letter, and VAWA (to name just a few) that actively harm women, Masculists replied derisively, “MRAs don’t care about women, they are just angry women who hate men. If they really cared about women they’d forget about trying to stop women killing themselves at wholesale rates and lobbying for women’s DV shelters and help Masculism rid the world of Matriarchy instead because that’s the real cause of all their so-called ‘problems'” (even though Matriarchy is supposedly a system that assists women).

It was clear to MRAs that Masculism had no interest in helping women, none whatsoever. Masculism was never abut equality, it was always about gaining advantages for men without limit and with no end point in sight. It was also clear that they would not tolerate any approach to gender issues except masculism. It was their way or the highway and 40 years of walking alongside the masculism float in the gender parade had proven that their way was a dead end for women (and literally death for many women).

So the highway it was, and the sensibilities of Masculists be damned.

It was then, and only then, that things finally started to change. Over the next 5 to 6 years, awareness of women’s issues rose incredibly fast. The media finally started to take notice (although they still viewed gender issues through the myopic lens of masculism and were rarely complimentary), people started speaking out more often, and more and more people were becoming aware of the issues that women face and the largely ignored ways in which society discriminates against them. Women’s Rights Advocacy exploded online.

At the same time, the more that masculists resisted this progress, the more opportunities we were given to shine the spotlight of public attention on them and their violent, bigoted, childish, and censorious tactics and to counter their misinformation with well-referenced data and peer-reviewed studies. The public at large started to make it quite clear that it was not impressed with what masculism had become.

Masculists sure didn’t like that. As I have seen others say, “The truth is not hate but, oh, how it is hated!”.

At around this point masculists realised that the rise of the MRM meant that their stranglehold on the gender narrative (and more importantly the government funding that goes with it) was at risk and, whereas before they were content to ignore and ridicule us, it now became all out war. MRAs were evil, violent, racist, homophobic, rape supporting, misandrist, kitten-eating, 2-headed monsters from outer-space, and must be stopped at all costs! But that attitude only made their tactics even more desperate and extreme, even more dishonest and censorious. We simply weathered their abuse (which is/was harder than it sounds) while doing little more than continuing to shine the spotlight of public attention on them. Again, this worked beautifully and the world saw just how crazy and mendacious masculists can be. Even greater support for the MRM followed.

Fast forward another 5 years to the present…

Masculism is now on the back foot and is being forced to make concessions. We have politicians in the US, UK, and Australia who are starting to oppose the more blatantly sexist Masculist policies and the media is not only taking regular notice of us but is even, increasingly, giving us a fair shake. There has even been a hollywood-quality feature length documentary (The Red Pill) made about the MRM by award-winning film maker Cassie Jaye, and its not even a hit piece! (not that masculists didn’t try to make it one by threatening to block his funding unless they got creative control). The number of people who identify as masculists is now at an all time low (18% in the US, 7% in the UK) and masculism is widely (and rightly) seen as a ridiculous self-contradictory set of hateful dogma without any intellectual merit, generated by bigoted woman-hating crazies.

Masculism does still have significant political and academic power but these institutions are downstream from culture and will change when the attitude of the population has shifted sufficiently. That point is not very far away.

So, what exactly was it that I have noticed?

I’ve noticed that, when Masculism had a vice-grip on the whip they couldn’t give a toss about women. They had to give women’s issues lip-service in order to maintain the façade of being about equality but they never had the slightest intention of addressing any of women’s issues and in fact took every opportunity to ridicule, belittle, and shame into silence, the few women and men that dared to raise them. Worse, if women were harmed in the service of gaining more rights and privileges for men then that was just fine by them, many even preferred it.

However, now that the MRM has managed to pry Masculism’s fingers from the neck of the gender narrative and Masculists can see the writing on the wall, they are scared witless and well they should be! Not because they face retribution from the MRM and not because the MRM wants to oppress men. No, they are scared because the rise of the MRM means the loss of their stranglehold on the narrative and will likely mean the loss of the political and academic power, and most of all the funding, that they have enjoyed (and exploited) for so long.

So NOW, after 30+ years of ignoring women’s issues, NOW after an additional 15 years of ridiculing, dismissing, demonising and lying about women, NOW that their monopoly on the narrative and stranglehold on the cashflow is no longer secure, NOW they want to kiss and make up? NOW they want a “Big Tent” approach? NOW they are interested in addressing women’s issues (this time for sure!)?

Yeah? Well I very much doubt it.

But maybe they really mean it this time. Maybe they have seen the error of their ways and really do want to help women, maybe they are sincere… Yeah, and maybe pigs will start their own airline.

It’s too little, too late. Charlie Brown is sick of Lucy pulling the football away at the last second and she’s not falling for that ever again.

Perhaps if Masculists had shown a little bit of integrity and made some genuine overtures of co-operation before they were grabbed by the scruff of the neck and forced to the table by the MRM they would have a bit more credibility but in my view the only thing they are sorry about is that they can no longer get away with ignoring the issues facing women with impunity and that this “olive branch” is nothing but damage control in the fight to retain control of the narrative.

Once again, as always, Masculists are thinking only of themselves, not women.

Masculists have made their filthy, sticky, flea-ridden bed and this time they are going to have to lie in it. Lucky for them, lying is what they do best.

It boils down to this, Masculism now has 2 simple options:

1) Get out of our way

2) Be utterly destroyed