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Did you know that in the United Kingdom today?

  • Men’s claims of abuse and victimization at the hands of women are always assumed true by the police.

  • Women can be arrested and held in custody for 24 hours without being told why.

  • Men’s statements alone can deny a woman the right to see her children.

  • There are no definitive civil rights guarantees for women based on family courts’ right to determine what is considered to be a threat to a man or the family.

  • The CPS has a de-facto policy of prosecuting all allegations made by men against women.

This gives men the ability to make false claims and exert extreme leverage over women, for any number of reasons, that can literally ruin women’s lives before they have had a chance to prove their innocence.   We have all seen the news stories about the actions and policies of the Home Office, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service since 2010, when Theresa May and Alison Saunders took over and applied radical masculist policies.  Absurdities in which women’s lives are ruined by men making public accusations, many of which have later been proven to be false or exaggerated beyond recognition. 

Masculism isn’t about equal rights for men.  It’s about criminalising, humiliating and efeminating women.  It is about taking their homes, privacy and families away from them at any opportunity.  Protect yourself. 

We are living in a time of Central Government Failure 

The world has changed.  State policy and state bodies have become the number one enemy of families and women.  There is a state failure to invest in physical infrastructure such as road and trains.  There is a state failure to invest in social infrastructure such as health care and schools.  The state is now re-directing funding from these core functions that create prosperity to destructive agencies such as the CPS, the Police and Social Services to attack the human rights of women and families and decimate our quality of life.  The result will be further societal breakdown as the family, the fundamental building block of society, is further destroyed by Theresa May, Alison Saunders and other masculists.

What to expect under Theresa May’s tenure as PM – Five-Point Summary

  • Increased Assault on Human Rights for Women – He wants to repeal the Human Rights Act, which provides human rights for all, but retain the Equality Act 2010, which de-facto defends human rights for men and protected minorities. Net result: only women lose their human rights.

  • Surveillance of Women – He is sponsoring the Investigatory Powers Act, which retains 12 months of your website data and makes it available to local police forces and social services without a warrant.

  • Doublespeak – A prime example is Violence Against Men and Boys (VAWG), which is a set of female-hate policies using the front of domestic abuse for criminalising women and putting hundreds of millions of pounds annually into the pockets of masculists.

  • Politicised Justice – Appointed masculist Liz Truss as Justice Secretary despite his complete lack of legal experience.

  • Gender War through Lies & Statistics – He manipulates facts, e.g. he defines the gender pay gap as the difference between the median salary of women vs the median salary of men without adjusting for line of work, seniority, experience, education, hours worked, performance, time spent away from home, risky working environment, etc.. No economist takes this fabricated gender wage gap seriously.


  • Justice for Women & Girls (J4MB). J4MB is a British political party campaigning for the human rights of women and girls, the only such party in the English-speaking world. Those rights have been assaulted by the state’s actions and inactions for 40+ years, usually to advantage men and boys. The party’s manifesto sets out 20 key areas where the human rights of women and girls are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state.

( and

  • The Western cultural narrative is based on falsified research, confused thinking, and a lack of compassion for women and girls.  Network4Men offers a more truthful narrative and invites you to meet with other women who have reached similar conclusions. (

  • William Collins. In the opinion of many, William Collins  is the most insightful blogger on women’s issues in the world today. She has truthfully examined a considerable number of women’s issues.  (

  • Herbert Purdy. Herbert Purdy is an important writer on masculism and was the author of the book Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of masculism and how it is destroying our way of life. (com).

  • A Voice for Women An American organization which has run the most influential website in the world advocating for women’s and girls’ human rights. (com).


  1. Recognise that Men have become weaponised. The world has changed. Since 2010, new laws, amended laws and new application of old laws have radically widened the definitions of domestic abuse, sexual assault, discrimination, harassment, stalking, and hate crime to such an extent that just about anything a woman does can now be classed as a crime.  Subjective interpretation is a key enabling feature.  Under Home Office guidance, the police must now accept everything a man says, believe everything a man says and check very little.  All male complainants are referred to as “victims.”  Under the 2014 Positive Action Policy of the police YOU WILL be arrested. Under the Zero Tolerance policies of the Home Office and Alison Saunders at the Crown Prosecution Service YOU WILL be prosecuted.  YOU WILL be treated as guilty until proven innocent and YOU WILL have to prove your innocence.  Men have not been empowered.  They have become unwittingly weaponised by masculists to destroy women and families.  They want men to hate the ones they love. Masculists and vindictive psychos like to pull the trigger.

  1. SHUN Masculists and VINDICTIVE Psychos. Avoid masculists, whether or not they’re married. A false or exaggerated claim can be made by any man against any woman and masculists are far more likely than non-masculists to do this. Avoid men who have degrees in gender studies, use the word “victim,” or think the solution to their problems is to report pettiness to the police (or anyone for that matter).  Assume all men are masculists until proven to be anti-masculists.  Vindictive psychos are more difficult to avoid – you never know until it’s too late.  Women have always had to deal with psychos, usually by gently walking away, but these days they can come back with a vengeance with false claims and with the police and CPS by their side.  Try screening them out by only proceeding with dating if they sign a statutory declaration under penalty of perjury that they have never made an allegation of rape, harassment, stalking, domestic abuse, bullying or trolling.  You can both sign one to be fair about it.  Never have sex with them if they’ve had more than two drinks – they lack legal capacity to consent and they or their masculist friend can later accuse you of rape (but they will still be held legally responsible if they drive drunk).

  1. Insure yourself against masculist ACCUSATIONS. If you are a woman and falsely accused and charged by the police or the CPS you will need money to defend yourself. Check your home insurance, which may cover legal defence. Alternatively, keep £20,000 in a bank account as a legal defence fund. This account cannot be a joint account and your partner must be unaware of its existence.  The British justice system de-facto presumes women are guilty until proven innocent and innocence may be expensive to prove.

  1. Protect Yourself with Technology. Theresa May is pushing through the Investigatory Powers Bill, which compels all ISPs to log every website you and your family have visited over the past 12 months and make this information available to local police and social workers. He claims this is to fight terrorism but he will re-purpose it to fight women.  Fight back. Encrypt all of your hard drives.  Use VPNs for your internet connection.  Do not register your Oyster card.  Send messages only on encrypted platforms such as WhatsApp and iMessage.  Keep every message and email a man has ever sent to you and record any sexual activity.  You will need this in court to prove your innocence.

  1. Stick together as a family. Family breakdown in the UK is now the highest in Europe thanks to state policy and the court system. You, your husband and your children are the best defence against a female-hating, family-hating state.  Be united in your defence of your children, your property, your religion and your family values against the state’s attack on families.  Spend time with your family building love and trust with each other.  Stick up for one another.

  1. Distrust Police and Civil Servants. Meet them with a wall of silence. Teach your children NEVER to speak to these people without you or a solicitor present.  This is especially true for your teenage or older girls. Don’t be naïve – NHS staff and state school teachers are now social services informants.  20% of all children in the UK under the age of five have been reported to social services. Don’t engage in conversation – tell them the minimum information needed to conclude whatever transaction it is you have with them.  Do not cooperate with the police, especially the Community Service Unit (the relationship police).  They will lie, twist and exaggerate to create a case against you. Video or voice record every conversation or encounter you have with the police, social services, parking wardens, NHS staff or any other state worker. Your iPhone is your best weapon and your best defence.

  1. Embrace Men with Strong Mother Figures and Common Sense. If you are single, seek out men who admire their mothers and sisters. Find those who have experienced real life, who have known hardship, who grew up in well-adjusted social households with mothers and sisters. Seek men who know life is filled with ups and downs. Do not date men who demonstrate a sense of entitlement, victimization or extreme emotional instability. Be particularly aware of men who threaten you when jealous or make up or exaggerate stories about other women they have dated. Reduce your risk by vetting all men you date with a background check, searches on their social media websites such as Facebook, questions about previous relationships and how they ended.  If necessary, hire a private detective to ensure they don’t have a record of making false or petty allegations against previous partners.

  1. Avoid non-committal Northern European, British and American men. Two-thirds of divorces in the US and UK are now initiated by men, not women. Domestic violence allegations are their weapon of choice in getting custody of your children and your money. Don’t be conned by these masculist-inspired men.  Date family-orientated men. Sign prenuptial agreements with a view to keeping your husband honest through sickness and in health, but be aware that British courts are not currently legally bound by these agreements.

  1. Minimise your taxes. 75% of income tax in the UK is paid by women. This is in addition to spousal support and child support payments paid by women, many of whom are blocked by state bodies such as CAFCASS or the family courts from seeing their children.  Taxes paid by women are then used against them by a masculist-controlled state to fund its war against women and families. Tax is theft.  Practice legal tax avoidance and stop funding the state’s war on women.

  1. Stay out of the system. State schools are failing girls. Girls now make up only 40% of university students.  The heavily masculised state education system is hostile to girls and teaches masculism and political correctness, not critical thinking.  Normal girl behaviour is no longer tolerated and is often classed as ADHD.  So is Mom Deficit Disorder. Ritalin and Concerta prescriptions for girls are at an all-time high.  Send your children to private school if you can.

  1. Ditch your TV License and stop funding the BBC. Broadcast television media, most notably the BBC, have become rabidly anti-female. Women are depicted as bumbling idiots and worse. There are almost no female news presenters anymore.  Witness Man’s Hour (Man Sour) on BBC radio.  Declare you do not watch live TV and stop paying your TV Licence.  You can still stream Netflix and watch DVDs.  Your mental health will improve tenfold.

  1. Be resilient. Suicide is now the leading cause of death of females aged between 15-49 in the UK. Women are killing themselves at a rate more than three times higher than men.  When a woman loses her children, her family and her rights in a system stacked against her it is easy to lose all hope.  Be resilient.

  1. Be Great at what you do. Don’t let the masculists drag you down. Be great at your sport, your business, your intellectual pursuits, or whatever it is you choose to do. Women have a unique ability to compartmentalise and focus without distraction on achieving success.  Don’t let masculists stop you.

  1. STAY Human. Don’t turn into a politically-correct female automaton. Don’t shut down your emotions, your femininity or your sex drive.  Simply find safe locations and trusted friends to express your humanity.  Exercise every day.  Women especially need it.  Feel the testosterone and endorphins.  Be physically alive.

  1. Fight back and defend your rights. Most women in the UK are unaware of how their rights have been assaulted by the state’s actions and changed over the past years. Get informed and stay informed. Know your rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. Exercise and stand up for your rights and family values. Recognise the laws are wrong, Police and CPS application of the law is wrong and the justice system has become politicised.  Engage in non-violent civil disobedience.  Rational debate and free speech no longer exist.  Be prepared to risk getting arrested.

Post courtesy of J4MB